Monday, November 22, 2010

Newest Christmas Family - PLEASE READ

Here's a family that could really use some help - their Dad died from cancer and the Mom has ankylosing spondolytis- not sure what that is - but it is disabling.  One of her twins has pancreatitis and is in constant pain.  She told us they would like to have shoes that have no holes in them and I then asked her for a wishlist for them - this is what she wrote:

Good Morning Susan, my twins will be 12 a week from today. It was hard for me to ask them what they would dream of for Christmas.   They just want us to have a place to live.. security.  Getting them to dream past that was difficult for them.  They did open up about a few things they would like.. 

Ryan is a 61/2 boys shoe an 11/12 pants and med-lrg 10/12 shirt. 

Richy is a size 8 shoes an 18 husky pant and xl 16/18 shirt.

Aside from basic shoes and clothes, they love playing in the snow but don't have snow boots or pants. We are Catholic and Ryan uses my rosary every night to help get through his pain from pancreatitis.  He is asking for a rosary and real prayer book as well as a cross necklace. He also does oragami but needs oragami paper. we have no board games and both always says they would like the games Clue and Monopoly Deal. Lastly he really likes Large Jawbreakers.  Richy wants snow boots and clothes as well as the games that Ryan wants.  We have an old PS2 that works sometimes. but we have very few games. Both boys say they dream of a Gamestop gift card so they could go pick out a used game. Richy likes bubbletape gum and would like a gift card to Wawa or anywhere.  One time he got a gift card from Wawa and was so happy when we ran out of milk and I had no money, he was like a big guy and said "mom, Ill take care of it, here's my Wawa card." I appreciate anything that your organization could do.  My boys need to be kids and let me take care of the big stuff.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Fr. John

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Hope you had a wonderful day!! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank You From Us

Our heartfelt thanks to Lorrie and Tim from Lakehurst and Jeannie and Peter from Kensington, MD for their continued financial support.  Your generous donations make it possible for us to continue our mission of serving those in need.

God Bless,
Fr. John Bellezza

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Additions to the Christmas Families List


Family 11
Young Mom with two autistic boys, ages 2 and 5 (More info coming)
ages 2 and 5 years old.
2 yr old likes to build things with blocks or large size legos  also likes to color   soft like puzzles
5 yr old likes things that lights up  tools like plastic saw and hammer
both boys love anything to do with Teletubbies  and barney
like books with pictures  and dinosours
different  size objects are useful in their therapy such as balls,bowling ball plastic pins etc

Family 12:
Woman with 5 children, has not yet given us the sizes or requests;  only that they would like a turkey and stuffing they have not celebrated holidays in over 2 yrs.  But because they are now going to have custody of a relatives 2 children they want to make the holiday special if we can help. (More info to come)
Here's the requests for this family:
12 yr old girl  size 2/3 juniors
14 yr old girl  size 14/16 clothes
they both like bubble baths,body sprays,perfumes,jewelry and coloring drawing .anything to do with art
boy wears size 12/14 likes music that's cool,board games, football, mystery books, Weird NJ magazine found at Barnes n Noble book store
4 yr old girl likes barbie,loves dress up as princess,educational toys she is very interested in learning,candyland game ,old maid card game,making things in craft department like coloring butterflys and hanging up in moms windows so sun shines threw.Likes pretty scarfs and gloves to wear even when the weather is not cold.

Family 13:
single mom with 10 yr old son
10 yr wants anything to do with being  a doctor and he likes model cars
mom would like perfume

Family 14
single mom with 4 children
4 yr old girl wants a barbie doll and a game
6 yr old girl wants lip gloss,coloring books with colored pencils,1 pretty dress for Sunday School size 6
8 yr old boy wants transformers  and a blanket for his twin bed
14 yr old boy wants a skateboard ,Walkman,battleship type games

Family 15
mom with 2 children and small dog
1 bag of dog bones
mom would like bathroom supplies such as soap,bubble bath etc
3 yr old boy  size 4 clothes,likes anything to do with trucks and dinosours
11 yr old boy likes board games and educational type toys,wants to be a scientist when he grows up or astronaut

Family 16:
has 7 children still working on what they would like
mom due in Dec having fraternal twins

Family 17: 
single dad with son
dad would like shaving supplies
4 yr old son wants pjs and robe  size 4 and candy cane from Santa Claus
he also likes anything to do with animals in a zoo

Family 18:
Young couple with 3 year old girl.  Struggling, Mom lost her job, Dad has reduced hours
3 year old - learning toys, books, a Barbie, coloring stuff.
Mom is tall and slim - 5'10" 130 lbs  needs clothes for winter, size med/lg because of length - would like pants/shirts
Dad is 36-38/30 jeans, med/large shirts

May the Love and peace of Christ our savior be with you always
Fr. John Bellezza

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recently Donated Items for our Families

Here are a couple of pictures of items donated to us.  The first is a large quantity of Desitin - which we ALWAYS need:
Thanks So Much!! 

 This next picture is a bunch of Xmas items made by another of our donor families.  They are so cute!
Thank you, Lorrie and Tim for your continued support of our organization.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mom Needs Clothes for her Toddler

Pat sent this to me today.  Can anyone help with clothing for this little guy?   Boys' clothing is so hard to come by. I've edited it for brevity - but the basics are here. 

We are looking for any 3t and 4t clothing for a little boy. He is 3 and a half now and is growing out of everything that his Mom has. He has about 4 pair of jeans(all 3t's)and just the other day she went to put him in one of those pairs and they were too short on him.  She is currently an out of work single mom just trying to get by right now. She gets no financial help from anyone. She can use anything for him for the winter.  He needs pants, winter hat, scarf and gloves, any thermals if possible right now. Sneakers and boots(sz 9-10). Anything is fully appreciated.

Thank You and God Bless!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Acme stores are selling frozen turkeys 12-22 pounds or so, for 39 cents per pound!  It was advertised in their flyer - but not posted on the store window.  All the Acmes in our area are participating in the sale.  Sale ends on Thanksgiving and then they will be 1.49/per pound.

If you need a bird - this is an incredible deal!  YUM, YUM!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are in need of new small toys, coloring books, crayons, Golden Books, story books, mittens, gloves, little stuffed animals - things that will help us fill Christmas stockings, provide other small gifts and needed items for our families.

We can also use toiletries for adults - shaving cream, shampoos, shaving items, etc. 

Please contact us if you can help - Christmas is around the corner - 

Many Thanks and God Bless,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turkey Bird Request

We have numerous requests for Turkey Baskets for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  If you or anyone you know can donate a frozen turkey or canned ham - please contact us.

Does anyone know where we can go to buy them at wholesale or have them donated from a poultry supplier or grocery??  

Too many are hungry - please think of that when you sit down to a table loaded with food.   How little would it take to put food on someone else's plate???  This is terribly important to me - thanks for "listening" :~)

God Bless,