Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Wish List for Some of our Families - Can you help???

Christmas Wish List:
Family 1:
12 yr old boy-anything sports related, socks
twin 12 yr old boys-skateboard,watch,cool stuff(whatever that means)
3 yr old boy  toys cars/trucks,  Legos
2 yr old girl  likes dolls,  coloring

Family 2
1 infant boy   pampers,  toys,  shampoo, etc.
1 5yr old boy  likes coloring,  building stuff with blocks

Family 3
boy 15  wants skateboard or used bike
boy 9  wants binoculars,  watch,  coloring books
girl 12   likes puzzles ,jewelry, coloring or painting supplies, board games

Family 4
new born fraternal twins:  boy and girl -Pampers needed
3 yr old girl likes dolls, playing house, dress up
10 yr old boy wants skate board, board games, watch to wear,  1 wallet with $5.00
also would like a hoodie size 14/16

Family 5
Wants food for Christmas and male shaving gel,razors and cologne

Family 6
12 yr old boy wants scooter, sports stuff
5 yr old boy wants action figures or race cars

Family 7
3 yr old boy likes action figures, soldier stuff, fire trucks, Big Bird and Elmo
4 yr old boy likes to color, Legos, anything to do with magic
12 yr old girl  earrings, watch, camera, likes to paint, loves nature
14 yr old girl  she wants to be a detective like  Sherlock Holmes,likes mystery books, mystery games, Weird NJ magizine, body sprays
They all need gloves and scarves - mother said if possible

Family 8
4 yr old boy wants to be a policeman, likes action figures, badge, wants a police hat, he also likes things for playing on the beach
9 yr old wants a watch, wants a robe(size boys large)  walkie talkies, horse shoes, games

Family 9
infant baby boy  -toys, anything for baby
4 yr old girl-likes Dora
2 yr old boy  wants a wagon, likes Dinosours, blocks

Family 10
17 yr old girl-body sprays, jewelry, porcelain dolls, puzzles, music box, cool scarf
17 yr old boy-watch,wants a skateboard, sports related items, binoculars
15 yr old girl likes make up and perfume, girly stuff
13 yr old girl wants a walk man, games, watch , coloring or art supplies
11 yr old boy wants model airplanes or anything related to air planes
Mom wants a robe (size Women's small)
Dad wants shaving creme and razors
Well that's the list so far.   See a family you like??  These are such simple requests - please, if you can, help us.   

Thursday, October 28, 2010

CHECK THIS OUT - WE MADE 101.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 NJ Ministry Offers "Reys of Hope"

Dino FlammiaListen to Dino Flammia's report:

In its first year of operation, the Reys of Hope Project helped about 200 families in need. Father John Bellezza, a crucial part of Reys' growth, expects to help a bigger amount of families as the months roll on.

Reys of Hope is run out of Bellezza's ministry, Holy Angels Childrens' Society. It has a mission in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and here in the United States. "We collect clothing and items from various sources, and distribute them to needy people in New Jersey," explains Bellezza. The "we" refers to Reys' list of volunteers. Bellezza says that list is comprised mostly of women.

When children are on the receiving side, the project likes to include books in their offerings. Bellezza explains, "We found out that many families that are in bad situations are either not aware of education or don't push it."

Currently, Reys of Hope is collecting turkeys, gift cards and other items to distribute before Thanksgiving Day. "With the economy the way it is, and the lack of jobs, we keep pretty busy," says Bellezza. Despite the struggling economy, Bellezza says he can still find his fair share of generous people that are willing to give.

Originally, the project was known as Rey of Hope (King of Hope, or Christ). Bellezza stresses the fact that despite his project runs out of a ministry, Reys of Hope assists anyone in need, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Those wishing to help/donate can use the contact information below:

Holy Angels Childrens' Society
Reys of Hope Project
P.O. Box 185
Whiting, NJ 08759

Phone #: 609-969-2235

Thanks to our Silent Volunteer

Dear Silent Volunteer :~)

Thank you for donating some of the proceeds from your yard sale to our organization - it will help with all the requests we get at this time of the year.

WOW - Check out how many families Pat & John have helped this year!!!

In Burlington Co - 16 families; Ocean County - 60 families,   33 other families in  counties including Atlantic, Camden and Cumberland).   This is from Jan 2010 until October 2010.  This does not include what the other Reys  volunteers  have delivered.  We know Peaches has a LONG list - but due to her computer crashing - has lost her notes.  I, Susan, am a poor record keeper - as I only work with a few families : ~)  Krystal is also busy helping others as well as raising her little boy and going to school -

Please remember, Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching - we have many requests for Thanksgiving Baskets and as always need Christmas gifts for our families.  If you can help please let us know.

Happy Fall!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

So far, we need 5 Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families.  If you can help, please let us know. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Thank You for US!

