Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few vehichle donations

 Definately will put a smile on some little boys face.


We often past this on the way to do drop offs or pick ups.Thought it was worth sharing.

Look who Debbie found a Donald Trump imposter

Womens magazines donated

Debbie and her jokes,lol

 Debbie and I said we would ask Donald Trump to donate some money towards Reys Of Hope,and wouldnt you know it Debbie found a cut out of Donald Trump in a warehouse.,hahahaWe got no..... response....

Artificial Flowers & Crafts donated

We have a lady in Lakehurst that we give crafts to.She occasionally brings the neighborhood children in her house to do crafts.So these items go to good use


Friday, June 28, 2013

Newest Donation

 Ida from Toms River donated these much needed items.Peachess has been looking for 2 stroellers and now we have them.Yeah!
Ida also donated pac n play,changing pads and a childs seat.Now if we could just get some childrens clothes.THANK YOU IDA

Thursday, June 27, 2013


One of the moms we gave stuff to last year called us to tell us her 10 yr old daughter wanted to make a donation.It was several big bags of bubble gum which she bought with her Birthday money.Now thats what I call unselfish.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sometimes we see the strangest things

 Well this passenger deserved a double take while we were going for a pick up

$1.00 bag sale

Our donations have been so low lately especially on children's clothes.The thrift shop at Lakehurst Navy Base just happened to have a sale.And since Fr John retired from the service we took advantage of it.The women who volunteered there were more than glad to help us load the car up.


 Melodi from Jackson gave us some items recently.
We would like to thank her.
Jim from Lakewood donated 1 bag of men's socks.Dorothy could sure use them for the Camden area

Monday, June 17, 2013

Someone had donated some rabbit pellets to us

 Since we knew no one in need of rabbit pellets I threw them out in the lawn. Surprise  Mr Bunny evidently thought he needed them. At-least it did not get wasted.

Woman shaking Fr Johns hand for buying her daughter some clothes

Drop off in Browns MIlls

The mom was so excited when she saw the toaster.Her little boy was laughing and waving at Fr John who was sitting in the car.But when I went to take his picture he looked down.Wouldnt you know it.lolThe guy in this picture was visiting and I put him to work,telling him he was just elected to bring items in the house.Besides food,toaster we also gave them clothes

Ready for drop off

We were even lucky enough to get a toaster for a woman who said they were all wishing for a toaster to make at least one toast.It had been so long since anyone in the house had  any

Fr John at Dollar General

Fr John bought the woman s daughter in picture some new clothes and a toy.This little one was being pushed around in a doll stroller.Its times like this wish we had an extra stroller to give her

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tomorrow is fathers day. Hope everybody remembers their fathers especially OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

While at the restaurant

While Fr John and I were at the restaurant we were talking about how many families we have helped over the years. Thanks to all the generous people who have donated clothes,toys and money.Without them we would never of been able to do this.Anyway,the waiter came over and said"I over heard your conversation and know of a women who sure could use some help".And from their FR John asked about the woman's situation.Seems as if her husband just left her 2 mos ago.She has 3 boys a 4yr old,a 2yr old and a 3month old.She moved in with a friend for now since she was totally dependant on her husband.And was unable to pay for her apartment.The boys desperately need socks and clothes the waiter said.And maybe some food,well atleast some cereals for the 2 oldest boys.The sizes are 4-5 T,2T and 3-6 mos.Mom wears size large tops and size 36 waist pants.We assured him we would like to help but our donations have been down and we would have to wait for some infant boy clothes to come in.Also some size 4-5Tand women clothes size large.However we did have some 2T clothes,cereal,peanut butter,jelly,spaghetti,sauce,snacks,soups and rice that we would be more than glad to give this mom at this time.If anyone would like to donate any items for this family please let us know.Email us at
We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to pick up at your convenience.Thanks

Monday, June 10, 2013

At the cemetary

 Last week met an elderly man who was at the cemetary.He was very upset someone stoled flowers off his wife"s grave.I explained to him many people put artificail flowers on the graves now because no one respects the dead anymore.And real flowers are often stoled.I happened to have a nice fake flower arrangement in my car so I gave it to him for his wife's
grave.(The reason I had the flower arrangement in the first place is because originally I was going to put it on my baby's grave)But I realized the man needed it more than I did.It was a nice feeling to see the man SMILE.Just goes to show its better to give than receive.



Need socks for pre school children in low income child center(day care) seems as if the teacher
mentioned to Dorothy the majority have no socks or very worn socks.(boys and girls
Dorothy also needs boy clothes size 8-12  preferably not ripped