Monday, October 31, 2011

continuation of Christmas list

Family 8
Dad with 4 children,only income is unemployment waiting on food stamps to start

10 yr old son likes sports,wants a skate board,a radio
8 yr old son likes battle ships or boats,also wants cologne

4 yr old daughter likes games,likes puzzles,likes bratz dolls
14 yr old daughter likes crafts,art,reading charlettes web
dad said all children need toothbrushes and tooth paste plus socks

Family 9
Father is extremely ill and is trying to make this Christmas a good one for his 3 children
His wife left all of them recently
7 yr old boy size 10/12 likes boats,games,wants to be a police man
11 yr old girl size 14/16 likes pedicures,make up,making things -crafts,wants jewelry box with some jewelry and 1 box of candy canes
15 yr old boy wears large shirts 32x32 pants likes to have a cool watch,game boy,model planes

Family 10
father lost job since company down sized
dad wants cologne or after shave
mom likes different kinds of teas
6 yr old daughter size 12 jeans likes drawing,coloring,painting,needs leggings and gloves,needs underwear
5 yr old boy size 6/7 wants a hoodie type shirt so he looks cool,detective stuff,likes dinosaurs
2 yr old girl wears size 3 wants nice pjs and a soft blanket,likes DORA doll or Dora stuff
likes play doe
baby boy due in March so far they have nothing

Family 11
girl age 14 yrs likes everything she said
girl age 7 she said she likes girl stuff(Not sure what that means )
boy age 11 wants a skateboard,likes sports
boy 2 yrs old likes to knock stuff down like plastic bowling ball hit pins at his friends house,likes to build with blocks
boy 2 mos old wears 3-6 mos clothes

Family 12
single dad raising son,lost wife last yr
5 yr old boy size 6 clothes
likes army stuff and playing doctor

dad would like a food gift card

Family 13 young single mom has no family support nor help from baby's dad.
She would like Similac Advanced Formula baby girl wears size 3 mos

Family 14 single mom with Cancer,house in foreclosure.Would like to make a nice Christmas since this will probably be the last time in house together.
10 yr son wants a nice train set(that was his only request)
8 yr old son likes Rubik cube or mind games and Lego's
6 yr old daughter wants anything to do with sewing,fashion and 2 dolls one white one black so the doll will look like her she said.(child biracial) also needs a coat size 8

Family 15 grandparents raising grandchild the mother has issues and is seeking treatment at this time
grandchild 3 yrs old boy he likes blocks,trucks

Family 16
3 children dad & mom would like a nice Christmas
not asking for much

10 yr boy size 12/14 likes wrestling figures,transformers
10 yr old girl size 10/12 likes makeup,crafts,puzzles
6 yr old boy size 5/6 hot wheels ,construction like trucks,beyblades(whatever that is)
mom likes perfume or scented bubble bath
dad needs socks
parents both said they don't know what they would do for the holidays if it was not for
organizations like ours.They live in a mobile home and are barely making ends meet.Mom is a stay at home mom.

Family 17
parents had to move in with some friends,lost all their belongings due to could not
keep up with storage shed payments.Dad has now found a job.When and if they get their own
place they will need to get items again to furnish the place.For now would like help for Xmas.
baby boy 9 mos size 12
3 yr girl size 3t-she likes dolls,coloring and candylane game

Family 18
man and woman lost their house to foreclosure,they were living with friends.They went one weekend to visit a relative.When they returned the friend they had been living with got rid of all their belongings.They are now living in a run down motel and need items.Mom needs size xl tops,size 18 pants and tioletries,dad needs socks and size large shirts.Has enough pants from suitcase he had packed when visited the relative.Needless to say they are no longer talking with the friend
Family 19
2 autistic boys need toys and fleece type stretch pants for Christmas.Sizes large and 5t.
Family 20
mom,dad and 4 children finally found a home after 2 yrs being homeless
15 yr boy 14/16 jeans large shirts likes crafts ,cars
12 yr boy 14 jeans medium shirts likes sponge bob,books,action figures
7 yr girl 8 jeans small tops likes girly girl stuff and tinker bell
3 yr girl size 2t/3 dolls and candylane
mom size 3 jeans medium tops
dad size 34 x36 jeans xl shirts

