Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today is Halloween

 If you take
children out please
be careful.Alot of trees are
down.And traffic lights
are still not working
at alot of places.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A BIG THANKS & list of Chrismas families taken

family 4, 9 & 11 taken
family 12,13,14 &15 taken
A doctor in Lakewood
donated $50 for Christmas toys
today-Oct 26/12

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ages 8,10 & 12.Any toys would be nice
since they no longer have any.Lost in Storm.
Mom wants tioletries with 14 yr old son on unemployment
son wants 1 game for playstation
14.elderly couple would like a comforter
for their queen bed(bed was donated to them)
They live on one social security check
13-mom with set of 6 yr old twin girls
and a 9 yr old girl(father died recently
girls would all like games and nail polish
with stickers for nails
12-struggling mom with 2 children.
Father left when daughter was
diagnosed with Down Syndrome.
da-6 yrs  likes dolls and bubble baths
son-8 yrs old is autistic and seems to
like blankets and soft trucks
mom would like perfume
11-single mom with 1 yr old daughter
needs shoes size 5   needs size 5 diapers
needs a childs blanket & Dad
mom no longer works
dad barely making ends meet
dad would like after shave
mom would like a nice necklace
8 yr old boy  likes wrestling and wears size 8 clothes
6 yr old girl is a girly girl likes dress up,jewelry and art
9.Autistic boy with single mom
8 yr old boy usually rocks in corner
however when he hears or see a fire truck
he gets all excited.Will look out the window
and watches for it.Mom would like
him to have his own firetruck.Due to no social
skills he has no friends with a 4 yr old boy and infant boy
mom would like anything to make her feel
4 yr old boy loves blocks,logs and cars
infant boy any toy for 6 mos old
7.Mom ,dad with 5 children
lost house they were living in,starting over
with the help of food stamps and welfare
mom wants a robe size medium
dad unable to work at this time due to damage in right
shoulder,arm and lower back.He asked for nothing.
boy 16 yrs wants cool games,size 16 regular sweat pants
boy 14 yrs wants anything to do with sports,even a blankets
with sports on it,sports cards and the INVADER(whatever that is)
daughter 11 yrs needs a coat size 10,barbie house and doll,
daughter 8yrs wants boots size 11,umbrella,Hannah Montana stuff
and Furly
daughter 4 yrs old needs size 3t coat,boots size 11
wants a pet pillow and anything fisher price with a 9 yr old son
mom died of Cancer
dad would like cologne and socks
9 yr old son likes trucks and airplanes
5.single mom with 10 children
husband was killed
would like makeup for older daughters
(light skinned black family-tan)
puzzles for boys and girls
2 black barbies
games for boys
sports related items for boys also
NOTE*They do things as a family
and share their toys etc.
4.grandpa wants to get Christmas gifts for grandkids
he is on a small income and never seems to be
able to afford items for holidays or
their birthdays.
7 yr old boy likes trains and wants a cool watch
4 yr old girl wants barbie doll and doll house
3 yr old girl wants a doll that talks

3.Paralyzed man and girlfriend with medical problems
man would like a grabber so he could reach things
on floor.(paralyzed from waist down)also an electric
razor because his hand shakes to much with razor blade
girlfriend would like a nice perfume
2.single mom with 5 children
girl 15 yrs old-makeup,likes art and jewelry
girl 8 yrs old likes girly girl stuff and games
boy 12 yrs old-likes trains and sports games
boy 3 yrs old likes cars and blocks
boy 18 mos.any toy
all children need gloves
mom would like perfume or a jewelry box with one piece
of jewelry with 2 daughters and 1 son
5 yr old daughter wants a black barbie and a dora toy
4 yr old son wants big leggos and control cars
10 yr old daughter wants a black barbie,nail polish,hair accessory's
and a game
mom wants a robe size 3 or 4 x

Monday, October 22, 2012

Think of Father Johns kids this holiday

 We could use some toys
for the 3 projects Dorothy
is doing.Several families
Peachess is doing in Trenton
and Burlington Co.Any
toy is better than none.
Will post our families
by Wednesday. THANKS

Enjoy the beautiful Autumn colors

Now  that it is getting chilly
we need coats and gloves for the children

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Fr. John is home
from the hospitol.

Home since 6pm,yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas list will be posted later on this week

Thank yous

Kathleen of Whiting donated
some household items
Debbie donated 2 black dolls
that she bought while visiting
a relative in Florida
John from Whiting bought
some new toy trucks to be put aside
for Christmas.

We appreciate it.THANKS!

The Value differs per bag for Tax Reciepts

Black garbage bag full of items
is counted as 80 dollars

 white kitchen bag full
of items is counted
as 60 dollars

However,if items have been itemized on a sheet
of paper we then follow a Value Guide List.Similar
to the one other charities have.Construction bag
full of items is counted as 100 dollars

Bath towels & comforter for bed donated

Recent donations

These dolls will be put aside
for Christmas.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Items delivered

 The family was very
moved by the lady
who donated items
to them.The one daughter
liked the handmade ribbon
barrettes the best.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A new familys request

Dorothy talked with a young boy
who asked her if she could get
his mom real spoons and forks.
He is tired of using McDonalds
plastic spoons & forks.He also
asked if the family could have some
blankets for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dorothy's Christmas Wish 4 Children in Projects

