Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank You from Me

Thank you to Mary from Forked River for her donation of brand new clothing for the children of  our Mom from Little Egg Harbor.  Boys stuff is so hard to find - I guess they wear it out before it can be passed on.  Unlike little girls - who are like our dolls :~)   I was so happy to get your items - Thank You again!!  They were dropped off that afternoon.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sometimes I need to hit myself in the head with a board?!!! :~)  I think it's worth mentioning that Fr. John has been having services at the community center in Whiting.  I find his sermon to be very informative - I call it "teaching not preaching".    He explains about the Bible and the events in a meaningful, interesting manner.  It is a traditional service in all ways and I find it very uplifting.  I have to report that I while I believe in God and do his work - I never go to church.  Strange how things change as we get older :~)  

If any of our readers are interested in attending - please comment at the end of the posting or email us and I will see if we can publish our schedule - since we do not do a weekly service. 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on School Supplies!!

Per Pat, due to the fantastic support of our donors we were able to provide school supplies to more than 15 families.  Here for your viewing pleasure - several pictures of some of the bounty.  There are two more of the supplies - but they are fuzzy - 
 Thank you to all who donated for your generosity and continuing support of our mission!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Please Help - Clothing Needed

Recently rec'd this request from my friend Bill - one of our regular donors - if anyone can help - please contact me -  I will make sure the items get to him and the family he is assisting.

"I have a clothing request for a tenant I am putting in to a rental.  Need some clothing asap for 6 year old twin boys size 7/8 and a girl size 8/10 and also women's size 12".

I have some clothing for the Mom - I'd really appreciate it if we could get some stuff for the children - boys clothing is especially hard to come by - let alone twins.  My personal "suzann charity fund"  is in a world of hurt - as I just purchased a convertible car seat for a young woman raising her niece - and struggling as well.

Thank you for any help - I will also be posting this on my facebook page.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Couple of Things

FYI - thank you all who donated - we provided school supplies for more than 10 families.  If you made a financial donation to us - please be assured that the money went for the purpose that you gave it.  It's great to be able to help others in this horrible economy.

Also, I want to say that I lost my best girl, Shelby, the Reys of Hope Mascot late last week and haven't felt like doing much - like updating the blog and stuff - I apologize - she was 15 years old and my little sweetheart - here's her cute little face for your viewing pleasure :~)

Shelby So Pretty

Shelby in her Wheelchair

She was always under the table when Fr. John and Pat came for coffee and muffins - ever hopeful for some treats.  She was there when we made the flannel pj pants.  She was Sophie's sled dog - hopping on her toboggan to be pulled around in the snow.  She loved my grandchildren and they loved her.  She knew they were a great source of dropped food.  We will all miss her - the pet lovers at Reys of Hope and Sophie and Alex - her two little people.

I hope you enjoy Labor Day weekend and we get the rain we so desperately need.