Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Successes

From Peaches -

Here are some profiles of those that were helped in the last 2 and half of 11/25/08

Living in Burlington County--A high risk young pregnant mom living in a safe house with her daughter…she has thus far been given size 5x/6x clothes and coat for her daughter along with a toddler car seat and toys. She has also been given for her baby daughter due in Jan but expected earlier clothing, a crib, stroller, car seat, tub and baby swing. She is a person we continue to help as needed….and is on-going.

Salem County…near Parvin State park…more than an hour away
A foster mom who takes in medically challenged children to raise, adopt and add to her existing family. She had to recently purchase a newer trailer so that she would be able to adopt her foster child. She has thus far received baby boy clothes in size 6-12 m, a travel swing and baby saucer. She will receive within the week, additional size 12 month clothes for him along with size 0-6 months for the newborn baby girl she will be fostering effective today (the last Tuesday of November) . She will also receive a car seat for the newest baby to join the household. In addition to those items she has also received size 4 clothing for the son she has adopted and some toys that were bright and appropriate for an autistic child. The 2 older girls each received sheets for their beds along with a blanket for each of their beds. The mom of the household received an afghan to use on top of hers. THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION


Salem County

Adult female in need of clothing will receive this week Lady Size 1 / XL clothing

Burlington County Homeless Disabled dad with 2 little girls recently moved from a motel then finally into temporary housing. The few clothing items they had were not appropriate for winter. Bag of warm clothes given to him along with 2 wheeled suitcases full of clothes and toys for each of the girls. Girls clothes 5/6 and 7/8

Burlington County couple this is a hard working couple that are having difficulty keeping up with their bills and the needs of their ever growing children. Gave clothing to both the adults since her clothing no longer fit properly and her husband always put himself last which limited the clothing he had. They in return donated some items that no longer fit. Also supplied theri 4 children with the following items: One son clothing size 7 and a few toys , another son size 3 clothing and a small play table with 2 chairs, baby son size 6-12 month clothes , Daughter clothing size 6 and a Dora bed frame for the crib mattress she sleeps. They also each received a blanket. THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION


Burlington County Single mom some clothes size 7 for her son clothes size 4 and toddler size blankets. A toddler car seat will be dropped to her this week. Nephew she cares for size 6-12 months, saucer, crib blankets plus THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION


Burlington County Homeless family finally found a rental they could afford now that Mr has been able to find work. 2X /24 clothes for Mrs, L/XL clothes for him with an emphasis on warm outerwear as he waits for bus to go to work, Size 5 clothing for their son , toys including a bike and a twin size blow up mattress with sheets and blankets so he has a place to sleep. Teen daughter clothing in woman's 7/8, medium clothing. They are also being given some household items as they become available…dishes, lamps, blankets, towels, etc

Burlington County couple hanging on with difficulty in need of clothes

They will receive within the next 2 days.

Clothing for her in womans size 18/ L, Mr will receive 30x30 , medium clothing . Their son size 8 and daughter size 7 ….they still need more then we have available and those items will be dropped as we get them. THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF LIMITED CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION

Burlington County newly singled Mrs who is raising seven kids. They will receive before Saturday

For her coat size L and clothes 14/xl , her Toddler daughter size 3 clothing including a snowsuit.

Boys in house clothing size 12, 14 and older boy Mens Xl and 36 x32, Two older preteen girls one womans size 3/4 and medium. The other one is in womans 5/6 . They still need more then we have available and those items will be dropped as we get them. THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION


Burlington County Baby Emily some clothes, boppy, car seat, walker


Salem County woman with disabled son scheduled to receive this Saturday-

Unfortunately have no clothes that fit her at this time 3x/28 though did get a coat for her. Daughter size 7 clothes. Son pre teen clothing size mens Ltop, m or size 28 X34 bottom. Son clothing size 8. Niece clothing size 3/ 4 med. Niece clothing size 5/6 large. Twin baby girl and boy clothing size 6-12 m one of each of the following car seat, hi-chair, saucer, swing. THEY ALSO RECEIVED A BOX OF LIMITED AMOUNTS OF CHRISTMAS GITS TO HELP WITH THEIR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION


Burlington county mom of 6 ---needed size 5t clothes and shoes for her son. Also gave then a few blankets along with baby clothes and baby supplies for her pregnant daughter….the supplies included a crib, stroller, car seat, travel swing blankets and saucer


Burlington County Mom needed Clothes for growing son in size 12-18 m , baby saucer and toys


Cumberland County high risk pregnant with baby girl clothes 0-6m , car seat and baby saucer

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who We Are/What We Do

We are a small group of women and one determined priest. We also get help from our respective family members. All of us are unpaid volunteers. We purchase very little - relying mostly on items donated by people in our neighborhoods who want to help. Considering our small size, we have had a major impact on those in need.

