Friday, January 30, 2009

One Day Only - Free Dental Care at UMDNJ

Peaches received this info from one of our Moms - in Camden County:

Please pass this along. I know a lot of people are laid off so a free dental visit for kids is a blessing.

This is the date:

Feb 6 2009
8:30 - 4pm

Kids 12 and under receive free dental care for those in need.

UMDNJ - University Dental Center @ Somerdale Square
13 Somerdale Square
Somerdale NJ 08083

856-566-6969 - appointment only needed for groups of 10 or more.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Thank You's From Us.....

We also wish to extend our thanks to these repeat donors. Thank you, Thank you! Thank You!! You ALL help make this effort possible with your continued generosity!! Our sincere thanks to:

Sarah and the girls; Maribeth in Bordentown; Dana in Burlington; Lauren in Somerdale; Carol in Franklinville; Angelina in Sicklerville; Mark in Erial; Annmarie in Williamstown; Anna Michelle and Will in Willingboro; Kirk in Somerdale; Sara in Browns Mills; Charlene in Williamstown; Liz in Sewell; Monica in Glendora; Monique in Westampton; Robin in Voorhees; Barbara in PA; Maria I. of Pemberton Township; Sue near Toms River; Sasha in Medford; Joni in Browns Mills; Andrea in West Deptford.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters!!!

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these repeat donors for their continued generosity and support. These people donate continously - we are truly grateful for:

Beth from Absecon, Patti S. from Medford, Kristen L. from Wrighstown, David from Marlton, Linda and Christa from Creamridge, Lydia V. from Moorestown, Carmen from Browns Mills, The Higgenbothams from Pemberton.

Katrina J. Mails clothes from Canada.

Ally from Browns Mills, Ana from Lumberton, Susan and Helen from Pemberton, Nick and Melissa C. from Mt.Laurel, Michael H.of Mt.Holly, Ruth W. of Wrightstown, Lori B. of Browns Mills, Kate of Ft Dix - Army, Deanna of Country Lakes, Tim H. of Browns Mills.

Richard B. from Country Lakes gave us 1-1/2 truck load of donations!!!
Jeff and Kathy T.of Medford.
Judy B.of Wrightstown donated goods plus a cash donation for our organization!

Danielle and Family of Browns Mills, Iris and Pamela of Pemberton, Terri and Co Workers Of Deborah Hospitol in Browns Mills, Joy K. of Mt.Holly, Debbie M.of Browns Mills, Suzan of New Eygpt, John B.of Southampton.

Donna from Pa. meets in a designated spot in NJ to donate, she also offered her time to help wrap Christmas gifts for our families and made a substantial cash donation.
And to Chrissy, our silent volunteer, you are a champion collector and donor.

You have enabled us to to help so many!! Again, we truly cannot thank you enough!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

We Have A Web Site! We Have a Web Site!!!

I just put up the first few pages of our new website. I will be including more information as the days go by. Please check it out at - Reys of Hope or copy and paste this into your browser.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aimsterella, Thank You

Hi "Aimsterella",

Thank you for the offer - we would love to have knitted baby blankets!! Please email and address it to Pat or Fr. John. They will be thrilled and will arrange to pick them up at your convenience.

Thank you!!!!!!


Quality Dental Care for A Lot Less Money

Did you know that the Burlington County College Dental Hygiene Center provides the following services for a nominal charge of $5.00 per visit!! In times like these it's nice to know there's a place to go for good dental care. Plus, healthy teeth and gums are important for overall health.

This is a list of their services:

Examinations, Cleanings, Flouride Treatment, Xrays and Sealants.

The phone number for information is (609)894-9311 ext.1074. Another helpful tidbit from Reysofhope to help keep your smile bright : ~ )

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Thank You for US!!!!

Here's an email request I received today-we are so glad we were able to help you Bernadette.

Dear Susan, Can you please post on Father John's website my gratitude for all their help.
I would like to Thank Reys of Hope Project for all your help and support in my family's time of need.
Thank You, Bernadette Cardell

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things WE Need For Our Operation

In order to serve our families and individuals, we ALSO need some assistance. While our overhead is minimal, it's still there and the costs are borne by us. If you can help in any way, either financially or by providing product, please contact us.

For one, we need tires for our little truck - the truck has no traction on wet roads, so we just drive slow in bad weather and pray, as Fr. John says. If you or someone you know works at a tire center or Sears Automotive or Pep Boys, and can arrange for a donation from them or for a steeply discounted price on light truck tires - please contact us.

We are also looking for a larger storage/workspace, preferably one with heat and lights - a bathroom would be considered a luxury. Currently, we store stuff in my garage, Fr. John's house, Pat's house, Peaches' house PLUS a storage unit that is cold and has no lights. So we must move the goods from place to place to sort and prepare it for distribution. This is inefficient for those we serve but it's the best we've got. We also do not have a large budget for paying for this space. If you know of anyone with space to let (for cheap) or who could donate some space - please let us know.

