Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Thank You To: Dana & Co., Jackson

Thank you so much for your generous donation of kids clothing and outerwear - we have many kids and babies whose parents will be very grateful for these much needed items.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally we connect : ~ ) Thank you so much for the baby items, they couldn't have come at a better time. We have quite a few small ones on the way and the diapers and clothes will be put to good use.

Our Newest Children in Need

From Peaches.............newest people are a service couple with health issues for wife, baby boy due any minute and with a ten month old girl. Need to get her size but mom is in the hospital it's the baby boy they have nothing for yet. We do have some items for them and a toddler girl...size will be found out soon. Also, 15 year old pregnant due in May, sex of baby unknown as her Aunt who is raising her just found out. Unemployed couple, first child, a baby girl is due in March...even they have little to wear. A couple afraid of losing house, pregnant with a baby girl due in June; they have 2 older boys... and they are just the most recent baby people.

I need to add that Peaches never sleeps and works tirelessly to see that help goes wherever it is needed. Please, if you can, we need more donations of infant items, formula, diapers -little clothing - sleepers, onsies - please contact us and we will gladly arrange a pick up.

More Thank You's...

Thank you to Leanne from Jackson. You generous donation was more than enough to provide a weeks worth of clothing for 3 little boys - coats, pj's sweats, jeans and more!

Thank you to Barbra from Howell for her large donation of little girl clothes - which provided plenty of much needed clothing for the children of a single Dad struggling to raise his young daughters.

Thank you to my cousin Barbara and her co-workers at J&J Consumer Products for their generous donations of quilts, clothing, books, toys and more...keep up the good work Barb!! You are a super hunter and gatherer : ~ ) Also, thanks to Pat and Bonnie for circulating my emails and getting the word out AND for your donations! Pat, remember when I used to write up all your computer instructions ?? : ~ )

You know, no matter how much we distribute, the need never ends, especially in these troubled times. Everyday, more and more people are becoming victims of this economy. We greatly appreciate your kind and generous support which enables us to keep this project going. The people who receive your donations are overwhelmed by the kindness of others and the notion that someone cares.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you to G. Rice

To: G. Rice from Pilesgrove who crocheted and mailed 5 pair of baby booties to us; they are adorable and we want to thank you for thinking of us and the children we help. There will be some warm tootsies out there because of your kindness!

Drop offs between 11/25/08 to 12/31/08 or When does Peaches Sleep????

Peaches Activity Log from 11/25/08 - 12/31/08 AND she has a regular job!!!

Clothing and limited toys supplied for 2 children along with clothing for the parents in Bordentown. Only Mr is still waiting for pants. They work but with the cost of everything it's a struggle.

Baby girl clothes and carseat to brand new, medically challenged foster child

Baby saucer, High chair, swing and clothes for a baby girl in Browns Mills

Clothing for 3 children and 2 twin babies as well as limited amounts for the mom of these children, also large container of Legos and blocks for older autistic child along with toys for the other children. 1 baby saucer , 1 swing, 1 high chair and 1 carseat for the twin babies to share. Limited amount of Christmas gifts also supplied.

"Welcome to the World" gift for baby girl that does not have much in Browns Mills.

Coat for young adult male that waits outside for ride to and from work in area of Pemberton

Baby clothes and limited adult clothes for young couple in Somerdale with baby due in April. Also baby car seat, swing, saucer, crib , baby mat, bath tub and Jump-a-Roo.

Clothing and Christmas gift supplied for safe house 3 year old and her mother.

Groceries to a couple in Mt Holly..she has health issues which requires daily food and he was recently laid off

Dresser and Desk to two of four siblings in Burlington. Also a coat was supplied for both the mother and daughter. Also a toddler car seat and Christmas gifts for the children.

Clothing in size 2t and some toys and Christmas gifts were supplied for an 8m old boy in Burlington

Sisters with 3 small children in Long Branch who lost everything in an apartment fire: Clothes supplied for all....One adult size 0 and small. One adult 8/9 and med. The 2 little girls 6 to 9m, 5x-6x and the boy in 5t . Also household items, baby saucer , baby swing,car seat, toys, coats and shoes. With the help of others, Christmas and dinner was also supplied as were some additional household items

Party type dishes to a lady in Mt Holly who was not able to afford them on her own. She plans on happily inviting her family over for a holiday potluck now that she has dishes.

Young unemployed couple with 2 children in Pemberton. Very limited amount of shirts for him, clothes for her and size 2 t for the 1 yr old. Also size 7 clothes for their young son. Also able to give some needed curtains and blankets. With the help of others, Christmas gifts and a turkey was also supplied.

Single mom wears size 5/6 and med with 4 children 2 boys sizes 10 + 12 and 2 girls sizes 3 + 5 along with some toys. Also supplied this Browns Mills family with Christmas gifts.

With the help of others, Christmas was supplied to a Safe house young hi-risk pregnant mom baby girl due in January, she has one 3 year old daughter .