We help battered women, young pregnant mothers, foster moms and their kids. We also help families and Dads raising their children - the homeless - . We've provided cribs, strollers, bouncers, nursery supplies as well as beds, dressers, clothes, kitchen items and much more to those who need them. We are always collecting blankets which we donate to the homeless on the street. At Christmas, we hand out gifts for children - all purchased by one of volunteers. We will be posting some of our success stories in the near future.

This section was written by Peaches - the woman who spearheaded this project and for several years did this work alone - until it snowballed and she recruited her sister, Pat who recruited me, who recruited Ruth and who met Father John who helped us legitimize our work and create this small but powerful organization.

As the person who one day asked my sister Pat for assistance in finding items for one baby in need, I am so very proud of each and every one of the people that have come together to form this much needed organization. We have been able to help many more people then even our dedicated volunteers may realize. For example, I am not the only person delivering these gathered items on to the people that need them. Yet I alone have dropped off clothes (usually a weeks worth per person) including coats and shoes to more the 50 people in slightly more then two months time. I have also hand delivered housewares and blankets to those that had none. In just the last month, Christmas gifts have been supplied for every member in six different families. There have also been other items given as needed: such as a car seat to bring a baby home from the hospital, and a bed so a little girl no longer had to sleep on the floor; warm clothes to keep a homeless man warm as the winter weather set in and coats, hats and gloves to others that had to wait for the bus to get to work or to an education. These are just some of many examples but the truth is the same---If not for the donations that others have given us and the hard work of everyone that has made this organization a success, this never would have been possible. Everyone (Pat, Ruth, Susan, Fr. John) take time to think about the fact that many people will not be cold today and each of you are the reason why. The individuals we have helped also have found comfort in knowing that when they asked for help they received some....who could ask for more then feeling that your needs mattered to another. Again thank you all and keep those donations coming as the need is as strong as ever.

How You Can Help

We can arrange to pick up any donations of household items and clothing. At this time of the year we especially need blankets and coats, gloves, snowsuits for kids. We always need baby items of any kind. Our philosophy is the "circle of giving" - when we help someone all we ask is that they pass on the items we give them when they no longer need them; hand down baby clothes and items, re-cycle household items to Goodwill or another family in need.

We are also trying to gather toys and other items to help make a Christmas Holiday for children that may otherwise have none. Please contact us if you wish or can donate an item for a child's Christmas. We can be reached via email - our address is, our mailing address is Holy Angels Children's Society, PO Box 2142, Southampton, NJ 08088.

Links to Social Services Agencies

This link will take you to the State of NJ Website and provide the County Name, Address and phone/fax numbers of the Social Service Agencies in each county in New Jersey.

State of New Jersey Department of Human Services

The county Social Service agencies provide lots of information and links to other sites that provide services - Nutrition Program, HealthCare and more. Burlington County alone had over one dozen links and then sub-links.

If what you are looking for is not to be found in the county links - we may be able to offer some help. We are in the process of collecting as much of the other important contact info - for Burlington, Camden, Ocean and Mercer Counties, ie St.Vincent De Paul, Catholic Charities and more. This list is comprehensive. I need to find a way to get the information up here quickly and efficiently - and am working on it now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How It All Began

The Reys of Hope Project began as a grass roots movement between two sisters. It all started about three years ago when one sister started to seriously make time to help the people in places many others were not willing to go. Blankets were handed out to the homeless, Christmas gifts were bought (at the sister's expense), wrapped and labeled for boys/girls and age appropriateness and distributed in Trenton during the holiday season. Word began to spread and more and more requests for help began pouring in. That's when she recruited her older sister to help in the effort. Pat began putting up handwritten notices requesting donations for the particular family's situation as identified by her sister. She connected with many kind and caring people and the collection and distribution process snowballed. One of those people is Father John Bellezza, an Orthodox Priest who runs a ministry named Holy Angels Children's Society. Holy Angels ministers in Pennsylvania, Haiti and now in New Jersey.

The Reys of Hope Project is now under the auspices of Holy Angels which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in the State of New Jersey.