Dorothy is planning on
doing 2 projects in Camden
again this year.And 1 poor section
in Sicklerville.After taking a
survey of the children's Christmas
requests it comes out like this.
The majority of boys first requests
were guns,knives or arrows.Because
we do not give out anything related
to violence Dorothy told them they would
need to think of something else.Their
responses 15 boys wanted sports related gifts,
such as sports cards,sports games & even sports blankets.
3 boys wanted big trucks,4 boys wanted transformers
2 toddlers wanted blocks. Total boys-24
Girls requests were dolls and crafts.Broken down
Dorothy would need 25 black dolls,3 Spanish looking dolls,
2 white barbie dolls,3 crafts and 1educationel toy
for toddler girl. total girls-34
(note*children are a product of their environment,do
you think if these boys lived somewhere else guns,knives
and arrows would of been their first request???
We ask for new toys for Christmas.The majority
of these children also need gloves.
   TOTAL CHILDREN of 3 projects 58.
Not sure how many of these requests we
can fill but we will try our best with the help
of Santas elves.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Peachess has been busy

Besides work she tries to
squeeze in sorting and delivering
items to those with alot less.
Past week she delivered new
colored copy paper about
10 bundles .Lots of lotions,
large bag of toys to the Ronald McDonald
house.They appreciated it very much.Alot
of their toys have been there for years and are
alittle worn.
  She emptied a house by herself
that a man told her she was free to take
whatever she could use.His house
is in foreclosure.
  Did several drop offs to
3 families struggling in Burlington Co.
  Did 2 drop offs in Trenton areas
poor section
  Fed some feral cats and recieved
items from a woman in Browns Mills.

Fr John back in hospitol

 Has an infection after a few days on
IV antibotics he should be as
good as new

Waiting at Chicken Filet parking lot in Howell

Howell woman donated
so many items to be given to
family who lost everything
due to late paying storage fee.

The girls will definately
have some nice school
clothes to wear now.

 And look at the shoes this lady
also donated to us


 This sweet lady has
been making us baby
booties for 3 Christmas's
now.And she has already
started knitting some for this

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pick ups this weekend

Dominic from Forked River
donated several large bags
of clothes for girls and men.
Robin from Howell donated
several bags of girl clothes
for family we met half way
last week.The girls now will
have some school clothes


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debbie donated 7 sets of plates

The plates were each a setting
of six.We donated these 7 sets to
six familys.2 of the families
mentioned they were eating
on paper plates.
We also gave 3 differant children
some Dora items.

If we only had 4 doll bodies

 We could have 4 dolls
if we knew how to sew.
These doll faces were someones
left over crafts.They did not
even come with hair.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The holidays are just
around the corner.Please
consider helping a local
charity if not ours.Or give
to your local food pantry.
Quite a few people have
charities dear to their
hearts.Some give to the Veterans
Association because a family
member was a vet.Or maybe
they lost a loved one to Cancer,
so they donate to a Cancer foundation.
  Whatever one you choose
remember you will not only be helping
someone but making a differance.
A positive one.
If everyone thought more about
others than their selves the world
would be such a nicer place to live in.
We have seen first hand how
donations have brought tears of joy
to those whom are struggling.
Please consider helping someone!


We would like to thank
Suzan from Plumsted &
our silent volunteer for
the children clothes.These
items will go to good
Also would like to
thank Debbie for
the 2 black dolls.Now
all we need is 18 more.
Hopefully we will get the
20 by Christmas.
note*we have 3 black doll
faces but none of us know
exactly how to make
dolls out of them.I never
did learn to sew.Wonder if
any child would notice the body
is missing,lol

Contact Info for Donations

I just tried unsuccessfully to reply to a comment regarding donations for this most recent family - our email address is - we are located in Whiting, NJ.  Please email us with your contact information and Fr. John or Pat will get back to you to arrange a pick-up.  

Thank you for caring. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sizes needed for Family we met half way

Brandon  age 16  size 16 regular  7  1/2 shoe
Norman age 14  size 16 regular    5  1/2 shoe
Brittany  age 11  size 10 regular   3 shoe
Madison  8 years   size 8/10      11 shoe
Alyssa   age 4  size 3t     7 shoe(toddler

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Todays drop off met the family 1/2 way

Birthday present for
16 yr old boy cake
and watch

Father taking items
out of car.Noticed
he could not use his
other arm.He mentioned
he had pinched nerve
in neck & back area
and would need surgery
for reuse of right arm.
This cute little girl
helped with items.
Her hair needed
brushing but mother stated
all their personal belongings
they lost in storage.Even
brush and comb.They were
only 3 weeks behind on payment
for storage shed when auctioned off.

Whole family had sandals
or flip flops on with socks.
Children all had clothes on that
appeared to big for them.

note*Children have not
been going to school due to no school supplies.Happy to say we gave them
school supplies,back packs and a few clothes.Thanks to everyone who
donated to us.We will be putting this family on our Christmas
List for 2012

Debbie bought a cake for todays drop off

Mother of 5 asked if we could help them
        with food
even just cereal and
a cake mix for her 1 sons

Friday, October 5, 2012

Anyone can make a differance in someone's life

 Treat others as you
would like to be
treated.And if you
have extra-SHARE

Theres nothing nicer than seeing a SMILE

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweat pants,slacks and toys donated

Lady from Toms River donated this

 Suppose to be good
for childs coordination

6 Wooden type puzzles donated

Bubblegum toy and pink chair donated

Talk about big feet

 We recieved size 14 dress shoes.
Not sure when they will
ever be donated.In fact I dont
think I have ever seen a man
who wears size 14.  lol

Debbie goes overboard

 Debbie read where
the man who lost an
eye wanted an eye patch.
So she made three.And
instead of me taking 3
pictures of each differant eye patch
                                                    we took one  picture of 3 eye
 patches.As you can see by Debbie modeling them