Friday, July 31, 2009

Our CEO - Fr. John

I thought you would like to see a picture of our CEO - Fr. John Bellezza in his robes. That's him at the lectern. The man behind him is the Arch Bishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church of France. Fr. John is an Orthodox Priest with 4 grown children and five grandchildren. He is also the CEO of Holy Angels Children's Society, a charity that maintains a hospice in Port Au Prince, Haiti for desperately ill children. They work diligently to get the children US medical care which in many, many cases means the difference between life and death for these children.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pat is BAAACCKKK!!!!!!!!

Now that Pat has been OKAYED by her doctors to resume her work with Reys of Hope, (YAY! WE NEED HER BACK IN ACTION!!!) She delivered in the period from June 1st until July 13th:

Baby clothing ~such as a few dresses, some nightgowns, Onesies, outfits and bibs. Also some needed supplies which included bottles, pacifier, bouncy chair, tub, car seat along with a crib and mattess. Baby room decorations, toys and some beanie babies for their two older children were also given. Mr is unemployed and Mrs is not working as she is due to have a scheduled "C" section soon ~Fairfield

Soon to be new mom expecting a baby boy in August given clothes, bottles, receiving blankets, crib sheets, socks and baby toys ~ Bayville

THANK YOU....We want to thank Kimberly who is stationed overseas. She sent us by mail: 7 girl Onesies,7 boy Onesis,1 PJ for a boy,1 blue bib,1 blue hat and socks. We appreciate this because she definitely went the extra mile to help. We thank her not only for her donation but also the fact she is serving our country.

We also need to thank Christine from Jackson who donated, men's and womean's clothing along with children's shoes for boys, baby blankets and books on expecting.

We want to thank Lori from Toms River for the bouncy chair, baby toys and brand new baby bottles.

Thank you to Marcy from Tabernacle who gave us a bag of mostly baby boy clothes - we have lots of little boys being born and due to be born.

Thank you to Susan from a store in Medford who donated 3 brand new infant girl outfits and 5 brand new baby boy outfits.

Thank you to Bud from Ocean County who donated toys.

We need to thank a caring lady in Lakehurst who donated a $25.00 check so that our work can continue on along with some blankets, Onesies and bibs.

Our Newest Family in Need - URGENT

I got this from Peaches yesterday - PLEASE READ and help us if you can:

"You are the first to know that we have a new emergency type case. Though it's over the bridge it's important....very pregnant mom (will be size 5 after baby, small shoe size 7) due to give birth in less then a still not seen on ultrasound....

She has 2 boys age 3 and 4; sizes 4 and 5 summer, and 5 and 6 winter, shoe size 9+. She escaped with 6 total outfits for sons and 3 for herself...he followed and terrorized her for months, even burned her apartment up though the police do nothing because he is a city firefighter with cops and judges in his family. She drove until the gas ran out, 6 hours, and started fresh....or is trying to... She needs everything, including baby related. We've got a car seat, swing and possibly a bassinet the bouncy chair and an umbrella stroller. The clothes will be limited until the baby's sex is known. Hope its a girl as we have more clothes for them right now as the summer new baby boys clothes are getting wiped out. If not we will work it out...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank You from a Pet Lover

Another thank you about the dog food -

I can't bear the thought of her going back to the pound. I appreciate this...I fear that if I do get put out of my home that I will have no choice to put her in the pound so that was also a deciding factor in my decision. For now though we are barely hanging in there but at least she now has food and we can keep her awhile longer. I hope a solution is found soon as I love her to pieces.thanks again for the food Princess should be happy for a while with that. And its a great help.

Peaches - Busy as Ever June to July

Peaches is commited - without a doubt.

June 1 - June 30, 2009 (21)
Deliveries for Peaches

Work clothes shared with mom of one ~ Pemberton

Clothes given for a 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl along with some toys ~ Bordentown

Household of 6 given clothes for all seasons as well as some items which may interest the children, which were older ~ Jackson

Single mom of one dating Single dad of one....both working and barely making it given clothes for all ~ Near Bordentown

Mom of one with very supportive, non working--not looking husband given clothes for her and her son ~ Near Wrightstown

Couple with 4 young children given clothes, toys and needed supplies ~ Burlington

Adorable Little girl with Cerebral Palsy which makes for many medical bills given as many two piece outfits in size 12- 18 months as we could find...due to a feeding tube they work best with out the need to cut them....more needed in size 18 months + . Also slippers since regular shoes do not work well for her ~

Married couple of one with dad unable to find clothes given work clothes for him and other clothing and supplies as needed for the household ~ Browns Mills

Kitchen set given to a man with one that was falling apart ~ Lumberton

Couch given to 2 room mates that needed a new one ~ Mt Holly

Three months worth of dog food given to a lady who was giving up her dog ONLY because she could not afford to feed it while in the process of losing everything else ~ Browns Mills

