Wednesday, November 30, 2011

REQUESTS KEEP COMING IN-email recieved part of email I sent

Hi.Your organization helped me last year with a nice Christmas dinner.Can you help us again this year?

We normally do not get food except maybe a turkey for Thanksgiving and a ham for Christmas.We had a wonderful person last yr.who gave us extra groceries near the holidays.The club she was apart of also went overboard and donated.But,I am sorry to say she has moved out of state and we no longer are receiving alot of food for holidays.We will try to at least get your family a ham.If anything changes we will be sure to add more for a dinner.We depend solely on others and their generosity.In fact we are at their mercy.We can only help others if people help us.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Items needed for a few women

Have 2 women that just came out of a women's' shelter.Left abusive situations.Starting over.Need make up,perfume and nail polish.Its been so long since they have felt pretty.
Also a 50 yr old man recently became paralyzed because he fell threw a floor .It had been damaged under the carpet.6 foot drop,layed in the hole for awhile before he was discovered.After math of Hurricane Irene.His only wish is to have a few gifts for his girlfriend of 15 yrs.It will be there first Christmas without him surprising her with presents,Christmas was always her favorite holiday.He would like to see her happy for the holidays.

Family 24 has just been adopted,

A lady who has adopted one of our families for Christmas has decided to do family 24 also.Talk about luck.It is unusual to have one person take more than 1 family.So we are truely blessed for this ladys kindness and generous heart.WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The woman lives in Ocean County so we will make every effort to help her and her daughters.
The 13 yr old daughter would like the book BREAKING DAWN FOR CHRISTMAS and a pr of size 81/2 shoe,she wears size medium shirts juniors
10 yr old likes art,barbie dolls,babysitter club books ,a puzzle
size 8 pants 8/10 shirts shoe size 3
4 yr old size 6 she likes tinker bell,dolls,tea set,candylane game shoes size 11
mom wears size 16 pants xlshirts

The mom had found their Chrismas wish list in the trash.All the girls had originally made it for Santa.The mom said they must of threw it away after she told them they might not have a Christmas this yr.The oldest had written the requests for her sisters.Mom left it in trash so they would not know she saw it.So looks like we have 3 families that need adopting for Christmas.This family will be no.24

An email with no specifics yet

i am a single mother of 3 girls.I am on disability due to a car accident.I have 2 vertabras in my lower back thats fractured,I get no help from anyone.Their father disappeared on us 3 yrs ago.I later found out he had left for someone else.He does not even call his children to wish them happy birthday when its there birthday.I try my best but always feel like such a failure because I can never seem to make it workThere are times I go all day without eating because there simply is not enough food and I can't let my babies go hungry.My girls constantly get made fun at in school because they do not have the nicest clothes.I can't afford them and some children can be very cruel to others.I feel so bad sometimes because as a mother you want to give your children everything.Can you help me make a nice Christmas for them?

We emailed this woman back she forgot to mention what area she lives in.Hopefully she is in one of the areas we help.If not we will have to direct her to another organization.My heart goes out to her and others like her.Will keep you posted

Straw Needed

Looking for one bale of straw to be donated and delivered to a family in Jackson for their dog.

2 Families Still waiting to be adopted

Family 7
Mom 3x would like a coat or some clothes
4 yr daughter likes Dora,loves Princess Tiana,Bratz dolls,games,nail polish,coloring
3 yr old son wants a bike would need training wheels,dinosuers,matchbox cars and transformers
10 yr old daughter wears junior xl,pants size 12 she likes crafts,wants a camera,art,drawing,puzzles,tioletries,leggings,pierced earrings and costume jewelry.She said any 1 of these would be awesome!
she wears and needs a medium womans coat
Family 17
size 12 mos clothes needed for boy ,soft type blocks or toys
size 3t for girls a nice doll to play with would be nice

These are the only 2 families that still have not been adopted for Christmas on our present list.


Thank you sooooooooooo much for the dog food.I feel so much better .

This family was given a 25 pound bag of dogfood for their dog.They have been having finacial problems.And even buying dog food has become a hardship.Their dog is a big dog therefore he eats alot of food.Thanks to a generous person this dog will not go hungry.Its nice to know we were able to help this pet.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Part of a very touching email we recieved this a.m.

I hope I am emailing this to the right place.I looked at your site.Its amazing what you;s do.I do not know how to thank you and your organization.I just about thought no one cared enough to help us .You and your volunteers are definately angels here on earth.If there were more people like you's no one would ever be without.Again thank you I willl never forget your kindness at the store.

I emailed her back and told her I think our volunteers are angels also.I was at shop rite when this woman was in line to buy some groceries and was putting alot of the food to the side.She went over the amount of money she had on her.She was very embarrased but I told her I happened to have a gift card for Shop Rite donated by one of our volunteers.And their holiday wish was to give it to someone in need.I had to go on and on about Reys of Hope and how it would really be appreciated if she would take it.Reluctantly she took it.She was teary eyed and grateful.

