Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 prayers Fr John recites for those on prayer list

Lord  Jesus,who  went  about  doing good and healing all,we  ask You to  bless  friends  and family
who   are sick.Give  them the strength in body,courage in spirit,and patience in  pain.Let them recover their health ,so that,restored to the Christian community,they may joyfully praise Your name,for You live and reign for ever and ever .Amen

Fr  John reads from the Prayer list about every 5 weeks.Today was the Sunday he chose for April.
Note*when Fr John is in the hospitol if he recites these prayers he usually says "for all on my prayer list".I do not bring it in to the hospitol and their names are not read.The list seems to be getting longer every year.But,the  are still the same.And since I have known Fr John he has been very dedicated in remembering .If you would like to add anybody on the list please email us  at

  Fr John recites this one for all the victims of (9-11,Syria,bombing victims,children who died from hunger,cancer or abuse,etc

O God,Creator and Redeemer of Your servants and handmaids the  forgiveness  of all sins.Bring to them Peace,Mercy and light on their souls.Whom have been summoned from this world.Call them to be numbered in the fellowship of your saints.We ask this through Christ.Amen

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