A few people asked me to post Christmas list,so will post now

Family 1- mom wears 3x tops,3x pants,likes perfume
boy 5 yrs old likes golf(he said he is going to grow up and beat Tiger Woods,lol
he likes trucks

girl 4 yrs old likes all dolls except Barbie type dolls,likes books,likes chutes n ladder game ,wants
an umbrella for girls ,likes game candylane

Family 2-husband was sole provider but died recently.Down Syndrome daughter wears size 2x tops,she likes costume jewelry,wants a camera and a watch.Like wrestling.She has the mentality of a 9 yr old.
grand daughter age 2 likes anything to do with monkeys size 2t ,wants a robe
grand son age 4 likes monkeys & also,sports\
grand ma like tioletries

Family 3
15 mos old boy loves anything that makes noise
9 yr old boy-large shirts size 14 pants ,favorite color red,loves transformers,binoculars,skateboard

Family 4
11 mos old daughter needs underwear and socks size 3t likes playing house
2 week old baby boy needs diapers
mother likes tioletries,powder,bubble bath etc..
father needs socks
grandma wants a robe 2x

family 5
father needs socks
14 yr old boy size 14/16 wants a watch,wallet with a couple dollars in it,likes planes
4 yr old boy size 5 likes science and anything to do with back hoes or construction trucks

Family 6
baby boy wears 6 mos clothes he likes soft blocks

daughter age 5 yrs she wears size 6 she likes girly girl stuff,likes to dress up,wants 1 black and white doll

daughter 12 yrs old likes lip gloss,bubbles,animals

mom needs a new purse and scarf

dad needs socks

family 7
Fiance went to Jamiaca to see sick relative never returned.She is on her own and recieves no money from him.
mom would like a pair of pierced earrings she has not recieved a Christmas gift in over 10 yrs.she also needs socks

4 yr old daughter likes nail polish all colors,tea set,coloring

3 yr old son needs socks likes transformers wants dinosurs

10 yr old daughter needs coat womens size medium,she likes puzzles,camera,drawing,reading

Almost forgot-NEWS FLASH

Baby boy was born last nite 7 lbs 11 oz 23 inches long.Mom and baby doing fine.

Will start posting Christmas requests

I will post Christmas list in hopes it gives those ample time to pick a family to adopt for Christmas.Every year the storys we hear seem
to be sadder.But;one thing is certain all the parents want to make a nice Christmas for their
children.We are grateful for anyone who can help.Thank you!

Requests keep coming,hope we can find people to donate

Can you help us?I just lost my job.They said they were down sizing.And its near the holidays!We do not know what we are going to do for Christmas.These are my children sizes if you can help.My daughters are 6 yrs old Size 10/12 (Jeans 12) shoes is 1/2 and my other daughter is 2 yrs old 2t/3t and shoes is 6 . My son is 5 yrs old size 6/7 shoes is 13. We are expecting a baby boy due March. Thank you for finding people to donate to people like us for holidays and all your help God Bless

Just came in

i am a single mother of 5 kids struggling to have a christmas for my kids do you know anyone who is able to help me or can you help me? i have two girls 14 and 7 years old and three boys 11, 2 and 2 months ! i have nothing and i cant find work becouse my baby is on a apnea moniter and noone will watch him so i can work... please email me back if you can help us.I called a few churches but they told me they were not doing this due to their donations are down.One church said they are giving out food but no christmas gifts.My children believe in santa claus and know he would not forget them.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We were guests at my god daughters wedding today

Had a pick up before the service and 2 drop offs after the service.And I am exhausted.The holidays are crazy for us.We accomplished this because we did not stay for the reception so we could squeeze everything in.Fr John is standing next to my god daughters mom.