We are also in need of cash donations and in this economy it is not something we like to ask for - but we need it to supplement what we pay for out of pocket. Our truck insurance is $500 a year. Gas is $50-75/week - we do lots of pickups and dropoffs. We need to purchase moving boxes for packing up the dropoffs. We need/use totes to store goods, we purchase basic business supplies and more. And then there are the desperately needed items we may not have when someone needs it - like a car seat or baby formula, or diapers, or food - if we had a small cash reserve we could purchase those items and be able to respond more quickly. We would be grateful for ANY donation you can make, please help us to keep fighting the good fight by sending a small donation to Holy Angels, annotate it with Reys of Hope and mail to our P. O. Box 2142, Southampton, NJ 08088. Thank you.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You Siemens Company!!!

We want to thank the Siemens Company of Trenton, NJ for their generous donation to one of our families. Here is a picture of the beautiful Christmas tree they received. Siemens also presented a holiday check to the family who was overwhelmed by their generosity.

The Siemens Company has locations in 190 countries and is seriously committed to being a steward to the community and a good corporate citizen. This quote is from their website "We take our responsibilities toward society seriously, engaging in extensive international education, community aid, and arts and culture programs through the recently founded Siemens Foundation." A first rate company.

Again, thank you - you provided the mainstay of a wonderful Christmas for a deserving family.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What One Woman's Effort Can Do or..Pat's Been a Busy Girl

I am amazed at how many people Pat was able to help - one person can make a HUGE difference. Way to go Patricia!!! We are so proud of you!
From August until November 23rd Pat single handedly engineered the collection and distribution of the following items to those requesting her help.

All in Burlington County
2 Boxes of clothes in size 3x and 3t clothes to a woman and her little girl. Clothes were donated by a woman on Burlington chats who had lost 160 pounds with help of surgery. She was also given toys for the little girl.

Woman with 2 boys: gave her 20 pairs of socks for the boy and 5 complete outfits including under clothes for each child.

Single father of 6 working 60 hours a week...3 boys 3 girls ages 6,8,10,12,14 and 16 . Each boy received 4 complete outfits and a pair of Pajama's and a coat. Older girl received make up and pocker book. All girls received a weeks worth of clothes. They were also given toys including board games and puzzles for the older children.

Single mom with 8 year old son who had nothing to wear to school. Gave her 2 full bags of clothes for son which included jeans,sweats,shirts,socks and underwear.

Church which gives out clothes weekly to anyone that shows up including the homeless received 3 large bags.

New to America family received sofa and table with chairs. Also toys for the children.

Lady opening a daycare for income who was short on items to beome state approved. Gave her 1 of each of the following crib,changing table, dresser, car seat under 20 pounds, potty chair and high chair . Also gave her 2 walkers, 2 push toys, 2 baby swings along with bottles and blankets. A donor from Bayville supplied most of the items.

Lady in need of coupons ~ Mailed 62 coupons and a special day pass to bjs wholesale store. Recieved a thank you note for items sent.

Man with daughter received one rabbit cage for daughters new dwarf bunny.

Woman in need of clothes for 3 year old boy given 6 complete outfits.

Single mom with 2 daughters age 5 and 7 given a weeks worth of clothes for each along with dolls to play with.

Young single mother with no family involved in her life beyond her 9 mos old daughter ~ had limited baby items given a walker, bouncy chair , more then a weeks worth of outfits including baby bibs. She was also given several boxes of baby cereal and 4 cans of formula along with some baby toys.

New grandmom given pink stroller and matching car seat,bibs,wash rags for infant,toys,socks,blankets and 9 outfits and a box of diapers.

Lady in need of a crib for a baby boy received one along with bumper pads and crib bedset.

Cashier in store due any day visibily upset about not having stuff for her baby. Mentioned her and her mom are struggling to make ends meet. Boyfriend disappeared when found out baby was a girl. Five days later gave her baby car seat and swing along with clothing.

Woman wanted religious statues: gave her one of Saint Frances and one of the Virgin Mary along with a Rosary.

Child that was sleeping on floor was given a bed

Lady given 2 dressers for her and her 11 year old daughter after someone took her money and never gave them the furniture promised.

Single mom in need of stroller: gave her one

Woman going thru a hard time: gave her a weeks worth of clothes for toddler son

Single mom with young son: gave her 2 bags of boys size 8-10 clothes

Struggling couple given large bag of boys clothes sizes 8,12 + 14 and a painting kit for their daughter who already had clothes.

Recently moved to NJ couple given clothes and school supplies for their 6 children

Young couple with small son given clothes, inside and outside toys, high chair and potty chair

Given to mom with premature baby and allot of medical bills~ Large bag of baby items including clothes, bottles and blankets.

Young single mom given size 18-24months clothing for young daughter

Family in need due to dads disability given food and clothes for family

Couple with young son given clothes for son and curtains to cover windows

Pregnant girl given bag of nuetral baby clothes. She did NOT know sex of baby