Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please Read - Can You Help??

These economic times are so troubling to me.  There are so many families in need due to no fault of their own and the holiday season is especially hard for them.  We received this just yesterday - if you can help us help this family - in any way,  please contact us.  We plan to do whatever we can to help them. 

> To:
> Subject: Attn: Reys of Hope--In need of a Christmas miracle
> To Whom It May Concern:

> I am writing this email in concern for Christmas for my family. I have written and/or called many organizations requesting some help for Santa.  My husband and I have five children,3 girls ages 16, 13, and 6; and twin boys age 4.  Three of our children believe in Santa BUT unfortunately in order to keep at a least food in their belly and a roof over their heads, we need to struggle to pay the bills.  One of the local toy program groups were very rude and said that they cannot add my children to their list.  We have been refused by local churches and other charity groups, they all stated they were overwhelmed.   And I am sure that this is so however,I am giving up hope that any place can help out and give my children at least some kind of miracle.  We are not asking for much,  just something to place under the tree or stockings.  My husband is currently unemployed, has been for almost two years, and I just graduated college and can't get a job.  I work part-time at a cafeteria in town.  This is very depressing, our twin boys birthday is Dec. 4th and again nothing, we do get foodstamps so I can get food for my family and at least birthday cakes or make one.  I saw your ad on craigslist asking for people to give to your cause.   I was wondering if you could help us or possibly know of anyone who could help.  We are not asking for anything fancy, we are not asking for gift cards or cash.  We are not trying to take advantage, we just need a little help just to make our children have alittle happiness on that day.  I hate that Christmas is so commercial as it places alot of pressure on families who cannot compete with other families who are well-off.  Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this.  I know that this is a busy time for your organization and the good that you do for single parents, women and children. God bless

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thank You For Donna!

This per Fr. John:  " Donna gave me a lot of knitted hats, gloves and jackets. Like new.  She always comes through for me.   God bless".

Thank you Donna!! 

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Note About Our Christmas Families

Just a note based on a request by Peaches - our Director of Operations - We have three groups serving South Jersey/Delaware Valley and beyond; Pat & Fr. John, Peaches and Krystal.  That means we will have three distinct lists of families from each of these general areas.  Since Peaches list was put up first - and I omitted it - I am now asking that anyone who has donations for the families on her list to contact her directly at pncchy@yahoo.comWhen I put up Pat and Fr. John's list - which will be in the next day or so - it will also include a link to their email address, same with Krystal.  This will enable us to better track what donations go to what families and allow us to direct your donation to the family you specify - if that is your wish.  

So far, I believe we have about 40 families - we'll have more when Krystal puts her needs in.  So if we can break it down by volunteer it will be much easier to manage.  Thank you for your continued support.  We hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful and filled with love and family!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You for the Beautiful Cribs!!

Nov 10/09:  FR John and Pat picked up 2 beautiful cribs from a family that lives on Middle Lane in Howell.  One is going to a family Krystal is helping.  The other is for an Ocean County mom.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

More Thank Yous from Us!

Thank you to Pam from Manasquan for children's rocking chairs to be given to St Clair's Home for sick children.

We also want to thank Donna from New Hope, Pa.  for all the toys you donated for Christmas.

A HUGE Thank You to the Red Dragon Canoe Club!

They collected so much food that it filled up Fr. John's SUV!  How awesome is that?!?!?!  Thank you so very much - it has already been distributed to our families.

Fr. John Makes Hospital Calls

Fr. John DOES make hospital visits -

Our Newest Angels

Our 17 year old Mom sent us these pictures of her new little twins.  They are too cute, check out the head of hair on her baby girl!!  They are so sweet!  That little guy already has the nicest eyes. 

Thank You for the Rockers

Thank you to Joann from Bayville and Susan from Plumsted (that's me!!) for the rockers for St. Clair's.  They are badly needed to comfort the little ones in their care.  See the pics in the post below for Pat and Fr. John and the rockers.  They've collected several for pickup by St. Clair's on November 28th.  It's still not too late to donate one if you can.

Testing the Rockers for St. Clair's

Fr. John and Pat doing  a "Safety Check" on a couple of rockers for St. Clair's.....SMILE.  Fr. John looks very comfortable - I think maybe that rocker was made for him....hmmmmmm

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Thank You to Us!!

