Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Heartfelt Thanks

We need to thank the many individuals, along with a few organizations and companies, for their help this holiday season.  Without this help we would never have been able to make the holidays brighter for the dozens of families to whom we offered help and hope this Christmas.   Most of these families would not have had a single item for the holidays if not for these donations.   As we delivered these items to the various families,  we heard time and again about the fact that they had felt hopeless about the holidays until we arrived bearing gifts and reminded them that they are important, more important then their set of difficult circumstances.  They talked about how their sadness and concern about the upcoming holiday had been replaced with hope and happiness.  How they were delighted when they realized they would now have something under the tree, which was also donated in some  cases.  One can't ask for much more then believing in miracles on such an important holiday.  We can never thank each of you enough for reaching out to others in need and giving them a wonderful day they never thought would be possible this year.  Thank each of you again for helping us to keep the circle of giving spinning…. and spinning.   Always remember, together we are touching lives in a positive way everyday.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charles "Tim" Hopple 12/14/1946 - 12/14/2009

This post is dedicated to the memory of Tim Hopple - who departed this world on Monday, December 14,2009.  He was a VietNam Veteran with two tours under his belt and a credit to our organization.  He worked tirelessly for Reys of Hope.  He repaired furniture donated to us, he "hunted and gathered" for us.  He wrapped Christmas presents and managed the storage at Pat's house.  He was a substitute "Grandpa" for the little girl next door and one of the "muscle behind the movement" guys from Peaches post of last year.  Godspeed, Tim.  We hope you find the peace you deserve.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just A Quick Note to Our Generous Donors

Just wanted to let everyone know that because of the countdown to Christmas and serving the needs of our families, I am going to hold off on posting our Thank Yous until right after December 25th.  I feel it is more important right now to address the needs of these people who so desperately need our help.  And each time I add a new posting it pushes down the one below it - making it harder to find the Christmas Lists. 

Thank you for understanding.  Know that your generosity is truly appreciated and we wouldn't be able to do this work without each and everyone of you. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best for the coming year!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Rest of Our Christmas Families from Pat/Fr. John

This is the other half of our families list - from Pat and Fr. John.  THankfully the first 10 families have been removed from the list because they have been taken care of by many of you guys.  One note though-please contact Pat & Fr. John at if you want to help any of these folks.  If you would like to help the Burlington area families - please contact Peaches at  Thank you for a ny offers of help.

 Families 1 thru 10 have been taken - God Bless!!  Here are the other families we are helping.

11 -Male age 3 size 4t  pants 5t ,  female age 24 mos size 5, female medium in tops age 19 yrs and medium in sweats,

12-Male age 16  size 12/14 shirts  needs socks and underwear   pants 32x32
female age 15  size pants 24  shirts 24/26 6foot tall
male age 14  size shirts large,needs socks and tee shirts,pants size  medium in sweats
male age 11 size 18 boy pants,oy size 18 shirts or mens medium
male-age 10 size shirts 10/12,pants size 12 boys needs underwear and socks  and likes games or anything to do with cars

13-Boy age 6 size 8/10
   girl age 4  size 5-6
   girl age 1  size 18 mos
   girl 3 mos.old  size 3-6mos
Diapers sizes 3-4 and size 2 are also needed

14-Mom struggling ex gives child support when he wants, has not seen any money in 3 mos.
5yr old girl size 6 needs socks and wants a baby doll
     10 yr old boy  size 12/14 needs underwear  likes board games.

15-Single mom with 5 children (just got layed off)
17 yr old girl size 7/women likes makeup and perfume
14 yr old boy size small men or 12/14 in boys
9 yr old boy  size 10/12 needs under shirts
5 yr old girl size 5/6  wants a doll with blonde hair and coloring books  needs socks and gloves
2 yr old girl  size 3/4t  toys,clothes needed

16-Family barely making ends meet (both out of work-one on unemployment
boy 18 yrs old likes car magizines, size medium shirts,  size 18 boys in pants
girl 16 yrs old likes pretty things,jewelry,make up and nancy drew books

17-Darlene-mom - family of 4
15 yr old boy-3 x clothes
14 yr old girl-3 x clothes
both of these children are 6 ft tall and some inches
6 yr old boy-7/8 clothes
3 yr old girl-4/5 clothes

18-Grandma with 8 kids has been taken care of pretty much.

