Friday, March 29, 2013

A Happy Easter wish from a very "special man"

This afternoon while I was at the Wawa near 4 mile circle ,I noticed 2 older boys picking on a man who has Down syndrome.I walked over to the boys and started asking them what was there problem.And I am happy to report a biker joined in .Needless to say when they left the man who had been picked on said"I don't know why people don't like me?I like everybody."The biker guy and I both reassured him they were not nice people.He smiled and wished us a Happy Easter than went back to washing the windows at the Wawa.Evidently he works there.


The Lord suffered and died on the cross for our sins.This is the day that has been set aside in his remembrance.

Message for my sister and our volunteer Peachess

 Peachess since we are always playing phone tag or emaling each other I thought I would send you this official Easter wish on our

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weird :one section of the sky in Hammonton

 While I waited for Dorothys arrival I could not help but admire the sky

On the way to Hammonton for drop off

The Forest looks terrible on the way to Hammonton.Its a wonder the trees are still standing.

Dorothy and George loading up their vehicle with food donations
,clothes and shoes.

This Easter the bunny visited the children at this motel

Easter Baskets dropped off today

The 2 white felt Easter baskets were for the infants under 1 yrs old.
These baskets had a stuff bunny,a bunny or chick wash cloth,little bunnie clips for both of the girls hair'

Pink ribbons are Easter baskets for girlsBlue ribbons are Easter baskets for boys
Children older than 11 yrs old received a big chocolate candy Easter Bunny.

Also 50 plastic eggs with candy or toy was included for small Easter Egg Hunt which will be held on Saturday for the children at the motel.
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Dorothy's deliveries for March

Dorothy delivered to a total of 29 families in one of the poorest sections in Camden.
 With her was her son and his male friend  because the area is so bad.The families did not only receive
clothes for their children but the food that we had been given.We have told Dorothy numerous times not to venture in areas that are not safe.But,she insists these areas are where the help is most needed.We keep her in our prayers when her and her son make these deliveries.
Peachess has delivered to 15 families in March.She has gone to some of the poorest areas in Trenton.Again we have discussed with Peachess about being in unsafe areas.She reassure us she is not alone she is with the Lord.Anyone who knows Peachess knows she goes where she feels needed.
I delivered in March to 6 families in Ocean County not counting drop offs to several churches or the Easter baskets we are dropping off today.I spent a good time of March visiting Fr John in the hospitol.
Debbie delivered items to 4 families in Ocean County in between picking up food & clothes donations.
Total-54 families for month of March

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Collecting until April 20 2013

Our friend Jim works for Habitat For Humanity.We are trying to get some much needed
toiletries,towels ,washrags and paint brushes by April 20th .If you can help please email us at
We will schedule a pick up, thanks.(In Jim's line of business he comes in contact with many needy people.

1 & 1/2 cases of Vienna Sausage

 We donated them this morning at St Ann's Church in Browns Mills.They have quite a few homeless that come to their church 1 x a week for food.The man said"he was sure they would be glad to see some meat".

1/4 of these books were donated to us

 Warehouse set up with books for Sandy victims to have or read.Debbie(our volunteer) happened to talk to someone who over sees the project and was nice enough to offer her some booksWe don't know how she does it
but she seems to have a knack of finding generous people.

Baby Formula And baby food donated

 Items went to a church who deals with struggling single moms trying to get back on their feet in Burlington County

Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Palm Sunday marks the beginning of th Holy Week.
When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey the people
who were celebrating layed down their cloaks or palms and sang-Psalm 118:25-26

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Debbie surprized us with another donation

Alot of the food items will go to several food pantry's in Burlington Co,Camden Co and Ocean County.The diapers will be given to some young moms.We desperately need DESITIN to give out to these young inexperienced moms.It has been our experience their babies seem to always have some type of diaper rash.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Kathleen made dinner for FR John

 This is a picture of Kathleen reading a speech that FR John had helped her with .
As soon as Kathleen learned FR John came home from the hospital she decided to surprise him with a dinner,rose and a get well card that had same color roses on it.You could tell she put alot of thought into this.Fr John was so thrilled that she did this for him.He probably felt like he was on a picnic,lol

Dont worry the food was put on a nice plate................

