Thursday, September 29, 2011

Request for a granddaughter

Grandma would like size 12/14 regular girls
clothes.Parents did not buy any new clothes
for school due to having financial difficulty.
Grand daughter wants more than anything
a few new blouses and pants.

Our Pick up

Lydia from Moorestown
carrying items to our car.

Lydia posing with Father John

Lydia knows we do not
collect stuff animals but
insisting this could be an Easter
Bunny.Guess she wants me to hold it until next April.She has to always stick atleast one stuff animal in her deliverys. lol.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early Pickup

11 am talked with Lydia from
Moorestown.She has a car load of
items she would like to donate.
And she is willing to meet us half way
so we can save some gas.
And we are delighted.Infact,we
will meet her around noon today.
She has donated before.So we
know our drive to meet her will
be worth it.

Note*need another childs bike.
Recieved an email last night
that another little boys bike
was stolen and he is heartbroken.

Smiling faces and lots of thanks

All our drops off yesterday
went smoothly.And everyone
was delighted to recieve the items.
There was alot of thank yous and happy faces.
Especially when the children saw a few toys thrown
in with the clothes.
When we meet people
like this we realize it is all worth the effort.
We find ourselves even overlooking
those who were rude.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Collage

Picture of one page
out of my notebook
of those who have asked for help.
Or those who offered donations.
I check them off after we
deliver items.Or pick up items.
Just in one month we helped 25 families
with school clothes.

John Deere bike and the
girls bike that needs a pedal.
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Bike Still Needed 4 Adult

Have had so much luck on getting
childrens bikes lately.Now if
we could just find one for a man
that walks 40 minutes one way
for work.He stated"by the time
he arrives to work he is alittle
tired"And one time when he was
walking in the rain with his trusty
umbrella.A car deliberately went
through a mud puddle and splashed
him.He worked that day muddy
and soaked.He works in a warehouse.
He feels if he had a bike he could of
gotten out of the way faster.And would
of been to work.
Anyone out there have a used bike?
Would you like to donate it for a good cause?

Surprizes never cease to amaze me

A little boys bike was stolen.And we were
trying to find one for him.And just
when we thought it was hopeless.
John (our Christmas volunteer)
from Point Pleasant showed up with not
only a bike but some clothes & blankets.
And today we have recieved another
bike for an older boy plus a girls bike.
The girls bike needs a pedal.Once thats
fixed we will have it ready for a child in need.
We either have no bikes or alot of bikes.
Whats that saying "its all or nothing"....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Toys & Games

We could always use games,toys and puzzles.
Please make sure all the pieces of the games & puzzles
are included.
Toys in good shape and clean are always appreciated.
We no longer collect stuff animals.They take up
alot of room in an already crowded garage
and often difficult to get rid of .
Games for toddlers and teens are always needed.

Difficult to help rude people

Today we loaded up the car.
Took about a half hour.Woman
from Point Pleasant gave us a very sad story.
Because she was concerned about how
expensive gas was and was not comfortable
giving us her address.She asked if we could meet
her half way.So we drove to Lakewood.
Waited patiently at the WAWA station.NO CALL
There was no email explanation when we arrived home.
Fr John prays she was not in an accident.
He always gives everyone the benefit
of the doubt.Myself I think this is just
one more rude person.I mean we waisted
over 3 hrs with driving,loading and unloading.
The least she could of done if she did not want to
call is get someone else to call.Yes,I left 2 messages
on her cell.
Tomorrow we will start all over again.
Suppose to drop off the yellow bike that had been
donated to us awhile ago.And a box of baby
girl items.

