Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Fr John should be home soon.

Kimball Hospitol E.R.

 Fr John went to the hospitol Feb 19/13 having
problems with his blood pressure.Shoots way up when standing drops when sitting.Meds need adjusting.The emergency room was so busy he arrived at 12 noon and did not get admitted until 8  pm.

Young guy with black jacket and grey stripes confided in Fr John for about 1 hour in Emergency room.
If anyone knows Fr John he is a good listener even when he himself is not feeling well.Always a priest a patient second

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank you's

We would like to thank Donna from New Hope Pa for donating boys clothes size 8 and 10.
They were not only Winter clothes but had no ripped knees or frayed
Usually we do not see boys clothes without some kind of rip or tear in the jeans.
She also bought 6 large bath towels and 4 womans blouses.
We would like to thank Melissa from Lakewood for numerous sewing projects
that she has been making and mailing to the Indian Reservation.
We would like to thank Steve from Burlington County for his blanket donation.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY,many local stores are empty

 Please patronize
the small stores in your community

Baby Items Donated

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My response to an email

From kindergarten to second grade I shared my lunch at school to a little girl who had 1 scooter pie daily for lunch. I told my mother about the little girl. My mom actually made extra bologna or peanut butter sandwiches with a thermos of milk or juice for me to take to school.Later the little girl and I became friends.I went to her house once.There was a lock on the refrigerator.No one could get in it until the father came home after work.I remained friends with this girl for years.Her and her brother were often invited to our house for dinner

Checking out the excersaucer

 This excersaucer is going to a dear friend who has helped us for years.She is now babysitting and needs this to keep the little one busy.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bee Mine Consignment Shop Donates

A car load of toddler and adult clothes,crib bumpers,blankets and 1excersaucer was donated today.

Friday, February 22, 2013

South Dakota Indian Reservation Appreciates Donations


Please keep 6 yr old Conner in your prayers. Conner under went surgery on his brain over a week ago.A tumor the size of a tangerine was removed.He now has to have physical therapy.
Laura his mother has a site called momshelpingmoms.Fr John even lit a candle prior to his surgery in hope he will heal soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Volunteer uses her truck

 One of our volunteers were nice enough to take this
pile of trash to the dump.We appreciate her help.

A volunteer who helps our volunteer Dorothy

 This lady has been known to
pick up items for Dorothy when she is unable to be at 2 places at once.
Yes,even volunteers need help from other volunteers.


Melissa from Lakewood heard from Debbie(our volunteer)about
a little autistic boy who only seems to show any type of emotions when he sees or hears a firetruck.
Needless to say Debbie picked
up the items yesterday and they will be delivered this week.
Thanks Melissa!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr Nosey taking over box of coats

 We had to actually tip the box
and close it.Every time we got him out he would jump
right back in.Talk about helping me sort,he just wanted
to lay down on the

Fr John dressed to go to an Orthodox Church

One of our volunteers invited Fr John to a Fish Dinner that the church was having.

November 14 1960

 This is a picture of myself
that was published in the local
Burlington Co.newspaper.Taken
14 days before my actual 6th birthday.
I had decided with my allowance I was going to donate my birthday money if i got any.My grandmother Angelina had told
someone that even though all year I kept saying I was saving my money for a beautiful doll house,I changed my mind when I saw on tv about the poor people that an organization was trying to help.They thought it was worthy of  printing the story about me helping C.A.R.E

And every year I said I would get the doll house next year.After several years of sending donations to C.A.R.E.  my parents bought me the doll house.

For Reys of Hope - from Susan.

It's funny that Pat should post about volunteering we must be of the same mind.  This morning I read this on Dress A Girl, CT and wanted to share - it's why the Reys of Hope do what they do. I am proud to be one of their volunteers.

"Everyone can be great because anyone can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't even have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve... You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love…"-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Volunteer

There are many reasons  people volunteer
a desire to learn new skills
make a difference in the world or other peoples lives
Some people are passionate about what they do
and want to do good for others.Some have
suffered through similar situations and want to give
back to the community.
to help the community
to keep busy
to feel proud of helping those less fortunate
as therapy
for religious reasons
because,of personal experience with the cause,illness or problem
because it is the right thing to do
Whatever reason one has, the world is surely a better place for having volunteers.
And organizations such as ours could not exist without them.
As for myself I was raised by parents that both did volunteer services
or gave a helping hand to others less fortunate.Be it my mother
being a volunteer for the local hospital,my father using his back hoe to plow driveways in the Winter months free for those who were on a fixed income.Or fixing shingles on someones roof.My siblings and I
were raised knowing it was better to give than receive.We all enjoyed
the way it made us feel afterwards.My sister Peachess often
donated blood to Red Cross,stayed up manning the phones for the
Jerry Lewis telethon,babysit free for young moms who could not afford a babysitter and even stood in a long line to buy a cabbage patch doll for alittle girl  who was dying in a hospital.My sister Wanda was known for caring for a few elderly people and doing their shopping when they were unable to care for
themselves.She also would read to some of the elderly in nursing homes.Angel the youngest sister volunteered for Red Cross,soup kitchens and even went to help for Hurricane Katrina.While in New Orleans it was there she decided she wanted to become a nurse.
I am happy to say she is now an R.N
My brother Mark often raked peoples yards or shoveled  snow for the neighbors who could no longer do it.I actually started thinking of others at 5 yrs old.I would save my allowance or birthday money and mail it to C.A.R.E. to help the hungry people.When I was 6 yrs old
my picture was actually published in the Burlington Co.Herald Newspaper because I donated money to C.A.R.E.When I got older I volunteered for Red Cross,volunteered for Walson Army Hospital and drove people  to doctors appointments all they had to do was pay for the gas.I donated my time They often say people are a product of their environment if so those we helped have my parents to thank.

