Friday, August 31, 2012

Items needed for Daycare with Autistic Children

10 chairs and 2 tables for children
2 toy cubbies
small book shelf for books
cd player
big wooden blocks
large legos
puppets/costumes *
floor puzzles
candyland,memorary perfection game
playground differant size balls
Basic arts and crafts for children
basic baking supplies
cheap hand mixer
measuring cups and spoons(plastic
floor excersize mats
lap pad
therapy ball
dry erase board
mighty mind
soft large puzzles
childs rocking chair
cloud nine cushion
weighted ball
big animals plastic
toys with differant type fabrics
Anything would be extremely appreciated.Their funding
for items such as these has been cut

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dorothy donated items to this family

Marissa and her mom recieved items.Money has been tight due to the economy.

Grandma was so glad the grandchildren recieved items

The children were very happy
to recieve school supplies and clothes.Their parent works  part time as an EMT

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More School Items were Donated

This year has been the best year in recieving school supplies.And several bags of clothes for children.
Believe me we have been very busy the past 2 weeks.Once school starts maybe it will slow down.

All these children recieved School Supplies

The mother has been very busy caring for the childrens sick grandmother.
And alot of her extra money has been going for gas so she can make
the drive.Melissa (the mother)was so thrilled to recieve school
supplies since she did not know how she was going to afford it.

This is the man who wants a Harley Eyepatch

the picture is not very clear it was the only one they had to

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jennifer from ENCORE THRIFT SHOP donates items


We want to thank her

for getting them for us.

And a huge THANKS to Jennifer From ENCORE THRIFT SHOP

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Here is just one of the children we helped



Like the mailman the weather did not stop us.
Everyone who recieved items were so thankful
and surprized

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Debbie went crazy buying school supplies

I was like in shock when
Debbie gave us all of
these school supplies.
As you can see Debbie does
not wait until Christmas
time to be over generous.

 Children in Ocean Co..
Burlington Co. & Camden Co.
will not go to school empty
handed thanks to Debbie.

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One of Fr Johns' Visitors when he was in hospitol

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 When Dorothy left us with
the school supplies she decided
to stop at WAWA for a cup of coffee.

Outside of the store was a mom arguing with her son about school supplies.The little boy saying
"mom I dont want the school
stuff a week after I start school,
I have to have them on the first
day""the kids will make fun of
me for getting stuff late".The
mom proceeded to explain
to the child she would not
have any money until after school starts.Child

was so upset Dorthy said she could
 not help but give them 1 book bag with supplies.They were so happy,especially the boy NOTE*Dorothy swears God sent her

We need more Blankets For Winter

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All I have to do now is sort the items

 A pile of donated
items just in time
for Winter

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We donated 1 hummingbird feeder to a lady

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Her Smile Says It All

 Sometimes when we help
we get to see first hand
how happy we have made
is only possible by people
donating items to our
small organization.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Message por alguien habla Spanish

Aunque no entendemos espanoles,hemos
 ayudado a los que hablan spanish.
If usted conoce a alguien que necesita
ayuda con la ropa Ocean & Burlington
County.Por favor alguien que hable Ingles
para hacernoslo saber.

Couple living on Roman Noodles & Eggs

We heard from Dorothy about
a couple who have been eating
nothing but Roman Noodles
and eggs for alittle over a year.
Their biggest wish is to have some fruit
and 1 piece of meat.If we do
get any food its usually only cereals
and peanut butter with jelly.
  But after hearing this we are hoping
someone will donate some
can goods to us so we can deliver
them next week to this couple.
Their rent has been raised and they
have been having fianacial problems.
  Dorothy said they have tried all the
flavors of Roman Noodles.Anyone
who would like to donate groceries
for this struggling couple please
let us know

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

update from Peachess

Peachess has helped 64 families since
Jan 2012.And still squeezes in work.
Not sure when she gets to sleep.
  Peachess also recieved school supplies
to help 4 children.She always needs
mens clothes and we were able to give
 her a dozen long sleeve shirts.

Debbie donated size 10 clothes for when girl goes to school

The childs family thought the clothes
were Awesome...........
   Thanks again Debbie for
your generosity........

FATHER JOHN IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before leaving the hospitol he gave
a blessing to a young man with M.S.
  Always a Priest no matter where
he is.Fr John said"Gods work
is never done! and he is glad to
be back home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Donation for Sunflower Lady

Susan from Plumsted Twnship
just happened to have a few
sunflower items.When she
asked me what else
could the woman use for her
new apartment.I told Susan the
woman use to bake.Only she
had no kitchen supplies yet.
  Met Susan this morning at the
CVS parking lot.She gave me
several boxes for this woman.
teapot & matching cups&saucers.
2 Pyrex pans,2 muffin tins,
1 tube cake pan,pretty platter,
sunflower painting,sunflower plates
to hang on wall.Not counting
silverware and cooking utensils.
Of course anyone who knows
Susan knows she bakes the best
cakes,cookies and muffins .So you
see why she was so helpful.Its
one baker to
 I made the mistake of telling
the woman about Sunflower picture
 and some items we will give her
Thursday .She has already called
me 4 times and asked if I could meet
her earlier.She definately sounded
eager for her goodies.Remind me never
to tell someone we have stuff for them unless
its the day we are going to see them.

Books & Clothes donated

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School Supplies & Clothes Ready For Drop Off

 Debbie definately has out done herself
with these items for us.We can not thank
 her enough for helping us to
help the children get ready for school
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Debbie from Toms River Donates supplies

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Bonnie from Toms River donated this with all the supplies

 This is going to a family
that asked us to help them
with school supplies
for their daughter.

                                                                            you are definately
                                                                          to bring a smile to her
                                                                         Her favorite color is
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