The cat carrier

While we were picking up at the rest stop
a mom and her daughter picked up a pink
cat carrier we had.Normally we do not give
out our address.The mom had left us a note
it read"Thank you very much.The kitten,Lossey
loves it.We had to bring the kitten with us to pick up
carrier from your"God Bless

Our pickup

Although it was pouring out.
When Yilan from the Tinton Falls area emailed us.
We drove all the way to exit 100 rest stop off the parkway
to meet her.
She has donated numerous times over
the years.And although she now lives in
a new area she is as dedicated as ever to help us.
We recieved a car load of Winter clothes for toddlers.
Thank you Yilan.We will put those clothes to good use.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fr John's hospitol stay

Fr John went to Kimball Hospitol
this time.I could not afford $5.00
daily for parking after I paid over
$75.00 last time when he was
in Community Hospitol for 4 weeks.
Alot of the same doctors go to
Kimball Hospitol and parking is free!
As you can see he was visited
by their therapy dog.The dog was
suppose to put his head on bed so he can
be petted.But one look at Fr John and
he decided to jump in. Which made me laugh.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A better day than yesterday

A woman donated 1 giant bag of clothes
size 10/12 girls.We happen to have
a mom who needs school clothes
for her daughter.They moved from
Florida and have no winter wear.
Waretown -woman left 4 medium bags on her
porch for us.Items for women 1x and large.
Forked River we dropped off some clothes
for a mom who has just left her husband.
The sizes were 2/3t boys and size 4T girls.
The children met us at the door and
thought FR John was Santa Claus.
Must of been the beard.
Been a very long day. Especially,since 3 days ago
Fr John just got out of the hospitol again.
For C.O.P.D.He was in for 9 days

Monday, September 19, 2011

4 hrs wasted while waiting 4 pickup

Today we drove 1 hour to meet a woman
who we talked to on the phone about donating some items.
She sounded eager to help.She assured us she
had alot to donate especially for infants.
Yeah! " What a blessing "Fr John said.
We have 2 families in desperate need.
1 woman having a baby girl in Nov.
all she has so far is a crib.
So with our excitement we drove straight to
the meeting place.We were on time. Even early.
We had given her our cell number
if for some reason she could not make it.
3 hours later with me calling her and she texting me
back.(As she would not pick up the phone nor
call us back,we left.)The last message we recieved was
she was to stressed out to meet us.
Talk about stressed out.What did she think we were?
Left low on gas and empty handed. Hopefully the next person
who says they will help.Will for us.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Emma and her mom
were happy to recieve
2 new book bags and
school supplies.
Emmas' sister and brother
will be surprize when they
come home from their 1st day of
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School Supplies

Jenny ( a school teacher) from new Brunswick
donated boxes of
some educational materials for
our needy children.There are
a few moms that are actually home schooling
their children.And were delighted to recieve these.

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Friday, September 16, 2011


This a.m. I picked up some very nice
toys for a toddler.The majority
of toys if we get any are usually always
for older children.So this was
such a nice surprize.And we have 2 toddlers
who have hardly any toys.So these will
go to good use.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shower Chair

Shower chair donated to
a lady who's neighbor needed one.
We do not get these type of items
often so we were glad to help.
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Monday, September 12, 2011


A man has a job .It is a 40 minute walk one way.
He would like more than anything to have a bike.
He will be able to get to work sooner and easier.
He mentioned he already had an umbrella if it rains.
We told him we would try our best for him.
He has 4 children and has a basket he can put on a
bikes handle bars if need be for some groceries.
Anyone out there who would like to donate a BIKE
Please let us know.THANKS!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 Adorable Children

This is 2 of Allison's 4 children
They actually stopped making
their mud pies for this kodak moment.
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Allison from Barnegat
gave us clothes(in Season,yeah!)
And baby items.
This was so heavy
she had to actually
bring it to the car with a wagon,lol.
Childs toy chest with items
in it.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Day

While FR John went and did the funeral service
I delivered to several families.
1 school teacher who wanted items for needy children.
1 young man who needed linens for his new apartment.
1 young Private in the Army who will be deported next week,and
wanted to get clothes size 2t for his son.Money is tight and his
wife does not work.She stays home and cares for their son.They
live in Asbury park.
1 woman who had no new clothes for her daughters in over 2 yrs.size 7/8
and 14/16.(we gave 1 weeks change of clothes and 3 pairs of pjs for both girls.)