19-Family of 6 up and moved from Bayville section 8 motel no return address.

20-Ami-single mom, use to work in bar, owner propositioned her and kept making her feel uncomfortable.She quit. Now working pt in marketing with no benefits.  Father of kids sends money when he wants. She has not seen any in past 2 months and he no longer resides where he was. She wants the kids to have a xmas even if the items are used.
boy age 13-size 14  needs underwear
boy 2 yr old-size 4 clothes
girl 15 yr old-size 16/18

20-Shelly-An Aunt raising sisters kids with her own
total 5
boy  age 10-size 10 husky,medium mens shirts
boy  age 13-size 12/14  clothes(tall and thin
boy age 8-10/12 clothes
girl age 5-size 6(thin
her daughter age 5-size 8/10 little chubby

21-Cindy and Husband both layed off waiting for unemployment
2 yr old boy-size 2t/24 mos
5 yr old boy-size 6

We split the list up because so many are in need and having problems. Majority are welfare families with no male figure around.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Info About Donations

Here is the response to what our deadline is - truth be told - Peaches will take donations up to the last moment - if I know her.  But here is the "official" response for Pat & Fr. John:

"Cut off date for us in Ocean county is Dec 19/09.  If a family is in desperate need after that we will most likely go through any extra wrapped gifts that might have  not been distributed yet. Meaning,  we try to give each child 4 items for Christmas.  In an emergency situation we will give 3 items and that extra to the desperate family or go buy items at our own expense.  Anyone that we have told we would help we will do everything in our power to help."

And to reply to Samantha about our "Please Read - Can You Help" posting - no - as far as I know we have not had an offer of help yet.  If you would like to help please contact Fr. John at

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can You Help????? PLEASE READ!!

Hi my name is Tiffany. I live in Barnegat, NJ.  I  have a 3 yr old and am expecting another baby in May.  I believe it's a girl but I will know for sure tomorrow.  I live with my Uncle and they have a 3yr old and 13 yr old.  The 3yr old is in a 5t-6t and my daughter is in a 1t-3t.  Their son is in a large in boys and large pants.  We have contacted every church and organization for help and have been turned down.  Some were very nasty as they were overwhelmed.  I've been turned down by everyone.  Your organization is my last hope, if you turn me down my Uncle's kids and my kids will have no Xmas.  Please help us,  thanks .

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Peaches Top 20 Families in Need at Christmas

Time is running out and we need to re-post this list - if you can help - please email Peaches at
Thank you for reading - this is a long posting:

Here are just 20 of our families that could use a helping hand at Christmas. ALL of these families are struggling with affording basic, clothes and heat.  Christmas is a holiday out of reach for all of them. Anything you could do to help make even one of their holidays brighter would be appreciated beyond words. If you would like to donate a Christmas gift(s) specifically to one of our families, please provide us with the family's number (1 - 20)  and which member and we will be sure to make that happen within days of receiving them from you ....thank you from all of us at Reys of Hope.
NOTE:  We believe children should have dolls of their own skin color which is the ONLY reason we are posting the race/skin color of our families. 

Sadly, there are many more such families - if you can help us in any way - with financial donations or toys/gifts - PLEASE contact us.

Family #1 Black Dolls
Mom escaped in March with her children after 7 years of physical abuse, him hunting her down and bringing her back, guns, etc. Her children have not had Christmas in years. She also discovered she was pregnant (he raped her) and gave birth to a baby boy last month. She hears thru her network that he continues to search for her but for today and hopefully forever, he will not find her.

She wears woman's  size 11/12 bottoms , M or L tops size 8 shoe
Her son age 16 wears size adult 32 or 34 bottoms , M tops size 10 1/2 shoe likes art
Her one daughter  age 15 size adult 3/4 bottoms , S tops size 8 shoe likes to read
Her other daughter age 13 size adult 5/6 or 7/8 bottoms , M tops size 8 shoe likes to make clothing
Next daughter age 11 size kids 12 or 14 bottoms , M or L tops size 4 kid shoe likes games and dolls
Youngest daughter  age 7 size kids 6 or 7 bottoms , S or M tops size 12 kid shoe likes dolls and any other toys.
Baby son age 1mo. size baby 6/9mo.   They are still in need of household things like pots and pans
FAMILY  #2 Bi-racial Black/White Dolls
Just moved from a safe house where they lived for more then a year to their own place :)  Young mom of 2 little girls.