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1.1 turkey
2.size 14 pants/jeans for boy
3.infant clothes and 1 baby walker
4.3x womans coat
5.boy large shirts & socks for boys to men
7.blankets towels And pot holders
9.TOYS desperately needed for toddlers-14 yrs old

4;30 pm another email we recieved

hi I need help desperately with coats for my 2 daughters.Can you help?Their sizes are size 6 & size 14.I lost my job and I am a single mom

Early pick up in Jackson

Here I am going through items Melodi was kind enough to donate.
Thanks Melodi.
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The requests are coming in,recieved this am

Hi I am a 23 year old mother of a 3 and 1 year old and.due in december w my.third. Were having a hard time getting clothes for the kids and what the baby needs. If you please contact me .I don't know where else to turn.I heard your Organization helps alot of people.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Message from Peachess

She has been very busy with work.Not a day goes by that she does not do something
pertaining to REYS OF HOPE.Drop offs,pick ups or sorting.Just this past month she has helped
20 familys not counting a few homeless people she gave blankets to.

REMEMBER:one SMILE fits all.

This came in late last nite

Father in Lakewood serious health condition.Trying to raise his 3 children for as long as he is able.His wife left them recently. 15 yr boy size lg shirt,11 yr old girl size 14/16 ,9 yr old boy size 8 shirts size 12 pants
Wants help desperately he has been struggling since he has become very ill.Even would like some cereals for the children and peanut butter,etc..Coats and gloves are also needed.
They all need socks including the father.

Another thank you

The sentence below was in an email this morning after telling a mom we would put her on our Christmas list...

thank you so very much you dont know how much we appreciate your help.May god bless you all.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Letter We Recieved

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no 1 pix of a double stroeller folded up.Donated by Debra tonite
no 2.picture of baby items donated by Debra & (Cathie of Medford)
no3.picture of handmade scarf and knitted hats from Lorie & Tim

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We met up with Dorothy

Dorothy and Fr John

Dorothy,her neice and FR John.
We met her half way in Hammonton.
We gave her a few bags of clothes.Next month
we hope to have alot of toys for the Camden
area for Christmas.
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Dorothy our holiday volunteer

Dorothy will be bringing items to a poor neighborhood in Camden again.
She has been doing this for 4 yrs for us for the holiday season.
We give her 1 full car load of things including used toys for the children that are often forgotten.The family's actually told Dorothy they
wait for her to come so their children will have some new things.
The items are sorted and marked by Dorothy and her helpers example;
a toy for age 4-7 yrs girl would be marked.Only toys ,etc that are new are
wrapped for Christmas.The other stuff is given by sizes but not wrapped.
Regardless,the children and families are thrilled just to have them.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


1. 3 turkeys for thanksgiving
2. size 14 pants/jeans for boy & 14 tops
3. walker for little boy
4.infant Winter clothes/both sexes
5.double stroller
6. 3x women's tops
7.boys large shirts
8.3 puzzles for an elderly woman
9.Winter coat for a 2 yr old and 5 yr needs 5t they use to live in Florida
10.Blankets for a very poor neighborhood in Camden most of the children there have holes,rips in clothes and even a few have holes in their shoes.(children's shoes would also be nice to give them ages 4-12 yrs
11.women has no coat she needs 3x,also her daughter only has sweaters she wears medium women's(her fiance went back to Jamaica to see sick family member and never returned,she has been struggling since)she also would like some kitchen pot holders & towels

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opposite side of the tracks

Yesterday when we were in Lakewood we noticed on
one side of the train tracks is a Jewish Community with nice
homes and well kept yards.Close to stores and the hustle
bustle of a tight knit community.On the opposite side where we
were was much older homes.Some in disrepair.An International
Grocery Store with prices to high.A community that was poor yet,like the other side they are a
close knit community.All the children we noticed were clean in appearance.
Most of the people traveled by foot or bikes.They had no vehicles.
In back of some of the old homes were mattresses or trash in a pile.
Although it is a poorer community the people are not living in squalor like some of
the areas we have seen.
We have 1 pick up today and its at noon in Medford.
Then I have to sort when I get back home.So far no turkeys have been donated nor infant clothes.Will keep our fingers crossed.