Its beginning to Look alot like Christmas

Boxes piled up in house with items that need sorting
Pile of wrapped gifts for the children in spanish section of lakewood
A few boxes wrapped & waiting to be dropped off

These wrapped gifts are in our house and waiting to be sorted.They are

example-boys 5-9 yrs old or girls 2-5 yrs old
if not by ages then boys size 4t or girls size 5/6

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Our Holiday Volunteer John

We had 2 deliveries to make.And John from Pt Pleasant delivered the items for us after working a whole day.Now thats dedication!We are so fortunate to have him.Thanks to him 2 families out of area will have a nice holiday.Thanks John for always being there when we need you.

Friday, November 25, 2011


This family was surprized to see us.Someone had emailed us and told us about the hardships they have been enduring.So we thought we would just pop over and give them food,clothes and Turkey with trimmings.They were so happy.Its such a nice feeling to see a whole family smile and be grateful for somone caring enough to remember them around the holidays.And thanks to all who donated we were able to make things alittle brighter.They will also be placed on our Christmas list.

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A couple living in a 1 rm motel,who lost everything,their home to foreclosure.Clothes due to someone throwing them out when they went to visit a relative.
The small Christmas tree with some goodies to eat that we dropped off.Note*this couple asked for nothing someone was thoughtful enough to tell us their story

Headed to seaside to do 2 drop offs

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Christmas decoration I made for some of the families that will be getting gifts

A happy couple who recieved a Turkey and all its trimming,plus infant clothes and a baby swing. They will soon have a baby boy to add to their family.

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From the oven 2 the table at FR John's sons home


Nothing like having a dog watch you eat.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Met a lady at chicken filet she donated clothes & bought me a drink

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This couple was given clothes & turkey dinner

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Down to only 3 families so far on our list.Some children are going to have a very nice Christmas. Thanks to all who have come forward to help us help the families effected by the poor economy.Santas Helpers Rock!!

Click at bottom the word older posts to see the 3 remaining families.Will update blog again next week.

Just a few toys headed for the Projects in Camden

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Wawa And the turkey diner

We actually had 7 turkeys donated.6 turkeys came with all the trimmings.
While at Wawa I saw a mom,dad and 3 girls.Children all looked to be under 12 yrs.Noone wore coats or sweaters.No one had socks on.I offered this family a turkey.They were so estatic.The children were on my heels following me to the car for the turkey.The dad told me it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him and his family.They thought they were going to eat chicken a common meat they have often.The dad also hugged me so tight I thought I could not breathe.
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FR John came home today after 1 wk in hospitol(COPD)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4 Families still need adopting

Family 7
4 yr old daughter loves Dora,Princess Tiana,Bratz dolls,coloring,games,nail polish size 5/6
3 yr old son size 4t matchbox cars,transformers,wants a bike would need training wheels,dinoseurs
10 yr old daughter junior xl,pants size 12,likes crafts,camera,art,costume jewelry,tioletries,leggings,puzzles,pierced earrings
medium womans coat
mom wears 3x
Family 11
girl 14 yrs old likes fashion,music
girl 7 pet shop,girly girl stuff
boy 11 car,trucks,sports,leggos
boy 2 yrs cars size 2/3t
boy 2 months
girl size 3t she is 3 yrs old,loves dolls that make noise
9 mos old boy size 12 mos
Family 21
13 yr old daughter 1/2 legally blind,getting surgery again on her eyes
she wears size 9.loves books her sister reads to her,nail polish,music
girl 17 yrs size 9 loves cooking
another girl 17 size 5 likes music
infants girl size 12-18 mos
Girl 7 size medium womans loves dolls(on medicine for throid problem)
boy 11 size 14 likes boardgames,card games
boy 15 size 3x(on medicine for thyriod problem when mom can afford it
He would like a jogging suit or stretch pants and likes video games


Part of email from a woman who we told she would have 2 wait until DEC

WOW I feel you sort of blew me off.Makes me wonder about your true motives behind your activities.I will no longer be helping your group.I did not plan on adopting a family but have many new and used items.

This person wanted us first to pick up right away .They live in Williamstown,NJ,although she has donated before.Because Peachess was in the area and picked them up.Then this person was nice enough to email us and say she would just drop them off.I explained to her we can not accept these items until December because I am so swamped with drop offs and local pick ups . I do not have a free day until Dec.We live in a senior citizen community and it is against the rules to drop off items .Unless we were home to put in our garage immediately.We hope this person will enjoy her holidays. If they could wait until we are able to meet them we would love to have the items.We are sorry she is upset that we can not accomadate her fast enough.There are only 3 full time volunteers and 2 holiday volunteers.And believe me they are all delivering ,sorting,wrapping and picking up for Burlington County,Camden County,Ocean County and Atlantic coutny.Not counting working at their jobs!Very difficult sometimes,we do the best we can.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I made a wreath 4 Jewish Family

Since this family is very Kosher I thought a Chanukah wreath was in order.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our second visit

This is one of the house's we donated items to again..Its in the Mt Holly Garden Section.The township wants to knock all the houses down. We donated once in 2010 also.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fr John's B'day with Family & Friends

Fr John with close friends from New York below pix of cake

Fr John with 2 of his grandchildren
The table at Hyatt is set for a breakfast & lunch buffet
Kio fish in one of the ponds where the party was.About 20 guests.
His daughter surprized him with the party 2 days before his actual b'day today
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