With the help of others, Christmas was supplied to a Single mom who has a 2 year old son and is helping to raise her 9 month old nephew in Burlington. Also a Toddler car seat and boy sizes 2 and 4t coats were supplied for the children.

Clothes supplied to man hurt and unable to work in Bordentown. He and his wife and 2 children all received clothes and the children also received some toys. With the help of others, Christmas was also supplied.

Newly divorced mom and friend living with her to share expenses in Mt Holly....between them 6 children from 2 to 16: clothes and limited toys supplied for all. With the help of others, able to supply Christmas gifts and dinner.

Couple with 5 children under 1 year to age 17 in Pemberton ....Mrs has serious health issues and can not work. Clothes supplied for Mrs and 3 daughters. Very limited clothing supplied for 3 males in house. With the help of others, able to supply them with a Christmas tree and a check. Also we got them gifts to put under the tree.

Queen sized mattress, dresser and couch to young man in his first apartment in Eastampton. Also other household items.

Pet food supplied for the week to 5 different households that could not afford to feed their pets.

Couple in Burlington county given clothing for them selves and their 3 children though the older boy could still use a few more items. Also blankets, toys and a small TV were given to them.

Clothes for a domestic violence victim and her 2 small children.

10 days worth of Baby Formula, bottles and 2 weeks worth of diapers given to three different single moms. One in Mercer and two in Burlington county.

$10 given to man in need of ride so he could take the bus home

Care packages...couple of dollars, snacks and drinks given to 3 different homeless men and one lady in Camden

10 microwave sizes boxes given to church clothing pantry that assist those in need including the homeless

Baby stroller given to walking couple with small child in Camden

Ladies business clothing given to lady in 24w in Burlington County

Donation of very limited items we could not place ( printer ink, toothbrush replacement parts, clothing with not family friendly statements on them, potporium simmer pot, etc) given to the Children Homes thrift shop in Lumberton to sell to have money for the children's home.

Coats given to homeless men in Atlantic City

A few days worth of food given to 3 different Burlington County households

Personal hygiene products given to those in transitional housing situation.

Work clothes in size 5/6 given to mom of two in Bordentown

Size 3 pants, small shirts given to single mom of two. Clothing and toys were also supplied for the children.

Older working computer given to adult that had returned to college on a loan.

Hair donation to Locks of Love to be used to make wigs for children that lost their hair thru illness or cancer treatments

Four Diabetes meters, books, information supplied to a newly diagnosed to in Bordentown, lady in Burlington . lady in Blackwood and man in Browns mills.

Large "Welcome to the World" gift basket given to teen mother of a newborn baby boy in Mount Holly.

Sleeping bags and blankets given to young couple with children in Burlington county that can not afford heating costs.

Lamps given to lady in Mt Holly that had only one light in the house which she carried from place to place as she needed it.

Karate outfit for small boy in Mercer county that was to attend a free karate class thru school but needed an outfit which they could not afford.

Sporting equipment given to high risk teen center so they would have something to keep them busy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Updates on our Families

In January, we learned of a single Dad whose wife had abandoned him and his 2 children. He has been struggling to keep a roof over their heads and provide for their daily needs. The children had outgrown all their clothes and that caused even more stress. On January 19th we dropped off several bags of new clothing, and coats for him. Then thanks to a large donation from Barbra of Howell, we were able to provide much more of what they needed. That donation supplied gloves, hats, pajamas, and lots more clothes. The Dad was very happy and shocked that someone would offer such help. His kids had never ever had a new item in their entire lives. This is what makes this project of ours worth every minute!! Our donors from J&J are currently working on a collection of warm weather clothes for them.

-Our newest family is a service couple. The wife has health issues and is expecting a baby boy who is due any minute. They also have a 10 month old girl whose size we still need but the mom is in the hospital. They have nothing for the baby boy. We have some items for them but not enough.

-We also have a pregnant 15 year old due in May. Sex of baby unknown.

-An unemployed couple whose first child, a girl, is due in March.

-A couple afraid of losing their house pregnant with baby girl due in June. They have 2 older boys.

The economy is hurting so many. Please contact us if you can help in any way. We can arrange a pick up that is convenient for you.

Our Truck and More Thank You's

Thanks to the generosity of Tony V. we now have 4 new tires for our little truck. Pat and Fr. John say they are thrilled to death to be driving on them - especially with the weather we're having. No more "drive slow and pray" : ) We also want to thank the guys at Red Lion Express Lube for donating most of the cost and labor for installation of our tires. Thank you Danny and Keith!

From Pat: Frank thanked us for hooking him up with Danielle(one of our regular donors)as she is in the middle of moving and gave him some much needed furniture. All he had to do was get a pick up truck and pick the stuff up.

We would also like to thank the Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library at 94 Main Street, Vincentown, NJ for putting up some of our flyers and handing them out to a few of their customers.

Thank you to Valenzano Winery for allowing us to put a write-up in their monthly newsletter. We received a large donation of baby clothes from a woman who read about us in their newsletter.