Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank You to Lori

Thank you to Lori from Lakehurst who sent a $100.00 donation for the family that had the house fire. They are truly grateful for the generosity of everyone who has stepped up to help them rebuild their life. Thank you again - in these hard times - it is much appreciated.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Little Cutie

Peaches thought you might want to see one of our little cutie pies. Her parents are hard working and struggling to provide all the necessaries for her. She already knows her ABC's, loves bright colors and loves to be outside. Her size is 18 months to 2 yrs - if you would like to donate some gently used clothing for this little lady please contact us. PS- We got her Mom's permission to post her picture.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Thank You's

Lori from Brick donated salt and pepper shakers, linens and small household items.
Cindy from Forked River collected donated things and delivered to us. Plus she added a lamp, porcelan doll and household items.
Margorie from Toms River donated silverware, curtains and drinking glasses.
Fred from Bricktown donated a brand new microwave!
Cindy is the person who gathered up the items for our organization. We received them on Sept 16. Thank you all so much for caring and donating - we truly appreciate your help!!!

Pat & Fr. John's Activities for september

Sept. 3 - Gave Wendy in Howell a large bird cage so she could buy parakeets for her 2 boys.

Sept 9 - A woman met us at the Pet Smart Shopping Center Rt 70 to pick up sheets, toddler books, and boy clothes 2t and 3t, they also received a DVD player so they could watch their movies.

Sept 9 - last load delivered to Anna for needy school in Mercer area. We gave them baby dolls, games, pillows, blankets, clothes, activity games, sippy cups, diapers and 24-36 months clothing for toddlers in Pre-K. She met us in Bordentown since we had another drop off.

Oneida from Vineland met us at Hammonton Wawa Shopping Center. We gave her large male shirts and slacks for her son. She gave us clothes her son had outgrown. We really appreciated that. She was so grateful that we drove so far and wanted to help.

Sept. 10 - Eve from Cherry Hill donated a lot of women's clothes which Krystal picked up so we want to thank her.

Sept.10 - donated to a woman in Toms River newborn to 6 months infant clothes, about 20 items plus diapers. She was so appreciative that a few days later she donated some toys for boys; like cars, hulk hogan, spider man and balls.

Sept 14-16 - we picked up some children's clothes and toys in areas of Forked River, Lakewood and Jackson for the father of 4 children.

Sept 14-16 - we picked up a microwave, linens, sheets and small household items in Browns Mills, Jackson, Forked River, Mt.Holly and Toms River. These people have really come forward with their donations and Fr John truly appreciates it. He said "its good to see that people come together in times of tragedy". We still need winter coats, gloves and diapers, formula etc for the father of 4. The fire victims still need clothes for their daughter, scarves, gloves, a small TV and toiletries.

Sept 15 - Donated 14 outfits for an 18 month old girl to a woman in Forked River.

Sept 15 - Donated clothes for 2 girls size 3T and 4t from New Eygpt area.

Sept 16 - picked up 2 boxes of infant and toddler clothes from Bayville area. Some will be used for the father of 4 (some were summer clothes and they will be stored away for next year).

Sept 14 - met Roseann at Chick Filet parking lot in Howell to donate some of the items we have received so far for father of 4.

So Sad......

Here is a copy of an email I got from Peaches early this morning - if you read our December 2008 post you will find the write up about this family and the Christmas tree.

Please read: This is from the lady who got the christmas tree...we have been chatting....such a shame...I cannot imagine a solution will be found anytime soon...her last email when I asked allot of ?'s she wrote in response...this sad answer

"In July we lost our house. We were going to move to Indiana, my husband has family there. We got there and he couldn't find a job so we came back to find work for him and a place to live. His mom said she'd keep my 2 little ones while we found a place. Now she wants temporary custody so that has made finding a place 20 times more serious. We cant find a place due to him literally just starting work last week. We are praying daily for a miracle to get a place so we can go get them before she does anything else. I talk to them every couple days, our cell phones are off so it's not easy. I miss them so much I cry every day."

Last Christmas, the Siemens Company generously donated a Christmas to this family, a beautiful tree, and gifts including a check. The family felt the tree was gift enough and did not even want to accept the other gifts. How can this happen? The Mom has serious medical problems, the Dad works they are trying so hard. .... Yesterday Bernanke said the recession was over - it appears it is a depression for this family. If you can help or know of an organization that can assist them in obtaining funding or a deposit or a place to live - please contact us. Thank you.

