Thursday, June 28, 2012

Volunteer Dropoffs

Peachess dropped off some totes to a man in Westampton.So
he  could pack up his belongings.He will be moving since he
is in the middle of selling his house.
  Peachess gave woman in Burlington a high chair for a
 baby boy who tries to feed himself
Peachess donated some cat food to a woman who feeds feral cats
   Peachess dropped off 1 white crib with mattress to a young mom
with a baby girl(she was estatic)
   Dorothy so far has donated underwear,socks and toys to
7 families that live in section 8 apartments.The children of
course where more interested in the toys,lol

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fr John did a few pick ups

While Pat was in the hospitol getting a few blood clots
removed from her left foot,FR John did a few pick ups. from Melodi in Jackson for the Ceberal Palsy
school we are collecting for.
2.Lori  from Bricktown donated some 4x womens clothes
which we always need but never have
3.Donna from PA.donated some boy clothes size 8

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our schedule

Pick up in Burlington girl clothes -thanks Dianne
Pick up from Susan household items in Browns Mills
Drop off dog food to an elderly woman in Marlton who is having
financial problems with keeping up her dogs care.
Drop off men's dress shoes to a dad who wanted to
go to his son's graduation in Manchester Township.
Drop off 1 white crib to a young single mom who is still
in school and having very little help obtaining items for the
baby due in a couple months.Also some neutral color
baby clothes(she does not want to know the baby's sex)
Drop off brand new underwear to a family of 4 girls in Tabernacle.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Githens Center C.P. School

The center can always use these type of items along with Picture learning cards, balls, childrens books , bean bags,abacus, plastic bowling set, blocks, play doh, chalk board, cars/trucks safe for children over 3, dolls all races,  etch a sketch, children size play housekeeping items, nesting dolls, lace up cards, crayons, coloring books,  larger legos,  play store items, larger string beads, childrens paints, easle, Children puzzles, puppets , Plastic animals, matching card game, musical instruments, hula hoop, rounded tip childrens scissors,larger Dominos....SOme children affected by cerebral palsy are only affected physically while others are affected also face learning difficulties. Either way all the children appreciate and deserve the chance to be able to safely play alone and in a group setting. Any help for the center woudl be appreciated. They can also use wheelchairs for those that they service that can not afford them as well as for those that need them only when on trips or to use at the center . They can use both children and adult sized wheelchairs as they do have young adults in their programs .
Githens Center is a private and non-profit agency providing high quality programs and services to children and adults with disabilities and their families. Githens Center is renowned for its intimate, family-like atmosphere and unique programming which includes:
  • An education program for students 3-21 years of age operating for 10 months with an Extended School Year Program during the summer.

Cerebral Palsy School of Burlington Co.

Outside of school.

picture below is their small playground
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C.P. School needs items

The children at the Cerebral Palsy School need appropriate toys.
Mainstream toys are for children who have use of both hands.The
children here often have one side of their body effected.This makes
playing with alot of toys difficult which leads to them becoming frustrated.
Toys needed are musical instruments such as harmonicas.
Play Doh,soft puzzles,Etch a Sketch,shake n Bobble Vehichles,
soft balls ofdifferant sizes and Building Blocks.These type of toys help
develop their Sensory Development
  Also desperately need wheelchairs for when they
go on day trips.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Request from Peachess

Animal rescue asked for help.Their donataions
are so low.And they are desperate for dog,cat and
bird food.Good condition pet toys,litter,litter boxes,
pet carriers and leashes.

Another email from very young mom asking for help

Hi,i am 16yrs old.I live in New York.I wish I lived near you
so maybe your organization can help me.No one ever helps
each other in New York.Everybody in a hurry to even see if
you need something.I had twins Skyler and Tyler they weighed
3.3lbs.Yes they  were very early.Wont come home for awhile.
I have hardly anything for them because I did not know I was

Good  news! We have a volunteer name Debbie who said
she  will be mailing you a package of baby items to help you.
Some hospitols have parenting classes.Why dont you see if
the hospitol where your babies are staying offer this service?
Also I am certain Welfare can assist you with WIC ,etc...
                         Good luck....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unable to print heading with picture
either no picture and can write everywhere
or picture shows and only can  write a heading.
I must of pushed a wrong button ,hopefully will fix it
 by next week    lol

Father John being hugged by Dorothy after blessing

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Pat with Dorothy

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Dorothys' vehicle ready to go

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Fr John Blessing Dorothy

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A Raffle Basket for US!!

