Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please Help if You Can

Donations are way down  - we desperately  need baby clothes - boy and girl,  we need wheelchairs and strollers etc.   We lost Carter's and OshKosh to the BIG charities (who don't work in the trenches with the folks in need)  - their donations were huge for us. If you can help - please email us at;  to arrange a pick up, monetary donations can be made via Paypal on this blog or our website. With Easter on the horizon, we've also had requests for baskets and other seasonal items.  Please help if you can.
 Thank you and God Bless!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some of Peachess 's Drop offs in Burlington Co

Peachess gave a tote full of womens clothes for
a woman.She had been in the Providenc House for several
months.She finally got the courage to leave her abusive husband.
She left with the clothes on her back.These clothes had been donated
from a family who just moved to Hainesport.
Several toys and childrens clothes were given to a mom who is
starting over.
Some men clothes to a Baptist church who collects for the homeless in
Mt.Holly.Alot of the homeless suffer from addiction and mental illness.
We appreciate it when Peachess squeezes in her busy schedule time
to do some drop offs.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rudy & FR John in New Gretna

We gave Rudy a few items for his 3 grandchildren
Plus some Easter baskets for Easter.He was so pleased.
Money has been very tight for him and has been awhile
since he has gotten his grandchildren anything.

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Still Needed stroeller
2.infant clothes both sexes
3.gas cards in good condition powder,baby shampoo
6.costume jewelry for women starting over
8.1 pac n play( new mom wants to leave over babysitters house for when her baby is there

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Thanks

Thank you Melodi for the microwave and baby crib set
Thank you Lorie and Tim for the Easter baskets with goodies in them
Thank you Debbie for instant coffee for needy families,clothes and egg boxes
Thank you Matt for donating towels and wash rags

Friday, March 23, 2012

Drop off in Cookstown

This young guy is going to be a dad in 2 weeks

We donated a small nite stand so they would have a place for the baby clothes

This was donated for their cat

Trash can for baby boys room

We have donated a few times to people that
live in Hanover Apartments

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Waretown drop off

We had several drop offs so we met this
man from Waretown in the Wawa Parking lot.
This is the second time we donated to this family.They are going to have a baby soon.They already have a 3yr old daughter and 1 yr son.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drop offs in Waretown

Umbrella clothes for girl,baby blanket
and desitin.
Size large clothes for a man who is starting over.
Some small household items since his xgirlfriend supposingly
cleaned him out.We hooked him up with a person who
is getting rid of some furniture.Hopefully this year will
be better than last year.
Twin umbrella stroller.Young mom with 2 small children
under 2 yrs.Each little girl recieved a doll

Thanks Andy

Thank you Andy from Toms River for
sawing the wood.And taking it away.
Fr.John really appreciated you donating
your time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Email from volunteer who picked up wheelchair

The woman who signed the senior woman into our program, Shellie, let her know that we acquired a wheel chair for her. She was so excited that she can hardly wait for it. There is a meeting tomorrow night and the wheel chair will be given to the pal who helps her with her animals. She will be bringing it over to her, probably, Thursday.
She told Shellie that she hasn't been out of her house in quite some time as she couldn't get around without a wheel chair.
This will finally give her the freedom she has been wishing for.
Thank you so much for this wheel chair, it is really going to make a big difference in this woman's
This email spoke volumes of how 1 donated item can help another.

Monday, March 12, 2012

this is a picture of Bobs family

Mary is Bobs wife
Ashley is Bobs daughter
Their son is not in the picture because
he is in Georgia.He is a Marine.

Bob's family donated a wheelchair
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1.stroller for 1 1/2 yr old girl who has not walked
and Dr's trying to figure out why.She can stand and does
crawl.Taking steps is something she has not done yet.
She is rather heavy for the mom to carry.
2.GAS CARDS- to help with the gas prices we spend
so we can make deliveries
3.Infant Summer clothes/we have some moms expecting
both sex's food & supplies for a woman who cares for feral cats
5.size 0,1 or xtra small clothes for frail woman powder
7.pac n play

Porcelin Doll & lamp shades

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Wheel chair & clothes donated

This is Bob.They bought this wheelchair
at a yard sale .They thought we could use it
for someone needy.

Bobs favorite saying is"we come into
this world with nothing,and when we die we
will leave this world with nothing".Material things are
only meant to help all of us make the best of
our time while we are on earth.
It is for
that reason we assist those in need
One year Bobs family actually took
another family to Disney World. The family
had worked for yrs but never was able to
afford a vacation for their children.
So Bob and his wife met them and after
seeing their living conditions they gave them their dream trip.And a camera to take pictures of the memories.
This family tries every week to atleast do
something nice for someone atleast 1 time
a week.Be it Bob offering to clean out an elderly persons gutters,their daughter shopping at the grocery store for someone or the wife buying clothes for someone elses children.Their son also every year collects toys for kids in need.ITS A FAMILY AFFAIR AND WE ARE PLEASED THAT WE NOT ONLY MET THEM;BUT THEY PICKED US TO HELP AROUND CHRITSMAS WITH TOYS?ITEMS The wheel chair is for an elderly woman who needs one.Medicare would not cover the expense of one.This woman lives in lindenwood.We have a volunteer that is going to pick it up for her.