Why Would You Steal from a Baby??

We have a 5 month old baby boy who was removed from an abusive situation and placed with another family member. We had collected some brand new and nearly new items for him - a brand new swing, an Exersaucer, bouncy chair and other baby items, toys, etc. These items were being staged for delivery in Peaches' yard.

Unfortunately, when they went to load up - they discovered the items had been stolen and additionally, that someone had taken other items from the Reys of Hope truck. We are very disappointed that someone would be so callous and selfish or desperate that they felt it was necessary to steal from us. Especially when we would happily help any person in need.

We know who this person is and are asking by way of this post that they please return our goods so that they can go where they are needed. Just to be clear, we know that the person who took them does not have a need for them and that they are laying in their yard being ruined by the weather.

We are on a quest to replace these items as this child now has not even a swing to comfort him. If you can help with baby boy items for him, please contact us. Thank you for allowing us to vent and for your continued support.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Clothing sizes, Diaper Sizes and Formula for Dad with 4 little ones

Here is the information on the four motherless children - PLEASE, PLEASE, if you can help in any way - contact us and we will arrange to pick up your donation. If you require a receipt we will provide you with one. If you cannot be home, we will do porch pickups.

The children are a boy 6, girl 4, girl 1 and an infant girl 3 months. Diapers, formula and clothes are needed. The boy is size 8-10, 4 year old is 5/6, the one year old is 18 months size and diapers 3-4; and the infant 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers . The infant is on stage 2 baby food and Similac formula.

To Christina

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to donate items for the accident victim's family - we can arrange a pick-up for you and our Fr. John will see to it that it gets to the family. We are waiting for information from the woman who made the initial request for the family to provide us with where to make a monetary donation. As soon as I have more info I will post it to the blog. Again, thank you - this is a terrible tragedy for the Dad and his small children.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Read and Help If You Can

This is tragic! A young mother killed in a car accident leaving four young children and a husband DONATIONS FOR CHILDREN , CLOTHING, FOOD, FORMULA, DIAPERS, ETC.
Date: 2009-09-08, 10:51AM



Here is a link to the press release on this accident:

PLEASE, if you can help - contact us and we will pick up whatever you can donate to this family. We will post their current sizes and needs in the next posting.

Friday, September 11, 2009

List of Needed Items for Family Lost All in a House Fire

I am posting the list of needed items for the family that lost everything in a house fire. We have already amassed clothing for the children - please contact us with any items you can donate.

Many of you may know Maritza, one of our cashiers in the South Cafeteria for several years. Sadly, her home burned down this past Monday. Everything was lost. She, her husband and 3 children were left with nothing and no rental insurance. If anyone is interested in donating items or money, I am gathering up donations for her. Below is a list of some items (other than $) which are needed. They would sincerely appreciate anything, new or gently used! Just imagine what you would need if you moved into a new home with nothing but the shirt on your back.

· Food
· Clothes
· Shoes
· School supplies
· Toiletries
· Pots/Pans
· Dishes
· Cleaning supplies
· Towels
· Chairs
· Table/chairs
· Small appliances
· Full or Queen Bed
· Dressers
· Twin bed
· Bunkbeds
· Sheets
· Pillows
· Curtains
· Vacuum

The children’s sizes are as follows:

· Boy age 3 – clothes size 4, shoes size 9

· Boy age 6 – clothes size 6/7, shoes size 13

· Girl age 9 – clothes size 10/12, shoes size 4

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We just got word from one of our large donors about a family near Trenton that just lost everything in a house fire. The woman works at J&J with them in their cafeteria and she has three little kids. Thankfully, it started during the day and they were outside. Had it been nightime I would be writing a different story here. We are going to be getting a list of their needs which I will post here - if you or anyone you know can help with donated items - please let us know. These little kids are starting school and I cannot imagine what they have or do not have.

Thank you for any help you can give to us. I hope to have the list within the next few days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Peaches NEVER Sleeps - Mantua Methodist Church

Here is a small sampling of what this woman has accomplished in the past few weeks. Not only did she pick up this huge donation - she washed, sorted, boxed it up and distributed it where it was needed. Additionally, the overflow was sorted and placed in storage for the next families in need.