How often we hear THANK YOU

For every 40 people I would say we get a THANK YOU.
Some people wonder why do we even bother.The answer is
simple for the children we bother.So I would say its 1 out of 40.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Todays Schedule

Its 10 am now and 12 noon we have a drop off.We have 2 bags of
clothes for a mom of 3 children.And 1 box of clothes for her
friend who is a single mom and stuggling.This drop off is in Toms River.
2 pm drop off in Lakewood.Father of 4 children.The children
need coats ages 8 girl,boy age 12,girl age 6,girl age 14.Fr John
and I went to thrift shop to get the coats since no one has donated any yet.
Included with these items will be scarves & gloves.Which were donated.
3;30pm drop off in Bricktown some baby girl items,bottles,desitin,clothes,recieving blankets,1 toy,4 bibs and baby wash rags .
At 5pm we have a pick up of childrens clothes in Jackson-hope they are in season.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part of an email we recieved today around 4 pm

Dear Father John and Pat.I also wanted to write you, there is a girl in my neighborhood who is desperate need of clothes for her 3 kids. She is a single mother and currently is getting assistance from welfare while she is not working, she goes to the workforce program everyday so that they can help her with finding a job. I told her how helpful you all have been and she asked me if I could send you an email for her. Her one daughter is a preteen she wears junior size large or extra large, her jeans are a size 9/10 or 11/12. Then she has a 4 yr old daughter who is in size 5/6, and a 3 year old son who is wearing 3t-4t. Her son is also in need of a lunchbox. I am going to call a few places on Monday for her to see if I can find her anything. Thanks, I am trying to send the baby picture again in an email.


Desperately need

Size o-3 months baby girl clothes

Mom with 2 daughters moved here from Florida.
Desperately need 2 coats 1 size 2t the other size 5.
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Another baby we helped

Isn't he handsome.He is about 3 mos old.
And he loves to smile.
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An early morning drop off

I pulled up to a house this am that had tarp on its roof.No
doubt the roof must of been leaking.The grass was over grown
and a broken lawnmower sat in the yard.There were a couple of
broken down vehicles in the yard.As I made my way to the door
I noticed several windows were boarded up.The door had tape around it.
The woman who answered the door was pleasant and very
grateful for the items I brought her.She proceeded to tell me
that every time an old car breaks down the son gets another car he says
it's cheaper then fixing the old car.And
thats why all the cars were around.I smiled and said maybe
one could use parts from each car and make a whole new one.
Of course the likely hood of that is slim but;what does one say when you
can see someone is embarrassed by their yard?
She proceeded to tell me the windows that were boarded up were broke,and the
tape on the door keeps the cold out.I assured her I would of done the same thing
especially since Winter was setting in.With that she thanked me for the comforters & clothes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

For many poor they have lost their FREEDOM

Their FREEDOM to move away and better themselves.
One needs money and the means to leave a situation
that appears to be useless.Without the means people can not
get out away from the poverty that plagues them.
Those who have made it were usually helped.
Or given a break.Talked to a man the other day
he told me he felt not only does one loose the FREEDOM to chose where you live.
FREEDOM in what they can eat,or wear.Its like going into a store
and wanting to have a steak but only able to afford a chicken.Wanting 2% milk but buying
powder milk.So it will last longer.
Wanting tights to keep your children warm but buying socks.
The poor often get involved in alcohol,drugs and being promiscuous.Drugs and alcohol
make them temporary forget their hurts and feelings of worthlessness.
Being promiscuous is usually away to express the FREEDOM that they have lost.
It becomes a viscous cycle.The poor can not afford just the regular staples
of living.We are not even talking about expensive items.Their children
often only have 1 hot meal.
And that's when they are in school.Children are seen wearing the same article
of clothes day after day because they have only a few clothes for a change.Children go
to school with no socks or socks with holes in them.Other children pick on them which
effects their studying.And makes them feel like losers.They then quit school or skip classes.
Which ruins any chance for a good education and a decent job.
So next time you sit down at your table and eat a big meal think of those less
fortunate.Those who eat chicken for the holidays because they can't afford turkey or ham.
Those who are cold because their heat is so low in their house that they can actually see their breath.Be thankful for your FREEDOM!