Request already for Easter baskets

Mom of 5 children would like the Easter Bunny to
 visit her children this year.She has 2 daughters and 3 sons
all under the age of 15 yrs.So if anyone would like to
donate some candy or baskets we would appreciate it.
Easter will be here before you know it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Many Thanks To 2 of our Volunteers

Susan received some donated men's wear from
the Nautilus Store in Jackson.Quite a few of them
needed buttons and zippers fixed.And our seamstress
Susan was kind enough to fix them for us.Our second volunteer
we want to thank is Debbie.She was kind enough to meet
Susan and pick the items up for us.Since we were busy.

Family of 4 recieved Jam and Peanut butter

 And this time we remembered to add bread.

Child Poverty Rate

 Something to think about.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peachess has been busy

1.Peachess received 2 truck loads of items from
Brad in Shamonge.
2Peachess received several totes of children's clothes
from Sandra in Burlington
3Peachess heard of a family in Burlington Co.
that just lost their food stamps due to husband getting
a raise.Even though his raise starts next month .This month having
no groceries made things alittle tight.Thanks to some extra
HUNGRY MAN dinners we had left over and cereal Peachess
was able to give to this family.
They were so surprised but happy.
4.A neighbor down the street from Peachess just had
a little boy and the teen did not have many items for the baby.
Peachess gave her a stroller,baby boy clothes,baby shampoo,desitin,
bottles,baby blankets and 2 pairs of booties.Her mother is not
very supportive and seems to have some issues with alcohol
5.Peachess received some cat food and dog food.She will use it
for a feral cat colony she feeds.
6.several coats were donated to a few street people with socks


 If you can help someone
give them a HAND.Together
we can make a differance.

Litter is the first sign of pollution

Remember trash should go in trash cans
It effects our wildlife.


 Today we recieved a card
from one of the Indian Reservations we helped.

Isn't it so cute!

We recieved 7 packages of Denture Cleaner

 This is the first we have recieved
such a donation.Guess because we
live in a senior citizen community
they thought we knew someone who could


Yesterday I was talking to a woman
who mentioned she hated seeing  litter
all over as we stood outside of a store.She left and I decided to pick it up.Seems like charity work can come in all forms.If we all took time to pick up litter it really can make
 a differance in our community's appearance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 boxes for the Appalachian Children

Fr John filling out labels at the desk

   donations will be sent to Rose Hart -
13 West View Lane
 Glen Dale  W.V.  26038

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Indian Reservation Struggling this Winter

 Fr John is planning on
sending some boxes of blankets
out to this Reservation.Anyone
who knows FR John knows he
trys to help wherever he hears
about children struggling.I don't
have the heart to tell him we can't save everybody.But,we know
alittle bit of help is better than none.Plus it gives people a sense
of HOPE when they are remembered.


It soon will be LENT.
LENT is the period between Ash Wednesday to
Easter Sunday,during which times Christians pray,fast
and repent their sins.The final week of LENT is called
the Holy Week,during this time the last days of Jesus's
life is observed.
Lent is Feb 13-March 30th.

Dorothy's Phone Call

Dorothy called around 4 pm and wanted to let us
know that for several families it was like Christmas
all over again.Between the frozen dinners and some
Winter clothes all were smiling ear to ear.
Dorothy mentioned 2 children of one family were
so excited that they were going to have a hot meal.
The mother said they had been eating sandwiches
and cereal for over a month.We are so happy
to hear the donated dinners were greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fr John relaxing before drop off

Frozen dinners donated

Several trucks arrived for the
Sandy Victims,but'due to the weather
they had alot of dinners left over.
Debbie heard about it and went and
asked if they could donate some
to REYS OF HOPE.They were
more than happy to load up Debbies'
truck with 35 boxes.(8 hungry man dinners in each box)

The trucks were located at Fischer Blvd,Toms River
A volunteer from Utah who
was unloading and giving out
frozen dinners

Boxes being unloaded
to give to those in need

Load of clothes for Dorothy

Scenery on the way to Hammonton.
We meet Dorothy half way when we
give her stuff.Most of these bags are coats
and boots for children. Dorothy needs
them for a local school where quite a few children do not have the proper Winter apparel.

This was taken while I was driving 50 mph
looks almost like a blurr

Meantime,Debbies' car loaded

With frozen dinners for some of
the families struggling in Dorothy's area.
Several boxes were put in our freezer
for a few families we have been helping
since the storm.
1 blanket in with boxes(guess Debbie wanted to add some color in picture,lol)

We all met up with Dorothy

Dorothy's son in grey.He practically
loaded both vehicles by himself.
Dorothy in brown with cap on & shades.
Dorothy's friend also followed her 
to meet us since we had 2 loads for Dorothy..
1 load frozen dinners 1 load winter clothes.

Meanwhile Fr John coming back from feeding the seagulls in the parking lot.