We have lost 2 volunteers this past month
as they are now giving their time to other projects.
3 of our main donars have moved out of state and I am sure they will be
helping another charity.This will make a big differance for Christmas this year. Last year we were able to give all the children 5-7 gifts each for under the tree.We are
hoping that several people will find it in their hearts to pick up the slack for our needy families.

Note*We have been fortunate the past Christmas's to get new presents such as toys and games from generous people for the children.We pray this year will be as successful.We are already asking those who knit,crochet or sew to please consider making scarves for the children or baby blankets.We appreciate all those Santa helpers..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fr John will be doing a funeral service this week

Please pray for the family.God called
the man home who had lung surgery.
He was a good father and husband.
He will be missed by all his friends and family
Fr John mentioned he felt honored to
be apart of their services.

Just 1 of the thank you cards we have recieved this yr.

Looks like my baby books
made an impression on one
of the moms.All that hard
work putting it together paid off.
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A Boys Bike,wow what luck

This car load of stuff was just donated
to us.And what a surprize for us
to get a bike with a helmet.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

We have had only 2 book bags donated this year

And lo and behold a mom new to the
area has requested help with school supplies.
And here we thought since it was so close
to school starting we were going
to save them for next year.Its nice to
know we now have someone who could use


A 59 yr old man had 2 transplanted lungs a month ago .And
now is doing poorly in the hospitol.We would like anyone
and everyone who reads our blog to please pray for
this family.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Making A Differance

This just came in from our volunteer Peachess.
A reminder of how we all can make a differance
and change someones life,in not only a big way but;a
small way as well.Peachess picked up a
double stroeller from one of her regular donars-Diana in Burlington.
Peachess decided to keep the stroeller in the back of her truck
in a construction bag,until she saw someone with 2 little ones
in need.(Peachess sometimes works in Camden
and Trenton areas,she visits places that the police don't
even like to visit).
Days later while visiting a house for work
she saw a woman walking on the sidewalk struggling.
The woman had 1 small child in an old beat up umbrella stroeller
and another on a small toddler tricycle.The child on the
bike was crying hysterically and wanted to
be in the umbrella stroeller.It turned out due to a
tragic event in their lives her mom allowed her
adult sister and neice to move in along
with a teen brother.The woman said the child on the bike
was having sharing issues and was very upset that their
daily walk was a constant reminder of how difficult
it was for her to have her cousin there.Everyday was
a tear fest when it came to taking a walk.
With new expenses there was barely enough money
already and surely not enough to solve the
stroeller issue.But the solution found her,in the
form of a donated stroeller.If Peachess had
arrived at any other time she never would of known-
it was meant to be.As Peachess drove off the 2
little girls were happily climbing into the stroeller
for a much more enjoyable walk.
Reality is this might of been a small differance
to us but not to the mom.That is why we do what
we do ,and continue doing what we do.
Without donations this childs tears would
not have turned into a SMILE.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Strange Delivery today

We arrived with a load of items.
The oldest daughter answered door.
She had an arguement with her mom.
Because she was mad at her mom
she told us her mom did not want the items.
So I said fine and proceeded to get in the car and leave.
Next thing I knew the mom made her
run over to the car while I was backing out.
She said "don't leave my mom needs the stuff. "
After driving over 40 minutes to get there
I was in no mood to deal with them.
Thank goodness FR John was there to
save the day.He has the patience
of a saint.All ended well and the mom was happy.
But,sometimes those we try to help make me
want to pull my hair out!

Handicapped boys needs clothes

7 yr old boy needs some shirts and socks.
He wears 8/10.His mother emailed us
and told us he spends alot of time in a wheelchair.

Also a mom who has a son with ADHD needs
size 7/8 clothes for school.She has just lost her job.
Babysitter called her alot when her son
acted up and was difficult to handle.This could
of also played a factor in downsizing
her position.She is now on unemployment.