Mom wears XL/12-14_ size (top), XL/Long/20-22_ size (bottom),shoes size 9-9 1/2_ shoe size
Little girl age 4 1/2   M/6-7 size (top and bottom) shoe size 12 now...sure 13 in less then 6 months. She likes  coloring (crayons/coloring books), puzzles, Bratz, Barbies, Disney Princess', Legos
Baby girl 10 months old in NOv 09 wears  9-12mos_ size (top /bottom) shoe size 3
LIKES OR HOBBIES- anything age appropriate for 12mos/1yr old babies.
PET IN HOUSE..1 cat, HUGE 23lbs, Female,needs collar, and cat food (she eats Purina Indoor dry cat food). housewares needed..
FAMILY #3 Caucasian Dolls
Young STRUGGLING couple of a little girl..
age 20  wears a size S or XS shirt pants size 3 shoes 7
8 month old baby girl anything above 9 m ( 12 m+best bet)
The Dad wants only for his family.
Pregnant Mom, sex of child unknown at this time; due in March after being told could have no more. Dad just lost his job about a month ago due to lack of work..Household consists of 3 young boys.

Adult :25/F  lrg-xl shirts..pants she has no idea as her belly is growing..
Adult:26/Male shirts XL..pants 38x34
Child: 6/Male  6/7 shirts..7 2...likes superheros...puzzles (those wooden ones)....arts and crafts...dragons
Child:3/Male   4t shirts...4t pants ( need bad) 13....likes dragons and
Child:2/Male    2/M 2-3T shirts...2-3T elmo...dancing/music....anything that makes noise and balls..loves to color/paint
Animals: 2 cats...medium sized..
FAMILY #5 Caucasian Dolls
Young mother of 4 died in tragic car crash several months back after asking if her baby was ok. Baby who was buckled in her car seat survived the accident. Dad is raising them while trying to work fulltime and pay for the bills, their care and everything else.

Dad only cares that the kids have something on Christmas morning:
boy 6 - size 8-10
girl 4 - size 5-6
girl 14 mos -size 24; diapers sz 3-4
girl 4 months - sz 6-9 months, diaper sz 2
Diapers, formula and clothes are needed.  The infant is on stage 2 baby food and Similac formula.
FAMILY #6 Hispanic/Latina Dolls
Mom with serious heart condition raising 2 little girls alone.

Daughter is 8 wears a teen 16-16.5 bottom...14/16 top shoe size girl 4.5
Baby girl 9-12 months winter
Mom 18 pants and xl shirts shoe size 10
FAMILY #7 - Caucasian Dolls
Single mom of three little girls  BARELY  making it. She wears pants 7/8 medium shirts shoe size 7w .
Child Female age 2 1/2 size 3t  shoe size 9 1/2 regular or 9w.  She likes trains and dolls
Child Female age 8 size 7/8 medium clothes shoe size .2 1/2 regular or 2w She likes arts and crafts, reading, playing house and school
Child Female age 10 size 12 1/2 plus pants or xl and 16 1/2 tops or xxl clothes, shoe size 6 1/2 regular or 6 wide

FAMILY #8 Black Dolls
Mom of two girls, one boy. She wears a 30-32 woman and is in need of clothes for herself.

Baby girl  wears 9-12m, shoe size 2
Girl age 6  wears size 7, shoe size 13
Boy wears size 12,  shoe size mens  5
Toys:  baby safe for 9m and above; little girl likes dress up and coloring.
Boy likes basketball and football the most.


Single mom of a little boy could use a helping hand

She wears L top , size 9 pants.
Her son likes typical 4 year old boy toys and learning toy. He is smart.