Baby clothes, Pack and Play , baby tub, bouncer and crib bedding given to mom due to give birth on July 10. Clothes still needed for her size 14 and her other daughters 3t and 6-8. They will be dropped when they become available ~ Glassboro

Baby clothes, exersaucer, stroller, baby tub, baby clothes,maternity clothes and supplies given to single mom due in October ~ Glassboro

Stroller, baby boy clothes, car seat, swing, high chair, bouncer given to mom to be who survived cancer leaving her with medical bills ~ Browns Mills

Stroller, baby boy clothes, car seat, bouncer given to young single mom to be ~ Mount Holly

Housing supplies given to 2 young male room mates who just got their own place ~ Wrightstown

Baby girl clothes given to a mom of a 3 month old baby girl who owned nothing in a size bigger then 3 months ~ Camden

Dresser given to a single woman ~ Mt Holly

Three boxes of items we can not place were shared with children's home thrift shop which benefits their programs. Items such as a Pittsburgh jersey, A hat with a non family friendly saying on it, ink that was about to expire with no machine that it would fit, some nick nacks that were unusual, shot glasses, and a shirt that said trying to get knocked up on it ~ Lumberton

Toddler bed given to a struggling family ~ Westampton

Crib mattress given to family in ~ Lumberton

There's More - Thank You's from Us and to Us!

We need to thank Mary of Erial for a full size air conditioner which the Mr of the household loaded on the truck along with 2 totes of baby boy clothes, a pack and play and some other assorted items. All but a few of the baby boy clothes were given away almost as soon as they were received. The pack and play which was given to a mom set to have a c section on the 10th of July. The air conditioner will be delivered shortly. Thank you very much for these items that were also cleaned and organized according to size which made giving them to people who needed them even faster. Thanks.

We need to thank Catherine of Cherry Hill for a stroller along with the promise of some additional toys when we can schedule a pick up that works for both of us. The stroller is to be used by a mom to be due at the end of August . Your kindness is appreciated.

We need to thank Susanna and family of Mt Holly for the blankets and baby girl items that she gaiv. I would also like to thank the Mr of the household for helping to carry the large bags to the truck. Almost all of the items have already been boxed up and delivered this past week. Of course any not used yet will be as the need arises. Since the need never ends it will be much quicker then one might think. Again thank you for the donation.

We need to thank Kathleen of Pennsville, who agreed I could pick up from her on the 4th of July. She donated a laundry basket, tote and boxes filled with items that ranged from baby blanket to toys along with baby clothes. We shared a pleasant chat about making sure nothing ever winds up in a landfill that could be used by another as we loaded the truck with items that were mostly given out to our families that had been waiting, within 48 hours of receiving them. Thank you...

We need to thank Dale of Mt Holly for a stroller which was dropped off within 30 minutes of receiving it to a mom to be and also a small bag of items. It was an easy porch pick up which allowed me to get to the next stop on time.

also some recent thank yous for us

thank you so much for your time & kindness

i just want to thank you for all the things u have givin to me.. i am very greatful

Thanks very much for the info, really appreciate it. I have been doing TNR (trap, neuter and release -cat program) for years, So thanks for helping with additional idea within the organization and elsewhere. Any ideas are appreciated.

thank you so0o0o0o0o much for all the baby stuff! i truly feel blessed~

Thank you for helping my friend with starting over. Thanks to you he now has a bed to sleep on,a tv to watch , a pot to boil water in along with everything else you gave him. He appreciates all the other furniture and electronics as well. For a long time he thought he would never be able to start over or if he did manage to find a place the apartment would be empty. Thanks to your help he was wrong. You have helped show him that he will make it. You have helped to give him a fresh start.THANK YOU !!! It is very appreciated.

i want to thank u from the bottom of my heart.. this means alot to me...bless you!!

In response to a game table given....It was finally nice to meet you. My kids and I just wanted to thank you again. Hubby got it all put together and we are all having a blast playing all the different games. Please tell Deb (the donor) that we thank her very much and that it definitely will get lots of use by all of us

Does Peaches EVERY Sleep???????????

The following is a compendium of the work Peaches has done from January 2009 thru June 2009 - How on earth does she do it??

Jan 1 2009 until June 1 2009 (totals 89 in 150 days)
Deliveries items given out by Peaches ONLY
There are more but some are so spontaneous that they never make it to the record books so they are not included. That is usually a weekly occurrence. People are in need everyday if one only opens their eyes to the fact. This is a list of about 95% of all that was delivered by Peaches for those 5 months..

