Monday, July 26, 2010

Our "Go To Guy" - Jack

Often when Peaches is working, delivering, sorting or doing drop off's,   Jack gives a hand with pick ups and deliveries.  Jack usually helps whenever there are people in need in the Pemberton area since he lives closer, while Peaches can do the ones further away.  Jack also drops off  items for Fr. John and Pat when they have a request in the Browns Mills Pemberton area.  Another good thing Jack does is store items at his home  so if FR John, Pat, Peaches or Krystal needs something, we can always get in touch with him and see if he has what we need.  His location is in the middle,  and its about the same distance for Peaches or us to drive over and get them.   He has even been known to help sort clothes on an occasion :~)  He also helps when we have problems with our truck - not to mention - accompanying Peaches on her many road trips to pick up items that have been donated.  We love him!  Thanks Jack - for all that you do!!

Susan's Drop Off

Suzann donated  a child's baby-doll carriage set with dolls and stuffed animals, along with brand new size 3T clothes and shoes for a woman who just became the caregiver to her 3 year old niece. 

We Do Accept Donations of Toys

Please, if you have toys to donate - keep us in your thoughts.  We are more than happy to accept toy donations for our kids as long as they are gently used and in good working condition.  Please email us to arrange a pick up at your convenience.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here's an Interesting Link from Pat

We've been getting lots of inquiries from people moving to NJ and wanting to know about kids activities, etc.  Pat found a website called MomsLikeMe  - this link takes you to the Jersey Shore Moms discussion group - lists all sorts of events and such.  Check it out - let us know what you think. 


AOL posts jobs weekly - To9p 10 Companies hiring now - you can also search by geographic location.  Check it out - AOL Job Search

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Desperately Needed for Toddler

We have a request from a woman who just became the caregiver to a 3 year old girl whose Mother passed away.  She needs clothing - all kinds in size 3T, also a toddler bed and bedding, a dresser and some "girlie" toys for the little one.  I have a doll stroller set and baby doll all ready to go -thanks to my little Sophia :~)   If any of you can help with these items, please let us know.  We will arrange to pick your items up promptly as this child has very little.

A Message From Peaches - Our Tireless Worker

Hello everyone!!  Sorry I haven't written.  Unfortunately, I had a broken computer then no computer for quite awhile.  As soon as I bought a new computer,  the cable decided it wouldn't  work.  They have been fixing it almost daily for about 2 months.  Since it has been working 40 of the last 48 hours I decided now is the time to write. 

First let me say, each and every single day of the past year has been spent doing Reys of Hope work.   That includes pick-ups, drop-offs, sorting and of course even more sorting and boxing up items.  There has NOT been one day or night in the past year and beyond where there has been an exception to that rule.

Wanting to make sure everyone knew how much we appreciated their donations and what becomes of them once we get them,  I had kept very very detailed records of every donation and help offered to another.  I had decided that way after 6 months I would post a detailed thank you and drop off entry here on the blog.   It would be very long but that fact alone would make for an interesting read…  I spent a little time everyday for 6 weeks putting it in an easy to read format which totaled almost 50 pages.  I saved them and readied them to send to our Suzan to post.   As luck would have it, the day I decided it was finally ready I opened the computer to find it unable to boot up. Turns out my computer would never work again.  I tried data recovery and discovered my hard drive was fried and the stuff was gone.  I have started keeping the records again in a calendar book as of July 1, 2010.   I will be sure to send it every month so that this sort of situation does not happen ever again.

Beyond that I do hope that each and every one of you that donates to us realizes (even with out your names being posted here due to the computer issues) that without you there would be no Reys of Hope.    We may be the ones that get the items where they need to go but only because you donate them.  Together we are touching people and changing lives.   We are dressing those that would never have multiple outfits if not for donations.  In the case of new babies, we are the reason that some  have any clothing at all, not to mention a crib to sleep in, a stroller to be pushed in, and a high chair to sit in; giving clothing so children are not embarrassed to attend school, so adults can go to work in more then the same 3 or 4 outfits they have, keeping others in seasonal clothes so they are warmer or cooler then they would have been.   When we do get food donations, they allow us to give to those  that would go to  bed hungry if not for that food.   With pet food donations,  we are able to feed pets so they can continue to be kept in a house where they are loved instead of the pound where chances are they will never get out alive.  

I could go on and on but instead I will simply say …You the donors ARE Reys of Hope.  You are the reason we can give hope and help to others.  Without you Reys of Hope would be nothing more then a good idea in the minds of a small group of people.  Thank you for making Reys of Hope a success story and for helping us to help others ~ your efforts make more of a difference then one note could ever explain~Peaches

Monday, July 12, 2010

BJ's Hiring Part Time Workers

As of July 9, 2010 - BJ's in Toms River is looking for part time workers.

