Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank you for the donations

1.Debbie our volunteer donated the wheel chairs,bike ,blankets and boy clothes size 14/16
2.Lorie and Tim donated some young girl clothes
3.Dianne donated some toddler clothes for girls
4.Donna donated some toys(which we always can use
5.Suzan donated some children's clothes and shoes.The sizes were 4t boys and 6x girls
6.Lynn donated some children's books( we usually give a few books with each donation
which are age appropriate.

Wheel chairs for the needy

The blue wheel chair went to a person who is paralyzed on one side of their body due to having a stroke.

The black wheel chair was given to a young person with MS.
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A few recent donations

This bike was donated to a man who
needed transportation.

Kitchen set for a toddler

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Fr John putting items in the car.We are ready to make a delivery
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This is a picture of FR John walking to car from hospitol in rain
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Picked up Father John from the hospitol during the
rain the other day.Believe me he is happy to be home.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Still Need These Items stroeller
2.infant clothes boy/girl
3.size 8 boys slacks size clothes for women
5.socks for children
6.GAS CARDSso we can continue to make deliveries

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Fr John would like to thank our Christmas volunteer John
for making time in his busy schedule and coming up
to the hospitol to see him.
And Sara from Mt Holly.He enjoyed their visit.


We would like to thank Susan from Plumstead township for the bags
of childrens clothes and the boxes of shoes.
We also would like to thank the store Nautica for their donation of adult clothes.
Best part of the donations was they were all Winter clothes which we needed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a few pick ups & drop offs

Fr John should be home by Thursday the doctor said.Meanwhile
I have done 3 pick ups in the Ocean County area.Childrens clothes and
1 microwave cart.1 drop off to a woman who is starting over and needed
clothes to add to her sparse wardrobe.She lives in Jackson and has just
found herself a part time job.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fr John is back in the hospitol due to his COPD.
Looks like I have to do a few pick ups without him.
Hopefully he will be back home in a few days.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The American people are some of the most generous people in the world.
Thanks to all who donated we helped 365 families not counting some homeless people who we gave blankets to in the year 2011.

Monday, January 16, 2012

These are Rolands children.They wanted their picture taken too.
They all were so excited.The one in pink said "Bless you for helping us"
And then said everybody say"cheese" and we all laughed.You would of thought she was the photographer.
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Our drop off this morning 4 family of 7

Fr John and Roland.Roland is the man who actually asked for our help.
What is rare is we have only had 5 men in all the years ask us for assistance.
Roland was so grateful he actually got choked up over all that we bought him.
Someone had dropped off some used furniture prior to us arriving.

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Car this morning loaded & ready to go

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Young mom desperately needs a stroller.She does not drive and its difficult to carry the baby every where.If you can help please let us know.We will schedule a pick up .

We are working with a family of 7 who has lost most of their clothes and small household items.Father lost his job and soon was behind on all the bills even his rent.They were evicted and have moved several times.Wife is handicapped.This father has finally found a part time job .He can not get food stamps until the end of March.This family must prove residence of at least 2 mos.where they now live to get any assistance.We need blankets , pots & pans,kitchen towels,dish detergent,toiletries and size 10/12 girl clothes.Thanks to one of our volunteers she was able to get most of the clothes donated to us for the other family members.

We donated some crafts to a woman in Lakehurst.Some of the neighborhood children do crafts at her house .This is just one person making a difference in her neighborhood.If children are involved in activities there is a less chance of them hanging on the streets.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fr.John bought some Valentines Cards for a family in Seaside
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Monday, January 9, 2012

God Called Little Peterson Home

This is one of the handicapped children at FR Johns Orphanage in Haiti.Little Peterson lived longer than anyone expected.He will surely be missed.If you would like to learn more about the orphanage go to
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This morning dropped off womens clothes size 3x and cable ready tv to a woman in Burlington

Todays email recieved

Good morning John. I just wanted to thank you, and anyone else who had a hand with the wonderful gift you gave us! You really had a big part in making my 1st Holidays with my daughter very happy! I couldn't believe the size of the formula, it lasted her over a month! The clothes were so cute and she really likes and pays attention to the toys! The coupons for the hams were amazing too! Hope you enjoyed your holidays and are feeling well. Thank you for everything! You are greatly appreciated!!

