Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Latest update

Dorothy helped 8 families,2 of the family's needed blankets,towels and toys for their children.
The other families were given clothes for their children and the rest of Hungry Man dinners were given out.

Thank you Chuck & Robin for your coat ,curtains ,sheets and blanket donation.They are from Brick town

Peachess has given out clothes for a  5 mos old boy who's parents are very young and struggling.
The baby also received a swing,crib bedding,bottles(as they only had 1 bottle)pacifier,onesies,PJ's and much needed diapers.

Thank you to a lady in Toms River who donated some cat food..Peachess is using it for the feral colony
that she feeds.Approximately 10 feral cats in this colony which she had caught and had spayed/neutered.So any help towards food is greatly appreciated.

Fr John while in Kimball Hospital Emergency Room met a pregnant woman with flip flops on.It was very
cold outside and she had a heavy sweater instead of a coat on.After him talking with her we decided to help her if she was agreeable.I am happy to report volunteer Debbie dropped some clothes,baby items for baby that's due in a few months,blankets,and clothes for her other 2 daughters ages 4 &7 yrs old.They were very grateful.Yes even in the hospital FR John is reaching out to those who might need alittle assistance.We will collect some more items hopefully for this struggling family.Twins due 1 boy & 1 girl.So baby clothes are needed.

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