Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Although Peachess had been sick for several days  she went to pick up items from a woman who had twins. Peachess went because we are always in need for baby items.And she thought she might feel worse the next day.The woman gave her enough items that it actually filled up the back of her pick up truck.Alot of the items were double due to the fact the mom wanted her twins to dress alike and play with same type of toys.The woman told Peachess after 2 yrs on holding on to everything she thought it was a good time to give the items to someone who could use them.After an hour visit,because Peachess said beside loading up the truck the woman wanted to talk,show her the twin girls and even offered her a glass of ice tea.When she finally was able to leave Peachess said she felt worse then when she went there.With chills and a fever.As Peachess was driving back home she noticed the traffic was almost to a stand still and there were police every where.There had been an accident up ahead.Peachess did not want to get stuck in traffic.What she wanted was to get back in her warm bed and take some medicine.Peachess knew a short cut so she turned around and proceeded down the side street.And there she saw a young mom carrying an infant,holding a toddlers hand and carrying a bag of grocerys.The woman definitely had her hands full and seemed
to have great difficulty holding the baby and the bag of groceries.But lucky for her Peachess had a double stroeller that she had just picked up from the twins mom.When Peachess approached the woman she did not speak any English.Peachess knows very little Spanish(lol) but between the two of them and the stroller they seemed to understand.The woman offered her some money but Peachess said NO.In either language NO is No.
When Peachess got home she emailed us to say it was a good thing she went out even though she was sick.She said it must of been meant to be.But Fr John likes to think it was a divine intervention.


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