January 2009 (25)
Single mom of 2 children (boy size 3 baby girl size 6-9m) given clothes and shoes for all three of them and age appropriate toys along with supplies for her children ~ Browns Mills

Couple struggling with 5 children given clothes, shoes and supplies for the children ~ Browns Mills

Couple, both unemployed with 2 children given clothes for all plus toys and supplies for the children~ Burlington

Young couple surprise baby on the way. Clothes and supplies including a car seat and a stroller given for baby to be ~ Collingswood

Couple with 2 children. Dad unemployed, mom working part time due to school; They have 2 children. Clothes for all, shoes for some and child toys and supplies given along with some household items ~ Pemberton

Weeks worth of grocery given to a lady with Diabetes ( she would die a month later due to diabetic and heart complications) and her recently unemployed husband. Also dog food given for their dog ~ Mt Holly

Couple with 3 little boys held onto the sons baby clothes only to find out the baby due in June is a little girl. Gave them needed clothing and supplies for baby to be. Also swing, hi-chair, play mat, car seat and pack and play, stroller ~ Browns Mills

Couple with 4 children under the age of 7 given clothing for all and toys for children. Also Bedding for all and shoes for some~ Burlington

Couple with 2 sons under 5 having a girl in June. Given maternity clothing, a Bassinet , baby clothes and baby bottles. Larger outside toys for the 2 boys ~ Browns Mills

Young single female having a little boy in February given a car seat, baby supplies and clothing ~ Delran

Couple with 3 children between the ages of 5 and 12 given clothing, shoes for themselves and children along with items the children would enjoy having ~ Westampton

Two single moms of one child each sharing a home given clothing and supplies for their sons, both under 2, along with clothing for themselves. Also toys for the children and bedding for all ~ Bordentown

Couple with a 5 year old boy and 1 year old girl given clothes for the children and their mother along with toys and supplies for them ~ Bordentown

Three Boxes of items we can not place given to local children's thrift shop for their cause. Hopefully, someone will choose to buy the items from them which will help their children's home which is a positive ~ Lumberton

Single mom of 4 children between the ages of 3 and 12 given clothing, toys and supplies for children as well as clothing for mom and bedding for all ~ Browns Mills

Dresser given to 4 year old girl who needed one ~ Burlington

Large suitcase given to man with limited funds who needed it to move supplies for work ~ Bordentown

Homeless man given bus ticket to go home and try and reconnect with his family ~ Camden

Clothing and supplies given to single dad of two girls, ages 6 and 7 ~ Barrington

Dog food given to a family that could not afford to feed their pet this month ~Camden

$10 given for bus fare to a man who was robbed ~Philadelphia

Baby car seat given to a girl about to get in car with a baby and no car seat ~ Pennsauken

Clothes given to a mom of an 11 year old who also cares for her 2 grandchildren ages 7 and 18 months ~ Bordentown

Couple with Baby girl due in March given clothing and supplies for baby along with clothes for them, also given a car seat, stroller, baby swing, pack and play and exersaucer. Also gave them a box of VCR tapes since going out for entertainment is not an option ~ Browns Mills

Curtains given to a lady living on the highway that had none….could see into her house 24/7 ~ Pemberton

February 2009 (13)

Military family given baby boy clothes for baby to be born this month along with a toddler car seat and clothes for their daughter who is ten months old ~ Fort Dix

Non sex specific baby clothes in sizes 0-6 months given to 15 year old pregnant girl who is due in May ~ Sicklerville

Mom of 2 year old given toys and clothes for her as well as items for her niece whom she cares for. Not expecting another girl in their world, she had given all her daughter's items to others in need. Also given were a port a crib, exersaucer, high chair, car seat, baby monitor, bouncy seat, baby tub, stroller and bicycle baby seat ~ Burlington

Mens clothing given to a man with a limited wardrobe ~ Bordentown

TV and clothing given to mom of 3 ~ Browns Mills

Cat food for at least a month given to lady with no means to buy pet food this month ~ Vincentown

Couple with three children between the ages of 10 months and 6 years given clothes, houshold supplies, outside grill, toys, bedding, personal hygiene and children supplies for all ~ Leesburg

Two Boxes of items we can not place given to local children's thrift shop for their cause. ..hopefully someone will choose to buy the items from them which will help their children home which is a positive ~ Lumberton

Bed given to young pregnant mom to be as were supplies including a car seat , stroller and clothing for the baby ~ Burlington

King Bed frame and dresser set given to man without one. He had a mattress bed but nothing to put it on ~ Lumberton

Kitchen table set, china closet, couch , loveseat, end tables and roll top desk given to a couple that had no furniture in the house beyond beds ~ Mt Holly

Food given to family ~ Browns Mills

Twin mattress set given to a young boy who no longer could fit in his toddler bed along with a child‘s full sized desk for his older brother~ Burlington

March 2009 (12)

Full size with drawers Child's desk given to mother of 2 for her children ~Bordentown

Hand made Easter dress (thanks to our Susan) delivered to 3 little girls. One in Burlington and Two in Leesburg. Also pant set she made dropped to different little girl in Burlington.