Here's one for us:

Dear Father:
Thank you again for everything the boys also thank you they are very happy for what they received from your groups generosity.
Talk to you soon

Thank You Lorrie and Tim

Another thank you from Fr. John :

Lorrie and Tim - thank you for your generous donation and your continued support of our organization.  God Bless!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank You Jeannie and Peter

Just got this from Fr. John:
Please thank a Mr Peter Berg and Jeanne Berg for their donation for REYS OF HOPE.  It could not have come at a better time with holidays coming up.   GOD BLESS THEM BOTH for being so generous.  Father John

Monday, October 4, 2010

Local Area Food Pantries as of September 2010

Here is our most recent information on Food Pantries in our area.  Please support them if you can.  In this economy we need all the help we can get.  No one should ever go hungry. 

Barnegat Anew United Methodist Church  609-994-7311
Delta Food Mart in Lakewood 732-367-4242
Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in Neptune 732-918-2600
Redeemer Lutheran Church in Manchester 732-657-2828
Your Grandmothers' kitchen in Toms River 732-240-0441
Helping Hands in New Egypt, 732-644-8335 or Pastor Bob @ 732-768-0520.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pat and Fr. John's Activities for September

WOW!  These guys have been busy, busy!!  Thank you to all of the kind people who donated the items in this post!   

Some drop offs and pick ups we have done since Sept 2010
Gave walker to elderly man in parking lot who was having difficulty walking
Gave to 3 young mom's to be Desitin, infant boy clothes in season, toys, shoes, recieving blankets and baby shampo approximately 20 outfits per baby.
Helped a mother of 7 children with twins on the way. Children's father just recently died of a heart attack. He was the only bread winner.  Kids age t from 3yr to 19 yrs old.  Twins are due in November.  They would like to have a nice thanksgiving dinner if we can get it for them. Hopefully we will get some Thanksgiving baskets made up this year even if we get a canned ham. So far we have 4 families requesting turkeys or ham for Thanksgiving.  Normally we do not do food unless it is for holidays and someone donates to us.  The 7 children also would like one present from Santa.
Baby clothes donated to mom for boy and girl twins due.  Baby swing,  cribs, mattress, junior girl clothes, size 4t clothes with shoes, boy pants size 10 and 12 jeans with pull over long sleeve shirts, socks, size large womens tops and stretch pants, new underwear  for boys, some Desitin for twins due in November, pjs for boys.  Baby toys for the twins and several books for children ages 4-12 yrs old.  They need SOCKS AND GLOVES but we have not recieved any yet.Will put them on  the list .
Woman starting over needed bed linens and towels;  gave her 2 matching complete bed sets with comforters.  Brown and green bath towels with matching washcloths.
Young mom with 6 mos old daughter:  gave her winter clothes for daughter with 2 prs shoes, childrens toys, silverware, pots and pans, matching dishes  and dish drain.  She had hardly anything for her kitchen area.   Also gave 2 pairs of curtains that matched, 2 matching kitchen chairs for a kitchen set, blankets, desitin and baby oil, baby swing, baby stroeller,  baby clothes for baby boy due soon.  Also baby book on babys first year after born and book on how and what to do if baby gets sick, colds or hurt.
Grandma raising 3 grand children wanted 3 bikes; so far we have given them 2 still need 1 more boys bike.  Also gave them about 6 outfits per child with nail polish and lip gloss for girl and games for boys.
Junior teens size 3-5 given to a dad with 11-13 yr old girls.
Donated to us:
1 car load of toys and junior clothes.
2 cribs with mattress and swing,  stroeller and lots of baby boy clothes.
3 coats for boys.
crafts which we gave to a lady who has neighborhood children over her house.  She does crafts with them and has a small religous service.
a box of hard back childrens books.
small check to us for our gas.
some mens shoes and shirts size xl.
some canned groceries.
Woman and her son donated his old toys.

We Gave
a bike helmet to a boy who had a bike but no helmet.
religous booklets to a religious woman.
1 medium size bag of clothes for a granddaughter that just turned 11 yrs old.
a kitchen set for young girls birthday.  She wanted to cook with her mom.
a baseball hoop with soft ball to a little boy who just turned 5yrs old.  It was what he wanted for his birthday gift.
1 large bag of kitty litter to a family with cats and no litter.
several school bags 15 to be exact with new school supplies in them.
several women's shoes to a woman with casual wear who just started a new job at TOYS R US(which is hiring for the holidays).
a sewing kit and lots of zippers and buttons to a lady who sews.
a childs chair and table.
baby bottles(which we always need)1 breast pump, 3 pacifiers, recieving blankets, clothes, 1 package of diapers, little booties, 4 homemade sweaters white and pink, and baby toys to for a young mom who just had a baby girl.