Friday, May 31, 2013

MAY's Update

Dorothy  did   48 families(40 in Camden County     8 in Cumberland County.
We  did 6 families-Burl.Co 5 and Ocean Co 1 family. and 3 pick ups
Debbie did 2 families in Ocean Co. and several pick ups for us.
Peachess did 15 families in Burlington County amd several pick ups

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just to let you know

We give 110 percent to those in need.I say an extra 10 percent because FR John often spends
money out of his own pocket.If you donate something all of it goes to those intended for.We do
not sell anything.We give from our hearts.All our volunteers have given out of their own pockets.Plus they
find time in their busy schedules to pick up or deliver items for us when needed.The one thing those who help our organization have in common is they care about others.They know it is better to give than recieve.
We get nothing out of it except to see someone we helped SMILE and feel  like they have not been forgotten.We give them HOPE.

Update on Family of 9

The father has just gotten hired for a new job.Praise the Lord!
And for memorial weekend they celebrated with a homemade dinner
with the food we gave them.Hope things continue to look up for this family.


Thank you Debbie for the box of brand new sandals for adults and children.
Just in time for the Summer.
Thank you Stacey for the truckload of brand new items.Peachess will find good
homes for the items.
Thank you Chrissy for the dresser.Normally we do not do furniture but because
we just happened to know someone in desperate need of one we made an exception.
Thank you Gina for the few books.The children will definately enjoy reading them.

Inspired at Acme

Met a woman who leaves extra money at the register at the grocery store
towards the next customers grocery bill.She has been paying it forward for years,ever since someone had given her $10 when she herself was short of cash in a store.She does it about 1 times a month.She definately inspired me.To think there are still people out there that think of others.And need no recognition for their generosity.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby items from Yilan

 We always need baby supplies so we are extra grateful for these items.The few items of food were donated from a woman off Fischer blvd Toms River

Some of our recent donatations

Bags of clothes,toys from Melodi in Jackson.
She always remembers us and we appreciate it.Thanks Melodi

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


BOOKS FOR CHILDREN  ages 1yr-12 yrs
GIRL CLOTHES size 3-10
BOY CLOTHES size 3-6

A new name added to Fr Johns prayer list

Ricky has been diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm.He will be having surgery tomorrow.Please,keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An interesting fact about FR JOHN

 Whenever Fr John sees an accident he always says a prayer for the people involved.This particular accident was due to an 88 yr old woman putting her car in drive instead of reverse when she was trying to leave the wawa.She was shaken up but fine.Thank goodness no one had been walking in or out of the door.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Items sent to the Indian Reservations

Melissa from Lakewood who also sews shipped out some items for several reservations.
Here is the list;
1.Rosebud Reservation-Light jackets
2.Corus Christy-Jackets & scarves
3.Jim Huntley-baby socks,adult socks,shirts
4.Ron Kochn-baby clothes ,teen/adult shirts
5.Oyate Project-baby clothes
6.Sister K. Arizona Reservation-baby items and blankets

  We are very impressed in her efforts to help the Native American people.
As you know we helped several of these reservations over the Christmas holiday.

Flowers donated to an elderly woman

Hopefully the deer won't eat these.
You know FR John he has a soft heart and when he
heard she lost her flowers to some deer he
went out and bought her a replacement.And I was
elected to plant them,ha,ha

Items For Dorothy's needy families

Food,clothes and toys.The big jar is full of pickled sausages,Hum! That is going to a soup kitchen in Cumberland county.(doesn't look appetizing to me but,I am sure someone will enjoy them).

Ready for drop offs

 The shower chair went to SOMEBODY CARES
in Whiting.They put a request in our small local paper.
Happy to say others donated shower chairs to this organization for the elderly.

Paper was donated to woman in Plumstead.Peachess
has a whole tote full of more paper,lol

1 of the Prayer List now typed

 So much easier to read then my handwriting.
6 handwritten pages equal 2 -1/2 typed pages

Monday, May 6, 2013

An unusual prayer request

Received an email from a woman who would like us to add a 17 yr old boy name Billy on our prayer list.Billy is in jail. Billy killed her son at a party.Her son was trying to break up an argument between him and another guy and was shot.Her son was very religious and she feels if he was still alive he would want someone to pray for Billy.We pray that Billy will have remorse for what he has done.Also we pray the violence among young men will  oneday stop.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Handmade childrens clothes from Melissa in Lakewood

We appreciate the time Melissa took to make these
clothes for the children.Thank You Melissa!


childrens clothes size 5-10 boys/girls
dry cat food
gas cards
desitin for those young moms who seem to always have babies with diaper rash
need more infant boy clothes (Summer)
tioletries for a few homeless Dorothy is trying to help


Reys of Hope  officially started in 2008.We are still going strong thanks to donations from generous people.Without these donations we would not be able to help those less fortunate then ourselves.Again we would like to thank everybody who pays it forward.
I have typed the 6 pages of handwritten prayer list and happy to say it is now 2 1/2  much more legible also.
We have delivered items to 20 families in Burlington County for the month of April
Dorothy has done a total of 70 more for April.
Met a woman last week that was upset that the deer had eaten her newly planted flowers.We gave her some flowers to replace them which deer don't like.She was so surprised.So alls happy.It is nice to see a genuine smile on someones face.
Peachess has several totes of Computer paper that was donated to her from a man in Burlington Co.I told her she could go in the paper business.We actually picked some up to give to a woman in Plumstead.
Met a woman who feeds feral cats and desperately needs cat food.Since she is on a fixed income.Like many seniors she spends alot of her small check on food for them.