A surprise dinner for Fr John with a rose

A donation for Easter

Fr Johns daughter Donna from Pa. donated some plastic eggs with candy inside for an Easter egg hunt.
If its not to cold out a woman at a motel would like to have an Easter egg hunt for the children there.She also hopes we can provide a basket for each child.Wow hope we can pull it off.

Part of an email we recieved

My neighbor told me your Organization gave her some toiletries for her son.Did she tell you her son was in jail?Probably not.etc........................
Our response we are not here to judge others .If we knew or not when a mother asks for something for her
child and we can help we HELP.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yeah,we found a home for 3 cockateils

This cage looks identical to the cage they are in.

The grey male bird is Sam he has attitude'
The yellow female next to him is Sunny she is scared of everything and hisses alot.Have to talk very low to her.
Last yellow female is Baby doll she use to chirp when her owner talked to her.
They all use to sit on their owners shoulder when he watched TV.
How we got involved-Our volunteer Jack who died in
Dec 2012 left behind 3 cocktails.He had Sam for 14 yrs and the other 2 for 8yrs.Because we knew they had bonded after all the years together,we wanted to find someone who would take all 3 of them if possible.After checking out a bird Rescue in Freehold and hearing alot of negative things about it,we called Popcorn Park and a few other Rescues hoping someone could direct us to a good home for them.Finally after months of talking and searching we have been blessed with a woman in Monmouth County who will take all 3 together.They will be arriving at her house tomorrow.Our volunteer Debbie will be taking them there for us.Normally we do not get involved with situations involving animals.But,we felt it was the least we could do for our volunteer Jack who offered his time and shed to our organization when needed.And of course,the birds were already traumatized from loosing the one and only person they knew for yrs.So it is with much appreciation we would like to say THANKS to KATE in Neptune NJ for rescuing these birds.




Friday, March 15, 2013

We need;

gas cards always so we can make deliveries
summer infant clothes(have a few expected moms
childrens books
swing for baby
one infant car seat that is no older than 5 yrs old

Easter Is Coming And We Need:

Some Easter Candy and Baskets or a map to where the Easter Bunny lives so I can persuade him to share some of the goodies for the children.

Drop offs and Pickups

I have been doing drop offs and pick ups in between visiting Fr John at the hospitol.Seems awful quiet in the car without him riding shot
We have had another request from a single dad with 4 daughters who would like us to help with Easter Baskets.Their ages are 3,5yrs,8yrs and 11 yrs.The Easter bunny has missed them for a few years but the dad is hoping this year he will find them.

Email we recieved yesterday

This email is from Annabelle Black Bear.She lives on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.Which is the poorest Indian reservation there is.
She wrote"The 4 boxes we received were most welcome.They will be given to the children.We never receive enough clothes donations.Again thank you.

Thank You gift from the Lakota Tribe

Drop off tomorrow

 These items will be going to Dorothy so she can deliver to those in need in Camden area.

Food donation from over abundance of Sandy donations

As you can see we received quite a bit.Debbie just happened to run into the person
who had donated the Hungry Man Dinners to us before.This food will be going to a homeless camp in Camden.Dorothy will be making the delivery after I meet her tomorrow.

Fr John's Hospitol Stay in Virtua

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pictures with an email recieved from N.D.

The clothes that you sent are in the hands of many families on our reservation in North Dakota.I want to pass on their appreciation for this generous gift of
much needed clothes and books..Here is 3 pictures of a few who received the clothes.We only opened up 1 pallet of clothes on tables at a time.

Pictures of Baby Avery

We gave this little bundle of joy clothes,bottles,swing,stroeller,high chair,crib sheets,toys ,recieving blankets,desitin ,baby powder and socks thanks to the generous people who donated.She is now 3 mos old and boy what a cutie!