Monday, January 31, 2011

Blankets Addie Emmetts Made for Us

Here's a picture of some afghans that were made for us by Addie.  She crochets for stress management (SMILE) - they are really nice - not to mention warm.  These are only two of eight she made for us.  Thank you Addie - you do beautiful work.

A Day in the Life of Pat

We thought you might want to read about Pat's kind deed.  

"On the way for a pick up this am saw a lady standing outside of a stranded car.  She seemed quite upset.  I asked her if there was anything I could do,even though I am not a mechanic.  She explained to me she ran out of gas.  I took her gas can and went to local station and filled it up for her.  Returned the can and gave her my last 10$.  I told her to go to the station and put more gas in her car.  She thanked me and hugged me like we were old friends.  Normally I do not stop for strangers but,today I am glad that I did.  The woman had a job interview hopefully she will get hired.   No one else had stopped. "

Can you imagine?  Not even having enough gas to get to a job interview?!?!?!!  This is a sad statement about our economy - and no one else stopped - that's even sadder.  You go Pat!

A Thank You for Us

Dear Father John,
Hi,  Angela here.   I wanted to drop you and Pat and Reys of Hope a line and extend our sincerest thanx for making this holiday a great one for our boys.  I have sent a picture of them for you to have,  it is not much but it is what I can do.

Thank you Angela.  They are adorable!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Huge Thanks to Tony Valenzano

Our sincere thanks go to Tony from Valenzano Winery for the fundraiser they had for us.  Here's the link to their site - they have a beautiful winery in Shamong, NJ
They have supported our organization in many ways during these past few years and we truly appreciate them.  Now, everyone make a road trip to Shamong and explore their wines, their facilities, their vineyards.  Please do check their website for all of the activities and events they have planned.   There is nothing more relaxing and friendly than an afternoon at the winery.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Statistics and a Giving Moment

The number of families we have helped in the last two years has grown exponentially.  In 2009 we helped over 200 families.

In 2010 we helped over 304 families!!  It's amazing how much our small organization has been able to accomplish.  But we could not do it without our donors.  I will be posting a big thank you to all those kind and caring folks -
Here's some food for thought -
Pat and Fr John's most memorable drop off was near Thanksgiving. They went to a trailer park and knocked on door of an old, worn trailer.  They noticed a little girl about 3 yrs old watching cartoons on tv.  As they gave the mother some clothing and a bag of groceries the little girl watched them.  When the mother took out the turkey, the little girl jumped off the sofa and yelled FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.  Now that tells you how much that food was needed. 


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Pictures from Christmas

 This little guys is one of our Christmas babies.

 This young couple donated a bunch of gifts.

Here's Fr. John and Pat playing Santa.  Stay tuned for more pictures - I know Pat has them :~)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Thank You From One of Our Families - Please Read

Dear Father John (Saint Nicholas),
And I truly mean Saint. How can I put into words the miracle you created for my children and me in your selfless giving and caring this holiday season.  As you know, the past couple of years have been very difficult for us. Your amazing gift of kindness has renewed our hope and given us such joy. Ryan spent Christmas giving all of the extra Rosaries out to my extended family.  He said he was spreading the Love of God as he gave them to each person. The boys are so excited to have new coats and boots too.  They played in the snow for hours without coming in because they were finally able to stay warm.  Every gift was so appreciated. Asking for help is so difficult and humbling. Your organization was so loving and kind you really made our Christmas.  God Bless You. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.  Please pass our thanks on to everyone involved with Reys of Hope who work so hard to help so many. Thank you Thank you, Jeanette Golden