Friday, October 21, 2011

FR John is home again

FR John has returned home from Kimball Hospitol.
And is breathing good again.C.O.P.D. is a chronic lung
disease.Most people who have it smoked for yrs.
Fr.John has not.He will most likely be in and out of
the hospitol when he experiences difficulty.
Thank you for all those who had him in their prayers.

Ready for 2 Drop offs

pac n play,numerous toys,infant
clothes for both sexes.Baby bottles,desitin,baby powder & shampo

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If you see someone without a SMILE,give
them yours............,

1 of the babies we are helping

Little 11 mos old sister holds her new
brother.Aren't they adorable!These 2 children
will also be placed on our Christmas List.The
parents are struggling like so many during the poor economy.
Anyone who would like to donate size 3 t for little
girl and infant boy clothes 0-3 mos please let us know.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Are looking for these items now!

A walker for a baby boy who is trying to pull himself around holding
furniture.When he is put in the play pen he trys to climb out.His mom says she
can hardly get anything done as he is on the go.
Need 1 double stroeller & Size 14 boy clothes
and size 3t girls and Infant clothes-another mom emailed us requesting
infant girl clothes.She is having a girl.
Dr first thought they were both boys so she bought boy clothes.
Surprize now she found out one is a girl and she is having babies within 2 weeks.
She desperately need girl clothes.
The one young mom had her c-section 2 days ago.Her and the baby boy are doing fine.
Tomorrow we are dropping off the rest of infant clothes to this mom.So we also need
more boy items for the other moms who requested help.
A new mom on complete bedrest is due by end of November.Her baby is a boy.
Her husband is on disability and due to her high
risk pregnancy she had to stop working.This will be her first baby and
they are very anxious and nervous that all will be well with their son.
And last we need some infant toys that are soft and clean.


We Need A few turkeys for THANKSGIVING

But we prefer the ones already to
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Debra's & Misty's surprize donations

no.1 a bag of size 10/12 girl clothes which we need
no.2 a box of shoes was given by Misty
no.3 a tote full of comforters & blankets
no4.books for the shelf(background pix I took of sunsets)
no5.coloring books

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More Wreaths

Here's a few I left
in the neighborhood or gave to
some volunteers.
Before I was reprimanded.

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My Holiday Crafts & Some Drama

Well I was given a glue gun and a few
wreaths.So I had this brillant idea!
Well I thought it was a brillant idea.
I went to a craft store and bought everything I
thought I could use for making wreaths or
a holiday card.I gave some of the wreaths
I made to a few volunteers that had been with us
since the beginning.Then I thought I would give
a few to people who donate.So far so good.
So now I am on a roll everyone was giving me
positive feedback.So I thought why not go around the
neighborhood and just leave it on some peoples
porches.People I did not know.Figured they would
be pleasantly surprized.Well I got the surprize.
One woman saw me leaving a wreath on her porch and came
out and demanded to know why I would leave her a
wreath.I said "I am spreading holiday cheer,she called the
police".So much for my brillant idea.I think I will leave the crafts to someone
else.My first and last time making holiday wreaths.

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2nd time in 2 years

This is the second time in 2 years that we can actually see
the garage floor.It lasted exactly for 4 weeks in Febuary2010
and 1 week in October 2011.
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