Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yeah,we found a home for 3 cockateils

This cage looks identical to the cage they are in.

The grey male bird is Sam he has attitude'
The yellow female next to him is Sunny she is scared of everything and hisses alot.Have to talk very low to her.
Last yellow female is Baby doll she use to chirp when her owner talked to her.
They all use to sit on their owners shoulder when he watched TV.
How we got involved-Our volunteer Jack who died in
Dec 2012 left behind 3 cocktails.He had Sam for 14 yrs and the other 2 for 8yrs.Because we knew they had bonded after all the years together,we wanted to find someone who would take all 3 of them if possible.After checking out a bird Rescue in Freehold and hearing alot of negative things about it,we called Popcorn Park and a few other Rescues hoping someone could direct us to a good home for them.Finally after months of talking and searching we have been blessed with a woman in Monmouth County who will take all 3 together.They will be arriving at her house tomorrow.Our volunteer Debbie will be taking them there for us.Normally we do not get involved with situations involving animals.But,we felt it was the least we could do for our volunteer Jack who offered his time and shed to our organization when needed.And of course,the birds were already traumatized from loosing the one and only person they knew for yrs.So it is with much appreciation we would like to say THANKS to KATE in Neptune NJ for rescuing these birds.


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