Work clothes given to woman searching for job ~Camden county

Personal Hygiene products and clothes given to a woman with limited funds ~ Fieldsboro

25 bars of assorted sizes donated to Girl Scout troop for a hand washing demonstration ~ Tabernacle

Clothes for all… couple with 5 children from newborn to teen. Also a child’s picnic table, inside child’s table along with both inside and outside toys plus other needed supplies ~ Salem county

21 year old mom to be due to give birth in less then 2 weeks with nothing for baby boy. Given clothes and a car seat that attaches to stroller that was given.~ Trenton

Full size Refrigerator given to a couple who along with their 4 children lives with her father to care for him as he has Alzheimer’s ~ Southampton

Three Boxes of items we can not place given to local children's thrift shop for their cause. ..hopefully someone will choose to buy the items from them which will help their children's home which is a positive ~ Lumberton

Fan for window given to lady with no means to buy one ~ Mount Holly

Clothes given to couple caring for grandson ~ Pitman

Child’s dresser given to pregnant mother of two ~ Browns Mills

April 2009 (17)

Single mom with young son given a TV, microwave and clothes for both of them ~ Irvington

Couple with 2 kids given a small amount of clothes for the children. More will be given when the sizes become available ~ Mount Holly

Large bag of Dog food given to single mom of one for dog they have for protection ~ Westampton

Two cases of Canned dog food and treats given to lady with limited income for her sick and elderly dog . The Dog would die in June without missing a meal those last 2 months ~ Mount Holly

Large bag of dog food given to woman with health issues ~ Eastampton

Large bag of dog food and case of cans given to lady with recent leg amputation and the bills associated with that ~ Burlington

Copy machine and phone given to lady trying to set up home office to earn income ~ Burlington

Large decorative mirror given to young lady with first apartment along with a few other household items ~ Mount Holly

Patio set given to single woman that lives with elderly mother so they could sit outside~ Mt Holly

One Box of items we can not place given to local children's thrift shop for their cause. ..hopefully someone will choose to buy the items from them which will help their children's home which is a positive ~ Lumberton

Large corner desk given to man so he could have a office in the currently empty room ~ Westampton

Household items for couple that are new to America ~ Wrightstown

Maternity clothes and clothes for 2 year old son ~ Burlington

Food given to men in ~Pemberton

Three teen friends that are friends each with a baby younger then a year old were given clothes and assorted supplies for each of the babies and one of the moms ~ Pemberton

Make up shared with women in multiple households ~ Westampton, Jackson, Mt Holly, Burlington, Gloucester, Eastampton, Burlington and Bordentown.

Clothes and household items for two men that just arrived here to work from Mexico ~ Wrightstown

May 2009 (22)

Electric bill paid for woman in need ~ Mt Holly

Baby food given to woman with 2 babies ~ Salem county

Bed and mattress plus Love seat along with other household supplies including electronic such as a TV and stereo given to man starting over from scratch ~ Runnemede

Three boxes of items we can not place given to local children's thrift shop for their cause. ..hopefully someone will choose to buy the items from them which will help their children's home which is a positive ~ Lumberton

Vacuum cleaner given to older woman ~ Mt Holly

Older couple given clothing ~ Jackson

Dining room table given to couple ~ Mt Holly

Hot plate and housing supplies dropped to couple that already received clothing for themselves and their 3 children ~ Leesburg

Medical supplies shared with sick man ~ Browns Mills

Hi-chair, toys and clothes given to couple that is fostering 2 children for a total of 5 children ~ Pittsgrove

Single mom of 2 teen girls and 10 year old son given clothes along with items children would enjoy ~ Jackson

Summer clothing dropped to family of Seven ~ Pemberton

Baby formula and clothing to couple with new baby ~ Browns Mills

VCR and household supplies given to a new to America couple ~ Fort Dix

Baby items including clothes, stroller, pack and play , small camping type bed, car seat and baby swing given to mom to be - due in August~ Browns Mills

Bedding supplied to household of lower income room mates ~ New Eygpt

Food delivered to household ~ Browns Mills

Food given to elderly woman ~ Mt Holly

Work shoes given to young man ~ Pemberton

Box of shoes given to low income housing block captain to share with residents ~ Pemberton area

Flowers and food shared with sickly older woman ~ Buddtown

Graduation gift of gift certificate given to teen whose family was incapable ~ Fort Dix

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank You to Budd from Beechwood

Thank you for taking two weeks gathering and collecting items from family and friends for our children. Items donated were large toys that kids stand or sit in, little boy clothes and a large amount of children's toys. We greatly appreciate your effort!