Jamie and Brianna

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2.size 8 slacks for boys
3.size 14/16 boys items always
5.preschool books
6.blankets for a family that keeps their heat on 67 degrees.Children feel cold. receiving blankets and baby bottles
8.toddler toys
9.socks for boys/girls

A few recently donated outfits

Fr John said"the one with the heart on it is just in time for Valentines Day!
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Christening Outfit Donated

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Imagine wearing these all day every day

Ken has to wear these every day because he has atrophy. Atrophy is a deterioration of body mass or muscle due to the fact Ken can no longer use his legs.Often the feet start to droop or curl.Wearing this daily slows down the process.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Prayer Request

Please keep Ken in your prayers.He is going through a rough time adjusting to being paralyzed since Hurricane Irene.And is still struggling to get any money from Workman's comp or disability.With no income he is in jeopardy of being evicted from the home he loves.Also behind on all of his bills.Anyone who would like to donate food etc..please let us know.He was told he could not apply for food stamps until the end of Febuary 2012.

2 pick ups

Would like to thank Mary from Whiting for the bag of coats size large and x-large for women
Also another bag full of sweaters and women shoes

We picked up some children's books today which we always need.We have a Day Care Center that just emailed us recently for books that would be appropriate for children that are 2-4 yrs old.
The books today are for 6-8 yrs old.So if anyone has any preschool books they would like to donate please let us know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Books 4 A Schools Library

A lady emailed us a request for some books back in November.We put her request on our list.As soon as we received extra children's books we contacted the school.After the hectic holidays we finally delivered them today.Everyone at the school was very nice and delighted with the donation.

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New Years Get Together

Friends and Family enjoying a dinner at a nice Italion Restaurant
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The House At Mullica Hill

When we arrived we were greeted by several children at the door.They all seemed well mannered and came outside to carry the items and toys into the house.None of the children had socks on and 2 walked outside with no shoes.The small 2 ft Christmas tree had no gifts under it.The walls had Christmas lights hanging up among the torn wall paper.The house was an old farm house located near a main highway with what was a corn field behind it.There was no house for miles.Their was a sign in the yard saying FOR SALE.Their landlord is trying to sell the property.Because it is an old house you can feel the draft coming in around the windows.BRRRRRRR.Was it chilly. The children are laughing and excited that they have popcorn to eat.And a new bike for them to ride.Behind the house is piles of garbage.The mom can not afford garbage pick up.So for now they keep it in back of the house.The glass in the front door is broken.The sofa is old and dilapidated.The TV is on a small broken down table with rabbit ears.The kitchen has a large table with 7 miss matched chairs.A few windows have curtains on them.Some have blankets hanging instead of curtains.
FR John and I feel like we should of done more for this family.But,they seem thrilled at us just being there with what we brought.There is no vehicle nor man in the picture.The mom has health issues which was quite noticeable.All the children are clean and their hair is brushed.
They make us feel welcome and even invite us in to visit.We explain to them we have along drive back or we would stay for awhile.They all give out hugs and wave good by as we drive off.
We will keep this family in our prayers.Like so many we have seen over the years.They have very little yet seem grateful for just knowing someone cared.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Todays Schedule

Picked up 1 box of infant clothes for a baby girl.Just in time to help the mom who is having a baby girl any day.Pick up at 11:45 am dropped off at 12;30 noon.The parents were so thrilled.Now the baby will have some much needed items to wear.

We were so pleased to help this couple.This is their first baby and they did not realize just how much one needs.We are also grateful to the lady who donated the clothes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 drop offs this morning

Dropped off baby clothes for a baby boy to a dad who emailed us and asked for assistance.His family consists of 4 boys and number 5 is due any day.Dad had gotten hurt on the job and at this time he is on temporary disability.The checks are equal to half of what he made when he was working.He is struggling with his bills as so many are.

Dropped off boy clothes to a mom who has recently become a widow.Her son is 7 yrs old.He wears size 8 slacks and medium shirts.We had plenty of shirts and socks but only 1 pair of slacks.Her husband had been sick for some time.He lost his battle with Cancer 1 month before Thanksgiving.Anyone who would like to donate some pants size 8 for this boy please email us.We will gladly schedule a pick up.


Here is a small paragraph out of an email we received today.
Thank you so much.This is the first year as a family had a ham dinner for Christmas and gifts in a longtime.Bless you and everyone who made this year memorable for my family.