This per Fr. John: Here is a nice thank you we just recieved after giving them Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts tonight.

Hi, I am Cliff and just amazed at what you gave my wife and kids for the holidays. I thank you very much for everything. GOD BLESS YOU!.  I will try to spread the word of your work.

Thank you again,

Cliff, Denise and family
God Bless

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 20 Christmas Families from Peaches

This is a long posting:

Here are just 20 of our families that could use a helping hand at Christmas. ALL of these families are struggling with affording basic, clothes and heat.  Christmas is a holiday out of reach for all of them. Anything you could do to help make even one of their holidays brighter would be appreciated beyond words. If you would like to donate a Christmas gift(s) specifically to one of our families, please provide us with the family's number (1 - 20)  and which member and we will be sure to make that happen within days of receiving them from you ....thank you from all of us at Reys of Hope.
NOTE:  We believe children should have dolls of their own skin color which is the ONLY reason we are posting the race/skin color of our families. 

Sadly, there are many more such families - if you can help us in any way - with financial donations or toys/gifts - PLEASE contact us.

Family #1 Black Dolls
Mom escaped in March with her children after 7 years of physical abuse, him hunting her down and bringing her back, guns, etc. Her children have not had Christmas in years. She also discovered she was pregnant (he raped her) and gave birth to a baby boy last month. She hears thru her network that he continues to search for her but for today and hopefully forever, he will not find her.

She wears woman's  size 11/12 bottoms , M or L tops size 8 shoe
Her son age 16 wears size adult 32 or 34 bottoms , M tops size 10 1/2 shoe likes art
Her one daughter  age 15 size adult 3/4 bottoms , S tops size 8 shoe likes to read
Her other daughter age 13 size adult 5/6 or 7/8 bottoms , M tops size 8 shoe likes to make clothing
Next daughter age 11 size kids 12 or 14 bottoms , M or L tops size 4 kid shoe likes games and dolls
Youngest daughter  age 7 size kids 6 or 7 bottoms , S or M tops size 12 kid shoe likes dolls and any other toys.
Baby son age 1mo. size baby 6/9mo.   They are still in need of household things like pots and pans
FAMILY  #2 Bi-racial Black/White Dolls
Just moved from a safe house where they lived for more then a year to their own place :)  Young mom of 2 little girls.

Mom wears XL/12-14_ size (top), XL/Long/20-22_ size (bottom),shoes size 9-9 1/2_ shoe size
Little girl age 4 1/2   M/6-7 size (top and bottom) shoe size 12 now...sure 13 in less then 6 months. She likes  coloring (crayons/coloring books), puzzles, Bratz, Barbies, Disney Princess', Legos
Baby girl 10 months old in NOv 09 wears  9-12mos_ size (top /bottom) shoe size 3
LIKES OR HOBBIES- anything age appropriate for 12mos/1yr old babies.
PET IN HOUSE..1 cat, HUGE 23lbs, Female,needs collar, and cat food (she eats Purina Indoor dry cat food). housewares needed..
FAMILY #3 Caucasian Dolls
Young STRUGGLING couple of a little girl..
age 20  wears a size S or XS shirt pants size 3 shoes 7
8 month old baby girl anything above 9 m ( 12 m+best bet)
The Dad wants only for his family.
Pregnant Mom, sex of child unknown at this time; due in March after being told could have no more. Dad just lost his job about a month ago due to lack of work..Household consists of 3 young boys.

Adult :25/F  lrg-xl shirts..pants she has no idea as her belly is growing..
Adult:26/Male shirts XL..pants 38x34
Child: 6/Male  6/7 shirts..7 2...likes superheros...puzzles (those wooden ones)....arts and crafts...dragons
Child:3/Male   4t shirts...4t pants ( need bad) 13....likes dragons and
Child:2/Male    2/M 2-3T shirts...2-3T elmo...dancing/music....anything that makes noise and balls..loves to color/paint
Animals: 2 cats...medium sized..
FAMILY #5 Caucasian Dolls
Young mother of 4 died in tragic car crash several months back after asking if her baby was ok. Baby who was buckled in her car seat survived the accident. Dad is raising them while trying to work fulltime and pay for the bills, their care and everything else.

