Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Suzan donated a baby doll stroeller to the girls.
And the little one said "if my doll can fit so can I"  lol

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drop offs in between visiting FR John in hospitol

drop off in Bayville,1 brown stroller with several blankets
1 car seat less than 5 yrs old
several infant toys and even 1 stuffed animal(even though we do not collect
stuff animals)
1 umbrella stroller also
1 baby walker
some infant clothes neutral colors since sex has not been determined
drop off in Manahawkin,1 bag of childrens clothes
1 blue stroller for new infant baby boy
several children books including crayons ,coloring books
drop off in Lakewood several barbie dolls for 2 girls who wanted
these dolls desperately
2 pairs of bathing suits with some Summer clothes
drop off in Waretown some cat food for a person who feeds feral cats
and a few kitty toys
We have received numerous requests for underwear and socks for kids thru age 12.  When a parent has to choose between clothing - which can be seen, and underwear - which can't, you can understand why they choose clothing.   Underwear and socks are costly - for all of us - because we NEED them (SMILE).  These kids have socks with holes in them and underwear that is worn out.  

If you are able to, would you please consider making a small donation to our organization so that we can purchase these much needed items.  We can accept product donations of underwear and socks as long as they have never been worn.

We just received a $25.00 dollar donation via Paypal!.  Thanks!!  Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your continuing support.


Thanks a bunch

Suzan donated a whole car load of items,including a small wooden kitchen
with pot n pans for the 3 little girls we're helping.
Debbie also donated some walkers,clothes and items for us to give to
Dorothy.Dorothy told us yesterday there was a few adults who needed walkers in
the section 8 complex.So a big thanks for those at such short notice
Jeremy donated a bag of mens socks and some dishes he no longer needs-

Late yesterday Afternoon FR John came home

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another request from Dorothy

Dorothy has come across a section 8 apartment complex
full of tenants who desperately need help with getting
socks and underwear for their children.The moms are already
concern about the colder months coming.4 moms
also are due in less than 2 months and have very limited
baby supplies.Looks like Dorothy is going to be
busy helping before Christmas.We are hoping to
deliver items to her by next Saturday.Although  Cumberland
County is not in our district the need sounded to great to
ignore it.

Another Prayer Request

One of out Christmas volunteers -Dorothy just
called and asked if we could please
have everyone say a prayer for
Melissa's mom Alice.The drs just found
Cancer and she will need aggresive treatment
immediately.All prayers are welcome.

Total Family's helped since Jan 2/12

81 families FR John,Pat or Debbie delivered to
20 families Peachess delivered to in between working
2 families Krystal delivered to
GRAND TOTAL of 103  ,thank God for all the generous
people who helped make it possible.

Baby Seth came home on May 22/12 at 4pm

And we could not be happier for the couple

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Better late than never to have a party

Dear FR John
 I would like to thank you for all the stuff.
The kids loved the clothes and toys.
We are going to set up to have their
missed birthday partys for them now.
Since was unable to afford it before.
Thanks alot and have a great day.
You guys are doing an awesome job.
Oh,thanks for the cake mixes also.

A shed full of clothes for us

 All we had to do is pick them up,sort and put in totes.After 6 hours finally organized.
Thanks to Peachess as she help.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Items needed for babies & adults

1.Desitin powder
4.recieving blankets toys
6.size 3x womens
7.size 4x womens

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Part of an email just recieved

Thank you so much for the underwear and socks
for my 3 children.It has been years since they
have worn socks with no holes in them.It is
very hard to get them things since their father
does not pay child support.Also thank you
for delivering the stuff.As I had no way to get them.
Tell who ever donated them thanks.

