Friday, May 3, 2013


Reys of Hope  officially started in 2008.We are still going strong thanks to donations from generous people.Without these donations we would not be able to help those less fortunate then ourselves.Again we would like to thank everybody who pays it forward.
I have typed the 6 pages of handwritten prayer list and happy to say it is now 2 1/2  much more legible also.
We have delivered items to 20 families in Burlington County for the month of April
Dorothy has done a total of 70 more for April.
Met a woman last week that was upset that the deer had eaten her newly planted flowers.We gave her some flowers to replace them which deer don't like.She was so surprised.So alls happy.It is nice to see a genuine smile on someones face.
Peachess has several totes of Computer paper that was donated to her from a man in Burlington Co.I told her she could go in the paper business.We actually picked some up to give to a woman in Plumstead.
Met a woman who feeds feral cats and desperately needs cat food.Since she is on a fixed income.Like many seniors she spends alot of her small check on food for them.

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