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Donation to Pre- K School

A lady Name Dianne runs this
pre-k school.

The children do alot of activities
as you can see by some of the
samples of their work on the board.

Dianne needed some books for their library .
She wants to make it possible to exchange books
with other day care centers or nursery schools.
Because reading is vital for childrens'
education we donated a box of
age appropiate books.Thanks to those who gave
us books we were able to help.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The watch Dog

 This beautiful boxer did exactly that
he watched us taking donated items
off the porch.No growling no barking.
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Pennsylvania here we come

This is a load of adult womens
clothes from Donna in Pa.(Mixed Seasons)
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Friday, March 9, 2012

size 0 or 1 needed

For a woman who has been very ill.
She is frail and none of her old clothes fit her.
This is a size we never get normally.
If anyone would like to donate please
email us at
Thank you

Desperately needed

Very young couple just out of high school are
having a baby boy end of April.Desperately
need baby boy Summer clothes especially onesies.
No matter what they are determined to make it.
They just got their very own apartment and boyfriend got a job,
They would also like a pac n play.At this time their
families are not to happy about them living together.
So far they have a crib with mattress ,diapers,receiving blankets,
umbrella stroller,car seat,7 out fits size 0-3 mos.,socks,monitors,
desitin,shampoo and powder for baby.Infant toys,few bottles,
little nail clippers,baby book,comb and brush set and booties.
We were able to give them everything except the crib.Which
they had .It was made possible because of donations we had recieved.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kristen thanks for the clothes and umbrella strollers
Melodi thanks for the clothes,
books,pots n pans and bag of toys.
Julie thanks for children's shoes
Susan and our silent volunteer thanks for size 4 girl clothes
Debbie thanks for the brand new baby girl Summer clothes
We appreciate all that you have done

March 17th

We received this colored
picture from one of the children
we gave stuff to.Just in time
for ST.Patty's Day!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Yesterdays Email

This is part of an email we recieved late yesterday.
Fr John;
Hello.1st of all I apologize for the delay
for saying THANK YOU for the items you
dropped off 3 weeks ago.My daughter absolutely
adores the new kitchen and tea set.She talks of
nothing else these days.God bless you and your

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Clothes

We are no longer collecting Winter Clothes.
We have reached our quota.We will be collecting
Summer clothes starting the end of March.
At this time we are in need of 0-3 mos baby boy (Summer )clothes.
We also need a stroller and size 7/8 boy clothes(Summer)
Also will be needing some Easter baskets & candy

Helping a neighbor

We are packed and ready to go

This family is
trying to get some much needed items
for their neighbor who does not speak
much English.

Her son is holding an item
for the neighbors new baby due

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Todays Schedule

We have a drop off by 11:30 for a family with 4 children
and a baby on the way.3 girls and 1 boy all under
the age of 12 yrs.The father works but he had been
sick and fell behind on some bills.Where he works
there are no benefits.We are delivering baby items,clothes
for the children and dishes.
1:30 We are dropping off some small household items
for a young man who has gone through a bitter
divorce.It was his father who asked if we
could give some assistance.
2:30 we have a pick up of toys and childrens shoes

2 Familys

Jim owned a bar and grill.Him and his wife lived in
a nice rancher with a 2 car garage.When the economy
got bad.His business became slow.So slow that he eventually
lost his bar and grill.His wife was a stay at home mom
with their one son.She had helped on occasion
at the bar and grill.For the most part she had not
held down a job in years.They lost their home
to foreclosure.They moved in a modest apartment
and went for food stamps.Jim said"I use to be one of
those people who said how do these people get in the
situation where they need food stamps and welfare"
well I can understand it now."If I ever get a head
I am going to be more generous to those who
are struggling".Last we heard he worked part time in
a restaurant.No benefits and was an employee
not a boss.His wife stayed at home and took
care of their son.
Marilyn owned a nice house in a nice neighborhood.
She had a swimming pool and often threw parties
for her friends and close neighbors.She drove
a Mercedes and worked in advertising with a nice firm.
She was a single mom with 2 children.The children
went to a Catholic School.Marilyn could afford it.
Then one day Marilyn learned her parents had been killed
in a car accident.She fell into a depression.
She was hospitalized.The children went with their father.
No more parties.Unable to work and put on Disability she
moved in with a family member.
We tried recently to get in touch with these 2 families
to see if they were doing better .And to offer any help in
clothes if needed.Both families no longer live at their last address.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Silver Ridge Apartments

These apartments are in Toms River.
We dropped off some dishes and a few small
household items.We have been to these
apartments several times.The young
single mom was very pleased with the items.
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I went to KMart yesterday in between everything else.
I did not go for any particular reason.It was more like
a feeling I had.When I arrived I saw a woman in the
store crying.I approached her and asked her if there
was anything I could help her with.
She explained to me how she lived in Manahawkin and
2 days ago her cat was outside .Someone had smashed its
head in and the cat had to be put down at the vets.
I did not know what to say.So I hugged her and reassured
her the cat now was in a better place.And feeling no pain.
No one seemed to notice the woman except me.Perhaps that
was why I had this feeling to go to the store.To give someone a
much needed hug & to let her know I felt her pain.
Often we go about our daily life never noticing those
around us.It is good sometimes to slow down and look around
someone might just need a HUG!

Thursday, March 1, 2012