3 Clothes Donations

Thank you Faye from Whiting for the women's clothes size medium
Thank you Kathy from Whiting for womens clothes size 10
Thank you Colleen from Whiting for the mixed adult clothes
   All these clothes were Summer Clothes,yeah!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another wheel chair drop off

Just returned from Manahawkin at 3pm
Dropped off another wheelchair.
A man emailed us and told us about
a little girl in school that has CP and needed
a new wheelchair.Hers has been broke and very old.
This man works at the school and would
like to give to her family before Sunday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wheelchair for someone in need

Children checking out wheel chair for their dad.
This lady is babysitting the 3 children since
their dad had been rushed to the hospital.
He had severe pain radiating down his arm and spine.While in the emergency room he collapsed.
The hospital is keeping him to run tests .
Fr John is watching the girls.He even had them

Christmas their mother left them and moved in
with her boyfriend.It has been very difficult for the father to care for the children due to having a degenerative back
 disease.Since he has no insurance he was unable to afford  a wheelchair.It was recommended
by his doctor.He is awaiting to hear from disability.
His doctor and others have written letters pertaining
to his medical condition.This man is 34 yrs old and struggling.Anyone who would like to donate some
much needed clothes for the girls ,their sizes are
6,4t and 3t.All the children are under 5 yrs old.Shoe
sizes are 8,10 and 11.Sneakers or sandals would
be appreciated.
The father wears medium shirts and 34x36 pants or medium jogging pants.A grocery gift card would also be nice.
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Pennsauken Delivery

 Young mom with 2 children asked
if we could possibly give her some much needed items.She had a baby boy 6 mos old who
has been trying desperately to walk.
And an autistic 8 yr old boy.So we included a baby walker with the clothes for her and her sons.
They left an abusive relationship and
are starting over
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Deliverys off Pine Sreet in Mt. Holly

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thanks to a mom and daughter

Susan and Heather donated some much needed
childrens clothes.And Suzan took time out
of her busy schedule to pick up a donation
from Nautica in Jackson.A huge THANKS to all.


Did a delivery in Voorhes which
is not in our districts.But they sounded desperate
so you know FR John.Arrived at the
apartment building at noon like we all had planned.
The mom was not home.She has 1 daughter 3 yrs old
and a little boy 9 mos.She lives up on 3rd floor,
lots of steps which FR John and I do
not do well.Just in luck strong looking man
walked thru the parking lot.Offered him some
money to carry items upstairs
for us.He was thrilled to help and we
were thrilled he did.Neighbor said the mom went to
 hospitol due to having a misscarriage but
they would make sure she gets items.We
pray she will be alright.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Please pray for Lories doctor.
He was in a terrible accident recently.
His family is going through a rough time.
Bless you ,all prayers welcome.


5-12 YRS OLD.The books have been such a hit with the children.

gas cards needed

Summer clothes for infant boys

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small part from an email we recieved

I am writing to you because my neighbor-----(name of neighbor is not included
at Barnaget use to get help from you's.This year when they
asked for help Pat suggested to them to try Wish upon a hero.I would like to
know why you's no longer help them?My response'I think its nice
that you are concerned for your neighbors.We are very familiar
with this family.We have actually been in touch with several other organization
 in reference to this family.Seems as if this family asks for items from
numerous organizations.Telling one organization that no one has helped them
when they had recieved help.The people who are kind enough to donate
items want it to go to those who are truely in need.Not someone who takes advantage
of others kindness.Wish upon a hero trys to grant wishes.Since they wish to
get as much as possible from anyone willing to donate to their cause.
I believe this organization would be better for them.
 Debbie from Toms River
donated a whole box brand new
underpants for females
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1 of 4 Quilts

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High Chair,Stroeller,Baby Walker and Blue wheel chair has arrived

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pick up in Jackson

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Success ,found address thru the rain

Bag of clothes for mom and her
2 children.

Carload of household items and clothes were
                  delivered for the mom who is
starting over
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Monday, May 7, 2012


Baby Seth is still in the hospitol but is growing
stronger everyday.Please keep him in your
prayers.His parents are eager to have him home

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Would like to thank,
Bonnie from Toms River for childrens clothes and some groceries especially cereal
Dawn from Manchester Township for kitchen items and comforters for full bed
Jackie and Mike from Jackson for numerous childrens items
Debbie from Toms river for underwear for children including socks
John from Bricktown for childrens toys