Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thank You's

We would like to thank Cheryl in Blackwood for the truck load of items Peachess picked up.
Since we always need baby items and never turn them away we would like to thank our volunteer John for the brand new baby walker.
March we will be asking for Easter candy and baskets.And start again with delivering needed items.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mary and Billy

Mary had emailed us one year.Her and her son Billy had just recently moved into Richards Trailor Park in Pemberton.Billy had a speech problem and the children on the bus would taunt him because of it.So Mary drove him to school and picked him up everyday.So a lot of her money went for gas.Mary knew she would have difficulty in buying some Christmas presents for Billy.When Mary emailed us she asked if we could give him items that he could play by himself since he had not made any friends since they moved.That year we had received a boys bike,a bunch of puzzles and a skate board.So we thought they would be perfect gifts for Billy.(It is sad that many are prejudice against others who are different with no fault of their own,and can be cruel with words and their actions).When we met Billy he explained to Fr John he hated living there and wanted to move back to Maple Shade where he had friends.Fr John talked with Billy along time and told him eventually someone would see him as a wonderful young man and become his friend.Billy was very happy with the gifts but not so much with Fr Johns words of wisdom.All Billy wanted was for someone to talk his mom into moving back where they use to live.Several months later
we received an email from Mary saying that Billy learned to do some tricks with his skateboard and one of the boys in the trailer park asked Billy to teach him how to do them.We hope Billy has found a forever friend wherever he is.

Saturday, February 21, 2015




Peachess met an elderly man who lived in a very big house but he only actually stayed downstairs.One reason is he could no longer walk up the steps,the other reason was since his small disability check was for the basics he no longer could afford to heat the whole house.In fact he had no heat only a sleeping bag.Winter time was brutal for him and he had a cough that never seemed to go away.Well Peachess was very upset to learn about how this elderly man was living in the cold... inside of his house.So she put a request out for an electric heater and electric blankets and some warm clothes including gloves and a coat.And those who read her request on our blog came through.This elderly man is so much warmer than he has been in years.He wants to live in this house until he dies.He said his father hand built the house him and his wife had raised their children in the house.He had a lot of memories in this house.(But makes you wonder where are his children in his time of need?)Peachess still checks on him from time to time especially in the winter.And she has been known to drop off some soup on occasion to warm his insides.We pray every Winter that this man will be able to stay warm and will never have his electric shut off due to lack of funds.It makes you wonder how many elderly people are in cold houses.Where you can see your own breath when you talk.How many elderly are struggling to pay the high costs of an out of control economy?How many have children that are not in the picture?Our mother always said a parent can take care of 13 kids but 13 kids cant take care of 1 parent(guess there is some truth in that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peachess to the rescue

When Peachess heard about the teenage mom sleeping on her friends floor with a baby she went on a mission and set out to collect as much as she could for the mom and her baby son.And as always those who read about the items needed came through for her.And even gave her a blow up mattress.The young mom was so thrilled when she received the items and shocked.She asked Peachess who told you about my situation?Peachess replied your mom.The young girl said my mom ,she kicked me out of the house when she knew I was pregnant.Peachess said i think she is having a change of heart.Several months after this incident grandma got to see the grandson and has let them move back in

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Although Peachess had been sick for several days  she went to pick up items from a woman who had twins. Peachess went because we are always in need for baby items.And she thought she might feel worse the next day.The woman gave her enough items that it actually filled up the back of her pick up truck.Alot of the items were double due to the fact the mom wanted her twins to dress alike and play with same type of toys.The woman told Peachess after 2 yrs on holding on to everything she thought it was a good time to give the items to someone who could use them.After an hour visit,because Peachess said beside loading up the truck the woman wanted to talk,show her the twin girls and even offered her a glass of ice tea.When she finally was able to leave Peachess said she felt worse then when she went there.With chills and a fever.As Peachess was driving back home she noticed the traffic was almost to a stand still and there were police every where.There had been an accident up ahead.Peachess did not want to get stuck in traffic.What she wanted was to get back in her warm bed and take some medicine.Peachess knew a short cut so she turned around and proceeded down the side street.And there she saw a young mom carrying an infant,holding a toddlers hand and carrying a bag of grocerys.The woman definitely had her hands full and seemed
to have great difficulty holding the baby and the bag of groceries.But lucky for her Peachess had a double stroeller that she had just picked up from the twins mom.When Peachess approached the woman she did not speak any English.Peachess knows very little Spanish(lol) but between the two of them and the stroller they seemed to understand.The woman offered her some money but Peachess said NO.In either language NO is No.
When Peachess got home she emailed us to say it was a good thing she went out even though she was sick.She said it must of been meant to be.But Fr John likes to think it was a divine intervention.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Finally Safe from an abusive boyfriend

