Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Pat sprang Fr. John from the hospital yesterday and they immediately went on the road to drop off a load of items for the 6th and last expectant Mom on our list.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Pat's Been Up To.....................

A few drop offs and pick ups while FR John in the hospital:
Picked up a box of baby dolls with clothes on, will definitely make some little girls happy.
Picked up some Barbie items.
Picked up box of baby clothes, shame they were mostly Winter.
Picked up some linens and women clothes.
Dropped off some items for several needy moms having babies before end of August.
Dropped off 4 pairs of shoes for a mom with 4 children for the Summer, plus 2 buckets with shovels for when they go to beach.
Dropped off a pair of swim suits for 2 teens.  The one little girl loved the flower print.
Dropped off a folding table for lady who plays cards with her friends once a week.
Dropped off a chair for in shower for an elderly gentleman.
Dropped off some curtains for a woman who just moved from an abusive situation. She said for her curtains make a home.  Will also be giving her more items in the future.
Gave $5.00 to a homeless man  who was pan handling with no luck near Walmart.  Hopefully he will buy something to eat and not booze.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Craft Items Donated to Disabled Woman

A disabled woman asked us for some puzzles to help keep her busy - not only did we give her puzzles but we surprised her with a tote full of crafts.  She was thrilled!

Fr. John Update

Got this from Pat-

"FR John has c.o.p.d.  doctor said he will need more breathing treatments before getting to leave."  She also said he is in good spirits.