From Krystal - Our Outreach Coordinator

I wanted to let everyone know that I am still here.   I had to take a little bit of time off from working full force because of surgeries I’ve had and am still having.  I am still indeed here and helping - just on a slower level until I’m healed up.

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve done in the past couple months.

1.   Found a twin bed for a family in Palmyra
2.  Gave 2t boys clothing ( summer clothing) to a family in need from sewell
3.  Helped a family in need with sizes 4t girls ( summer) 10-12 boys with a church shirt and a few summer shirts
4.  Helped a family with two televisions fom palmyra
5.  Helped a family with toys for their four year old boy.
6.  Gave a couple grocery bags filled with food to a family in need from Camden County
7.  Helped a family with baby girls clothing, and simillac advanced formula
8.  Gave a car seat infant seat to a family from Voorhees
9.  A South Jersey women was given size small/medium clothing in business and casual attire 
The family was also given a couple of mens suits and a filing cabinet
10. Size 4-6 womens business clothing and a jacket given to a family in need in GLoucester County.

I was only able to list the past month or so at the moment. Will add more shortly.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nikisha and Fr. John

Here are a couple of pictures of Nikisha, her son and Fr. John.  Nikisha heard about our work and knew of some people who needed help.  She contacted Fr. John and he and Pat delivered the items she requested.  Another angel - caring about others.  Thank you Nikisha - 

Monday, July 5, 2010


We need canned food and cereal for two of our Moms.  They recently moved to new areas of Ocean County and apparently when that happens - you have to re-apply for your food stamps. Until the new caseworker for your area can get your request processed, you have no way to purchase food.  Father John bought food for one woman - we still need food for another woman and her children.  Please note we do not have a cash fund for this stuff - when we have people in need and need to buy stuff - we each of use our own resources.  We have arrangements with some of our local foodbanks - but as you can see by our prior post - the food banks are going to be overworked due to cuts in funding.

We do not collect food as a rule - but in these cases we need to make exceptions - please help if you can - a gift from a supermarket would also be a help.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

FYI - One More Comment -

I have to say that Father John, Pat and the other woman have really saved the day again.  I first met them when Christmas Presents were delivered to my 2 daughters, and even one for myself.   Now 7 months later, I was in desperate need of food for my children.   I met with them today to pick up bags of groceries for myself and kids.   Even a few toys for my girls.   Honestly, in my time of need I really thought I didn't have anyone to turn to.   But here were Pat and Father John making everything so much better for me.   Please everyone,  support their organization and donate!! I really can't say thank you enough times!!

Thanks Dawn for the kind words.  We are ALWAYS happy to be able to help in times of need.  Please, to our donors, - if you can make a monetary donation we would be extremely grateful.  If you have items to donate - we are still extremely grateful.  Just contact us to arrange a pick - or go to our Paypal button for monetary donations.

Please Read - From Dawn

This comment from Dawn was left on one of our Job Listings Post - makes a lot of sense - check it out.  Thanks Dawn!!

As a single mother myself,  I have been attending online college. They have financial aid, and you also receive Pell Grants. Check out University of Phoenix and Ashford University.  Stay at home and earn your degree. It's not a scam and its great for everyone not only single mothers. Just trying to pass it on!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


FYI - Besides Helping Hands Pantry in New Eygpt there is also a food pantry at the Thrift Shop in Bricktown, located at 236 Brick Blvd.,  hours are 10-2 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

June 17/10-July 1/10 has been a busy time.  There are many people who have been foreclosed and have moved to apartments or in  with someone and they need household items such as towels, linens, pots and pans,  silverware, small appliances etc..  We have gotten quite a few requests for them but have not been able to provide since we have a shortage of these items.  PLEASE, if you are able to donate any such items, we are happy to arrange a pick up schedule at your convenience.

We dropped off a crib, walker,  diaper pail, potty chair, toys, baby bumper guard for crib, crib mattress, crib sheets and some clothes for a baby girl who often stays with her grandma.   The parents are 20 yrs old and are struggling to raise 2 small children, an infant and a 2 yr old.  The grandmother was extremely grateful and gave hugs for her appreciation - as she thought we only helped the parents of the our children  - not the other caregivers.  She even let Fr John hold and walk around with the baby girl (LOL).   He is such a natural with children.  The baby was quite interested in his beard :~) 

Friday we have 2 pick ups, Saturday supposed to get a half a car load of clothes -  hopefully they will be in season.   Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week we have drop offs.  As you can tell,  Reys of Hope is still thriving and keeping us busy.  Our ability to continue our good work is only thru the help of our generous donors.  God Bless!

PS- Pictures coming - check back soon!  Donate goods if you can - the need is greater than ever.  Whoever said our economy is on the upswing hasn't spoken to the families that come to us for help.