By the time Peachess met her ,her face had looked like it was used as a punching bag.Her and her 3yr old daughter had just recently escaped her abusive boyfriend.They left with only the clothes they had on their backs.There was no time to get her daughters favorite doll or any extra clothes.She knew her boyfriend would return shortly and she had to get out asap.Her boyfriend had worked from the house,and when they needed food he would go with her and their daughter to the store.She rarely was left alone.She knew it could be months before she would have an opportunity like this again.She did not know where she was going to go but anyplace had to be better than where she was.
Peachess had heard about this 28 yr old woman by someone who had been in the shelter with her.When I had mentioned to our volunteer Susan about this young abused woman Susan went to her sewing machine and made clothes and flannel pjs for the daughter.The daughter loved the pjs so much she didn't want to wear any other clothes.She told Peachess when she escaped a kind man picked her up and took her to the welfare building.They then got in touch with someone from Providence house.From there they went to a shelter.Peachess still keeps in touch with the woman and her now 5 yr old daughter.They now live in a safe house.Peachess still gives them clothes and toys when needed.Because anyone and everyone can read this blog site we chose not to share their names since they are still in hiding.It is horrible what some people do to others that they say they love.It is more horrible if the victims cant escape.This family was lucky they got out alive.The daughter no longer asks for her dad and seems content with just having her mom with her.The bruises are now gone but the memorary of the abuse is as fresh in her mind as if it were yesterday.She considers Peachess a friend and often emails her just to let her know how things are going.In the few yrs she has been under protection she has received her G.E.D .She is trying to make a better life for her and her daughter.And we hope she continues to stay on that path.And that if and when she finds a partner he will be kind and gentle as a real loving man should be.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A TEEN AT 7-11

The red headed freckled face teenage boy sat on the curb at the 7-11 parking lot in Wrighstown.He looked like he lost his best friend.
When Fr John saw him he asked him why did he look so sad?The boy answered he was asking people for change but a 7-11 employee told him to stop or they would call the police. Fr John asked"why are you asking for change are you hungry"? The teenage boy said"his mom had given a homeless man some money a week ago when they were out. And he was trying to collect money incase him and his mom saw this homeless man again. Needless to say Fr John handed the boy a $10 dollar bill. He was happy and Fr John was happy.And I am sure if the boy sees the homeless man again he will be

Monday, February 2, 2015


Peachess went to Trenton in an area that she knew even the police were afraid to go.But she wanted to see if she could find a few families who needed toys for their children.So with her truck full of toys marked for boys and girls by ages she drove to a lit up parking lot.After about 20 minutes of waiting she noticed a woman walking through the 6 inch snow.The woman had only a sweater on and no gloves.In her hands was a quart of milk.Peachess yelled out to her from the truck asking her if she would like a pair of gloves and a scarf she had in her passenger seat.The woman approached the truck cautiously.She asked her what are you doing in this area?Especially you being a while woman after 5pm could be dangerous.Peachess laughed and told her she had toys to give to any one in need.And thought Santa might of been afraid to show up there so she came instead.The woman said"oh thank you Jesus,my children have nothing for Christmas not even a tree,she proceeded to tell Peachess she worked at McDonalds 6 days a week just to make ends meet.She had to walk she could never afford a bus or a taxi.Peachess got out of the truck and took her to several totes in the back of the truck.The totes were marked boys and girls teens,boys and girls toddlers,boys and girls preteens.The woman said,"how many gifts can I have?Peachess said "3".The woman with tears in her eyes said"maybe just 1 each since I still have to walk aways and I cant carry everything plus the milk".Anyone who knows Peachess knows should always has a solution too a problem,she gave the woman a ride to her place.And the woman asked her if she could get her neighbor to come and get a few toys from her.Needless to say Peachess had several moms coming to the truck to get some gifts.The word spreaded like fire she said.The woman who worked at McDonalds had newspaper on her windows.So a week later Peachess returned to the house and left a box on her door with curtains.The following week Peachess was in Trenton and decided to drive past the woman's house.And there the curtains were hung.(Peachess drove the woman 2 blocks from where she first met her).That Winter the roads were icy and the snowfall in some places were 6 inches deep.Only a fool would of been out Peachess said.Or someone who had to go to work.
To this day Peachess visits this area near Christmas.She has never had any problems from any thugs,perhaps because its to nasty for them to go outside or they know she comes bearing