One of our volunteers has a space in an Ocean County consignment shop.  When she told the owner about us and the work we do, the owner decided to raffle off a picnic basket for July 4th with the proceeds being donated to Reys of Hope.  We are thrilled!  Apparently, they've already raised some money!!  Here's a picture of the basket:

If you'd like to stop in and shop at this very cute little shop, it is named BloomingDeals and is located on Route 9 in the Parkertown Area of Little Egg Harbor Township on the way to LBI.  They have lots and lots of great items - household, clothing, books, you name it!!  Plus, if you visit, you can see the basket when you walk in the door and maybe buy a raffle.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Fr John has just added another person on his prayer list.
Her name is Lynn.She is our volunteer Ruths' sister.Lynn
has been diagnosed with Cancer.And we would like everyone
who reads this site to say alittle prayer for her.They say the
power of prayer is great.

Much Thanks

Thanks Debbie from Toms River for stroller & wheel chair
Thanks silent volunteer for getting items for family with
autistic son and newborn.
Thanks Suzan for your items and the items you picked up from the
silent volunteer(no name mention but we know who you are)

A jogging stroller & wheel chair

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture of yard below

Would like to thank Genaro's Lanscaping in
New Eygpt for considering owners fixed income.
And the fact owner is a heart patient and unable to
keep yard up.The price was very reasonable.
Thank you.Owner is so happy not to see
piles of leaves but actual dirt. Yeah!

Finally after 2 years yard raked

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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Question we recently recieved

Do you help only people who are religous?
No we try to help who ever needs it.Regardless
of their color,sex status or religous beliefs.
We are not here to judge others we are here
to help our fellow man.


Treat people how you would like to be treated.
If you have nothing good to say then its better to say nothing.
Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.If the neighbors aren't
nice love them from a distance  LOL

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A woman emailed us ,asked 4 address

An Ocean county woman asked if she could
possibly mail a small box of dinosaurs for
the woman in Pa.We provided her the mailing
address and hopefully she will send them right away..If anyone
else would like to mail any toy to help this
low income day care center email us.

Peachess needs girls sizes 6 and 8

Peachess has a family of 3.
2 girls and a boy in Burlington County.
She needs sizes 6 and 8 Summer girl clothes.
We would be more than glad to pick these
items up and bring to Peachess.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Request from Reading Pa.

I am writing to your organization to ask is there any way
that anyone comes to Pa?I have put several
requests asking for toys for our low income day care center.
All the toys we had were taken from one of the women who use
to volunteer for us.The children do not have hardly any
toys to play with when they are here.Because we are
a low income center the families really can not afford to
replace the toys for their children.I even put request on several sites
under Pa.No one has responded.

We appreciate your request and our hearts go out to you.We have
quite alot of toys and books we could donate to you if you were
in N.J or could meet us half way.Regretfully we do not have anyone
who travels to Pennsylvania.Sorry we could not assist you.I will keep
your address just incase we hear of anyone headed in that direction.
You are in our prayers and hopefully someone will help you soon.

Walkers recieved for those in need

 Debbie our volunteer from Tomas River starts early in the mornings.She delivered some walkers for us to give to Dorothy.Few women at section 8 apartments use canes but have alot of difficulty getting around.We are certain these will give them more balance.
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Recieved some clothes

 This is a very cute sweater set for a 3 yr old boy for Winter that we recieved.Would like to thank Kristen from Wrightstown for donation of clothes

picture below is a half empty tote of o-6 mos girl clothes.We

desperately need more for Summer.

         If anyone would like to donate please let us know.We will schedule a pick up thats convenient for both of us.Thank you.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Can anyone help this family??

Parents need baby boy clothes 0-3 mos.
blankets,twin sheets for their 3 yr olds bed.
Desperately need silverware-right now using plastic
utensils that they keep washing.Need 1 frying pan
and atleast 1 pot.Need towels and several wash rags.
 3 yr old boy wears size 5t
his shoe size is 10t-11t.
We have been at this house before.Believe me this
family needs some assistance.They are struggling especially since
husband is the only one now working.The 3 yr old has Autism
and has difficulty in communicating.Any toys that could be
used for learning would also be greatly appreciated.Toys  must be soft.

Car full of items for the girls

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Before our drop off to the 3 girls

 Wow,we can see our carpet in the back
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Meet the doll babies

Father John is trying to get the girls to look at the camera.
The bags on their porch have clothes for all Seasons which should last them until following year.Pjs and socks for the girls and underwear for the father.
But as you can see the girls were more interested in the dolls then anything else we gave them.
The third little girl was at the Speech Therapist.She has been having problems talking.There is a good chance its emotional since it started shortly after mom left them last Christmas.Posted by Picasa