Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dorothy's deliveries for March

Dorothy delivered to a total of 29 families in one of the poorest sections in Camden.
 With her was her son and his male friend  because the area is so bad.The families did not only receive
clothes for their children but the food that we had been given.We have told Dorothy numerous times not to venture in areas that are not safe.But,she insists these areas are where the help is most needed.We keep her in our prayers when her and her son make these deliveries.
Peachess has delivered to 15 families in March.She has gone to some of the poorest areas in Trenton.Again we have discussed with Peachess about being in unsafe areas.She reassure us she is not alone she is with the Lord.Anyone who knows Peachess knows she goes where she feels needed.
I delivered in March to 6 families in Ocean County not counting drop offs to several churches or the Easter baskets we are dropping off today.I spent a good time of March visiting Fr John in the hospitol.
Debbie delivered items to 4 families in Ocean County in between picking up food & clothes donations.
Total-54 families for month of March

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