Couple,  Mrs recently diagnosed with Luekemia, Mr expected to be laid off in a month
Girl- Age 17 needs size 5/7 pants, M-L Tops, shoe size 7-8
Girl- Age 13 needs size 0/1 pants, Sm Tops, shoe size 8
Mom- 14 size Pants and xl top, shoe size 9
Dad- 42x32 Jeans and 2xl tops, shoe size 13
Couple with no young children.  Mrs is paralyzed from waist down. Mr is her primary care giver. They used to enjoy going out to places like Cracker Barrell or a movie,  but are losing everything, including their home due to the expense burden of her health issues. They are charitable despite their troubles  and try to help others less fortunate than themelves.  There is only a small part of their home that is handicap accessible.  She  wears xl/xl tops and 20/22 bottoms. He wears 38 x 30 pants and XL tops. Mostly, they need a gift that allows them get out a little.


FAMILY #12 Black Dolls
Mom of 2 having difficulty making ends meet.
She wears a size 10, Med. shirts

Little boy wears 3-4 enjoys anything age 3 and up. He loves to play
Baby girl wears 12-18m


Couple that had been homeless now have a place to call home.   Dad works hard but barely makes ends meet.  Mom cannot work.  Have one Teen daughter and a 6 year old boy who wears size 7


FAMILY #14 Caucasian
Couple:  VERY VERY difficult year,  have 4 children. Being forced to move on Jan 1/10.

Boy age 6 wears 7/8,
daughter 5 wears 8-10
2 little boys size 4 and size 2.
More then anything they would appreciate toys for their children to open on Christmas as all of their money is being used for a security depost on a place to live.  Their daughter is NOT fond of barbie type dolls- prefers baby dolls.


FAMILY #15 Caucasian Dolls
Couple with 2 children forced to move in with grandparents of children due to eviction.

Boy - 7 years old, size 8
Girl - 5 years old, size 7
Their daughter likes baby dolls but not barbie type dolls


FAMILY #16 Bi-racial Black/White Dolls
Mom raising baby girl alone.
She wears 16/18 , xl plus
Baby wears a size 6-9m could use 9m and above.


Couple: Mrs, recently diagnosed with Lupus. They are having serious financial problems to the point of having little food to eat.

Baby Boy almost one year old,  wears 12-18m


FAMIY #18 Bi-Racial Black/White Dolls
Couple: they have a little girl and very little money. She lost her job and he is about to..
Girl 15 months old, wears 18m-2t . She LOVES bright colors and is one of our featured Angels who loves to play outside. 


Single dad raising 3 little girls while working part time.
Currently, they do not need clothes as we just gave them quite a lot.
The children would like a toy or two. They are ages 4 , 7 and 11.  The  younger two love dolls Barbie, Dora, princesses.  The older girl loves arts and crafts, American Indians, doing her nails, hair beads . FOR DOLL REASONS ONLY THE YOUNGER TWO ARE WHITE THE OLDER CHILD IS A MIXED RACE BLACK/WHITE CHILD


We also need bright, cheery toys such as legos, blocks, larger piece puzzles, coloring books, crayons, etc for 3 children with autism.  FOOD IS ALSO ALWAYS NEEDED !!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


A HUGE THANK YOU TO LORRIE , HER FAMILY, Myspace and Facebook friends.  This generous woman  posted a request to all of her Myspace and Facebook friends requesting donations for our children - AND she was wildly successful!!  She also arranged a Girl Scout service project which we previously posted.  The grown men in her family wrapped all the gifts!  Thank you Lorrie, you are wonderful.  This next picture is Fr. John's SUV - loaded to the brim with all of the gifts Lorrie and her friends and family gathered/donated.   THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You for all the PJ's!!

Lisa from Point Pleasant donated 20 new PJ's in sizes 18 mos to 5 yrs old. in hopes we could use them for Christmas.Which if course we can!!  We ALWAYS need them!  Thank You!!

Thank You To Girl Scout Troop 352

This is Girl Scout Troop 352 from Toms River Evergreen unit who collected and wrapped Chirstmas Gifts for our families.   We also want to thank Jerry's Auto Body who donated monetary support  to this project.

Jerry's Auto Body
459 Wright DeBow Rd.
Jackson NJ

Thank you all for your generosity!!  You guys did a GREAT job!!