We need to thank the Mantua United Methodist Church, 201 Mantua Blvd., Mantua NJ who shared clothing left over from their clothing swap with entire mini pick up truck load worth!! Listed below is where about 70% of the clothing has been shared. The other 30% has helped fill the totes for future needs. They have helped many many people with this gift. We have been able to help so many due to the size of this donation that a handful may not have made it to our central list yet, but here are the ones that did....

Clothing was given to a young couple with 3 children between the ages of 5-12. All of them were able to receive many things which is wonderful, since they are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. They are located near Mount Holly NJ

Clothing was given to the children ....all 5 of them living with one very pregnant mom to be, who is in hiding from the father of the baby who became more and more violent after their last daughter was born 6 years ago. After he started to abuse her in front of the children, she fled with them in the middle of the night. At the time she did not know she was pregnant (he raped her). We were able to provide clothing for all of them and are currently gathering needed household and infant items for her. We can not list her location for safety reasons.

Clothing was given to one hard working man, his wife and 3 children, including a brand new baby girl. He is always so busy getting together what the family needs that he has no money left for his own needs..Because of the clothing donated he now as a few items. He is in the Browns Mills area.

Clothing was given to a struggling young couple and their 3 children. We were able to provide almost everything they needed in the clothing department (except pants for the man of the house) was garnered from the donation from the swap. They are in Swedesboro area.

Clothing was given to a woman with severe medical problems, along with the husband that loves and cares for her. They are having serious financial issues and are unable to buy needed items. Fortunately, many items were found that worked for them including two brand new pair of slacks for him. They live in the Mount Holly area.

Clothing was suppplied for one mom to be, her husband and their 3 boys aged 6 and under. They were already having difficulty before the medically impossible pregnancy occurred. They have all received a substantial amount of clothing. They are in the Browns Mills area.

Clothing was supplied for a mom with 7 children all under the age of 19, two of which are disabled. Dad decided the grass was greener elsewhere leaving her and the children searching for everything, including work. He has been ordered to pay child support but has still not paid any. Clothing for all was provided, as many of them have outgrown the clothing they were able to bring with them from last year. They still need other items, including school uniforms and food. The clothing from the church swap has made life a little easier in one department. They are in the Millville area.

Clothing was given to a couple with 4 children under the age of 6. Due to her last pregnancy being medically challenging, Mom lost her job. This has made buying things, such as clothing for the always growing children, impossible. They are in the area of Burlington.

Clothing was given to a couple with 2 children ages 6 and 7. Since Dad was hurt and has been deemed unable to work and Mom's job shut down things have been beyond difficult. They are in the Bordentown area.

Clothing was given to one very pregnant Mom and her 3 school age children. They are in the area of Magnolia.

Clothing was given to a woman and her friend for their children. We were able to clothe one older daughter, 2 pre-school girls and a toddler boy. They are near Mt. Holly.

Clothing was given to two pregnant Moms and their future babies, one a girl and one a boy. Both were having great difficulty. They are in the Atlantic City area.

Clothing was given to a young stay at home Mom and her toddler. Since she does not work out side the home, the little money they have never goes to clothing for her. She now has a complete wardrobe as does her daughter. They are in the Medford area.

Clothing was given to one preteen and her two younger cousins all of which come from homes that are struggling to pay the bills. They are in the New Egypt area.

Clothing was supplied to one very pregnant mom with 2 toddler boys. When the violence started to be directed at the children she drove until she ran out of gas and has been in hiding since. She now has clothing for all of them to last a year.

Clothing was given to a single mom of a toddler girl along with extras for her friend in much the same situation. Both are students with very limited income. They are in the Burlington area.

Clothing was given to a Mom and her 3 children under the age of 6 that are living in transitional housing while they work on getting back on their feet. They are in the area near Pemberton.

Clothing was given to one hard working waitress with little support. She was given a wardrobe worth of items. She is in the area of Springfield.

Clothing was given to a woman who lives with her mom due to losing her house and everything in it...A total of 4 adults and 5 children now share one house. They are in the Mount Holly area

Clothing has been boxed up for two different plus sized women who have difficulty finding and affording clothing in their sizes. They are located in Gloucester county.