Dad only cares that the kids have something on Christmas morning:
boy 6 - size 8-10
girl 4 - size 5-6
girl 14 mos -size 24; diapers sz 3-4
girl 4 months - sz 6-9 months, diaper sz 2
Diapers, formula and clothes are needed.  The infant is on stage 2 baby food and Similac formula.
FAMILY #6 Hispanic/Latina Dolls
Mom with serious heart condition raising 2 little girls alone.

Daughter is 8 wears a teen 16-16.5 bottom...14/16 top shoe size girl 4.5
Baby girl 9-12 months winter
Mom 18 pants and xl shirts shoe size 10
FAMILY #7 - Caucasian Dolls
Single mom of three little girls  BARELY  making it. She wears pants 7/8 medium shirts shoe size 7w .
Child Female age 2 1/2 size 3t  shoe size 9 1/2 regular or 9w.  She likes trains and dolls
Child Female age 8 size 7/8 medium clothes shoe size .2 1/2 regular or 2w She likes arts and crafts, reading, playing house and school
Child Female age 10 size 12 1/2 plus pants or xl and 16 1/2 tops or xxl clothes, shoe size 6 1/2 regular or 6 wide

FAMILY #8 Black Dolls
Mom of two girls, one boy. She wears a 30-32 woman and is in need of clothes for herself.

Baby girl  wears 9-12m, shoe size 2
Girl age 6  wears size 7, shoe size 13
Boy wears size 12,  shoe size mens  5
Toys:  baby safe for 9m and above; little girl likes dress up and coloring.
Boy likes basketball and football the most.


Single mom of a little boy could use a helping hand

She wears L top , size 9 pants.
Her son likes typical 4 year old boy toys and learning toy. He is smart.


Couple,  Mrs recently diagnosed with Luekemia, Mr expected to be laid off in a month
Girl- Age 17 needs size 5/7 pants, M-L Tops, shoe size 7-8
Girl- Age 13 needs size 0/1 pants, Sm Tops, shoe size 8
Mom- 14 size Pants and xl top, shoe size 9
Dad- 42x32 Jeans and 2xl tops, shoe size 13
Couple with no young children.  Mrs is paralyzed from waist down. Mr is her primary care giver. They used to enjoy going out to places like Cracker Barrell or a movie,  but are losing everything, including their home due to the expense burden of her health issues. They are charitable despite their troubles  and try to help others less fortunate than themelves.  There is only a small part of their home that is handicap accessible.  She  wears xl/xl tops and 20/22 bottoms. He wears 38 x 30 pants and XL tops. Mostly, they need a gift that allows them get out a little.


FAMILY #12 Black Dolls
Mom of 2 having difficulty making ends meet.
She wears a size 10, Med. shirts

Little boy wears 3-4 enjoys anything age 3 and up. He loves to play
Baby girl wears 12-18m


Couple that had been homeless now have a place to call home.   Dad works hard but barely makes ends meet.  Mom cannot work.  Have one Teen daughter and a 6 year old boy who wears size 7


FAMILY #14 Caucasian
Couple:  VERY VERY difficult year,  have 4 children. Being forced to move on Jan 1/10.

Boy age 6 wears 7/8,
daughter 5 wears 8-10
2 little boys size 4 and size 2.
More then anything they would appreciate toys for their children to open on Christmas as all of their money is being used for a security depost on a place to live.  Their daughter is NOT fond of barbie type dolls- prefers baby dolls.


FAMILY #15 Caucasian Dolls
Couple with 2 children forced to move in with grandparents of children due to eviction.

Boy - 7 years old, size 8
Girl - 5 years old, size 7
Their daughter likes baby dolls but not barbie type dolls


FAMILY #16 Bi-racial Black/White Dolls
Mom raising baby girl alone.
She wears 16/18 , xl plus
Baby wears a size 6-9m could use 9m and above.


Couple: Mrs, recently diagnosed with Lupus. They are having serious financial problems to the point of having little food to eat.

Baby Boy almost one year old,  wears 12-18m


FAMIY #18 Bi-Racial Black/White Dolls
Couple: they have a little girl and very little money. She lost her job and he is about to..
Girl 15 months old, wears 18m-2t . She LOVES bright colors and is one of our featured Angels who loves to play outside. 


Single dad raising 3 little girls while working part time.
Currently, they do not need clothes as we just gave them quite a lot.
The children would like a toy or two. They are ages 4 , 7 and 11.  The  younger two love dolls Barbie, Dora, princesses.  The older girl loves arts and crafts, American Indians, doing her nails, hair beads . FOR DOLL REASONS ONLY THE YOUNGER TWO ARE WHITE THE OLDER CHILD IS A MIXED RACE BLACK/WHITE CHILD


We also need bright, cheery toys such as legos, blocks, larger piece puzzles, coloring books, crayons, etc for 3 children with autism.  FOOD IS ALSO ALWAYS NEEDED !!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank You Siemens Company!!

Our sincere thanks to the Siemens Company of Trenton, NJ for their generous donation.  It is companies like yours that help us improve the lives of others in these difficult times.  Thank you for thinking of us!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You to La Cucina Di Manuela!!

     Fr. John and the owners of Benvenuti La-Cucina-Di-Manuela Italian Restaurant in Plumsted Township who donated a half a car load of toddler clothes.(Muchos Gracias)!!!!!

Thank You Medford Rotary

We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to the Medford Rotary Club for their generous donation to our organization.  We truly appreciate your support.  This will help us to be able to continue our work in the communities we serve.

We'd Like to Welcome Ashley's Twins into the World

Our young Mom recently gave birth to her twin babies.  Welcome to the world, little ones - they are:

John Alexander 6 lbs 9 ounces and Stefani 7 lbs 3 ounces - very nice size babies. 

If anyone would like to donate some diapers or formula, please contact us and we will happily deliver them to her.  Although right now I don't know what brand of formula she is using for them.  I will post as soon as I find out from Fr. John.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thank You to Womanspace

Nov 13/09 -We donated 1 tote full of infant and women's clothes and 1 breast pump to  the Organization Womanspace.  They in return donated 3 car seats to us.  Thank you Kevin for your help and concern.

Fr. John in Haiti

Here's another picture from Haiti - Fr. John is holding one of the Holy Angels Orphans.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Pictures from Haiti

Fr. John thought those of you who asked would be interested in seeing some of the pictures from Haiti - where the Holy Angels Hospice/Orphanage is located. Two of the picture are the orphanage and the third is Fr. John with one of the children.  The lives of these children is desperate.  Please visit  the Holy Angels Website to learn more about the plight of the children and the man who cares for them.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank You!!!

A Giant thank you to Stacy Novalkowski for a $40.00 donation and a changing table for an infant from Plumsted Township. We can now buy a pad for the table you so generously donated and a few baby bottles. Many thanks!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

St. Claire's Desperately Needs...

Rocking chairs - child's size and adult size. Please help if you can. We will make sure your rockers get to them. I have several rockers here, I bet many of you have one floating around that you aren't using. Hmmmm... children love rocking chairs.

St. Claire's Home

We recently donated items to ladies collecting for St Claire's Home in Neptune, NJ. St Claire's Home is a place for children with AIDS/HIV Positive. Many of the children live there. The women that bring items to them, are Carol, Mary Ann and Betty from Whiting. Before recieving the donations, they had a meeting with Fr. John, explaining that although they only collect for the Holidays the need is there all year. Although they are not in our immediate area, often children from local counties wind up there. Keeping within our mission, it would be another way of helping the needy and sick children. We were told the majority of the children are ages infants to 12 yrs. Items donated for their Christmas are as follows-1 stroller, 1 big box of toys for infants and toddlers, 2 boxes of infant and toddler clothes for Fall. For Winter/4 coats for size 2t-4t, baby blankets, crib sheets, 20 bibs for boys and girls ,pacifiers, 10 pairs like new shoes for toddlers, baby wash cloths,1 pink bac pack for school age child, socks for infants to toddlers, 12 books for early teens, 4 books for toddlers, 1 walker, 2 new bottles and a brand new mobile activity game for a crib. There are a total of 3 St Claire Homes in New Jersey: one in Neptune, Elizabeth and Jersey City.

Our second donation to St. Claire's consisted of: 2 Swings, stuffed animals, toys for boy,2 toddler jackets, a small back pack for a boy, a laundry bag, slippers and more newborn t-shirts, bibs and infant wash cloths, a foam puzzle, regular puzzles, playing cards and some powder and tights for a 6 yr old girl

Thursday, November 5, 2009

WOW - Look What Melodi Collected For US!!!

Here's a picture of our little truck - loaded to the gills with treasure gathered for us by Melodi - WOW - what a haul! Thank you SO MUCH! All these items AND clothes! She's been very busy on our behalf and we truly appreciate it.

One of Our Angels

Her Mom wants this caption "MY PRIDE AND JOY-REYS OF HOPE HAS BEEN HELPING MY DAUGHTER.." Is she sweet, or what? She needs size 24 months 2t - pj's and clothing. Please contact us if you can help.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Message from Krystal - Our Outreach Coordinator

This just in from Krystal - who has been under the weather lately. Best wishes Krys - we hope you feel better soon.

"A special thank you to the following people:
- Eve of Cherry Hill for donating a MAC computer. It will help a family go to school online since they can not do it traditionally. Eve has donated to our organizations many times with many nice things. A special thanks =)
- Maura of Gloucester County donated two very large bags of womens clothing. All very nice designer clothing. The families they went to were very surprised and very pleased. Thanks to Maura and her family.
- Mitchell Family of Voorhees, Thank you for donating childrens clothing. They are currently being placed with a family in need.
We have helped:
-A family in need Mother + Daughter. We helped with winter clothing for the two of them. Plus a Bday present for the daughter.
-A family in need out of Somerdale- we helped with 24mo/2t boy clothing.
-A computer went to a family in Bellmawr so they can go to school from home. Online.

Right now I'm currently in need of young girl 4t pants/5t shirts, 3t boys clothing and 4th boys clothing.14/16 clothing for a girl and any junior size clothing in about a 2 or 3. I have multiple families that need this size (2/3 in juniors.) I am also in need of a crib, bedding (boy) and 12 mo clothing for a 10 mo old boy for the winter.
Also in need of Oak/ Oak colored kitchen chairs (4-6 of them)
I'm also in need of ladies shoes. sneakers or flats in a size 8.5-9.

After talking to Peaches to see if maybe she had any of these sizes in inventory, I was informed we are pretty much wiped out of all warm childrens clothing from 4 -18 and are also in need of baby girl 12-18 months, plus 0-12 months for baby boys. Of course we can always use any warm clothing but the waiting list for the children clothes always have multiple children waiting for their size to come in. Any clothing you may have to help keep others warm would be useful to someone on the ever present lists of needs.

I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me. Some have wondered and questioned if the Reys ofHope Outreach Coordinator is still with Reys since they haven't heard me on the blog. I am very much with you guys. I have been fighting some medical issues but I am still here and still helping whenever I can!! Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to give everyone an update. Thanks for all that were concerned. Thanks to everyone for donating, volunteering and making the donation world a better place =) Reys of Hope and all of our volunteers do the best we can to make a difference in the world and if we help just one person it would make us happy. I'm so happy we can help as many people as we do. Good job to the volunteers and to the donors. Keep up the good work!"

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Pictures

We thought you might like to see some pictures of Fr. John with some women who donated lots of stuff to us! Their car was full! Thank you to Abbie, Marquisha, Melanie and Daniel (isn't he cute?)! Know that the items you gave us are greatly appreciated and probably have already gone to their destination family/families. Thanks so much!


We recently had some questions regarding the distribution of your donated items. If you prefer to donate to a specific family (and I do this myself when there is something that tugs at my heartstrings) please be assured that it goes where you intended it. Otherwise - please be assured that everything gets used - and what we cannot use is donated to a charity that sells those items and uses the proceeds to help others. There is a large network of groups that work in that way - we share things among ourselves - clothing swaps, etc. This way we "keep the circle of giving spinning" to quote Peaches.

The need is never ending and just when we think we have everyone covered, we encounter another family or person in need. It is so sad that so many are disenfranchised due to circumstances beyond their control. It makes me think of the Great Depression and The Grapes of Wrath. So please, know that we are truly grateful for every donation we receive and that it all goes to good use. You can tell by these postings - and these are just our key families in the most dire circumstances. There are many others not posted in the blog just because of sheer volume.

Please accept our sincere thanks for all that you do to support us and our effort to help others.