Saturday, September 28, 2013

Still Needed

1.some financial help to finish mailing the rest of new clothes/items to the Crow Creek Reservation
2.5x women clothes
3.Halloween costumes for children
4.infant clothes for boy & girls(Winter clothes
5.children's coats

Friday, September 27, 2013

Debbie was given 3 bags of small stuff bears

Debbie thought it was amusing since we don't usually want to take up storage we need for clothes with stuff toys.However,gave 2 bags to the St Ann's Church in Browns Mill's for when they have their carnival.And they were thrilled.The other bag will go to Dorothy.She can always put them in the pumpkin baskets with candy or save for Christmas stocking stuffers.

Seems like someone is always watching

 While waiting for Fr John in Dr's office & doing Reys Of Hope paperwork in car I felt like someone was watching. OMG looking out the car window I see this snake.Believe me I moved the car closer to the Dr's office door.(And lost my concentration for continuing paperwork

Half priced items bought from Lakehurst Thrift Shop on Base

20 children's books for 1 dollar and a few toddler costumes. All we need now is a few older childrens' costumes for Halloween.

Donations Received

Yarn and thread donation for our crafty women.Children clothes were donated from Melodi in Jackson.Just perfect for the cold weather coming.

A Handmade Donation From One Of our neighbors


Fr John posing with some Halloween Donations

Fr John wearing a witch's hat(but he calls it a sorcerers hat,lol.These Halloween buckets will be given to Dorothy for her to give to children in low income neighborhood

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dorothy gives toys/clothes to a few families

Occasionally we will post pictures where the children  look like they are in a nice neighborhood.If the truth be known many of these families live where others are doing well.It is quite noticeable when the children stand at the school bus stop together.Those wearing gloves,coats and socks in the Winter are usually the children where they are not below the poverty  level.Those wearing sweaters,no socks and no gloves are the ones below the poverty level.A few children have even told us although they live on the same block some parents wont let their children play with them.
Many townships actually get paid from the state by letting these lower income families in their areas.It is very sad when Santa seems to remember many in some of the homes but seem to have over looked the others in the same neighborhood.One little boy name Tommy told us he had a friend but only on the school bus.Because his parents don't want them playing together.Tommy has no dad with him nor does he ride a bike.The boy who is his friend has a new bike and his dad has a new car.
(It must be extremely difficult for children to see others such as them selves with more and nicer items,Fr John use to say he wished all schools made the children wear uniforms so they would not feel inferior to those with nice school clothes.,and could focus more on school studies.)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


A woman who has numerous medical issues and a large tumor which can not be operated on needs size 5 x clothes.
She normally wraps herself up in a bed sheet or wears a robe. But wants so much to go outside and not have people gawking at what she is wearing .If anyone can help please let us know. We were told that Walmart sometimes carries this size but, when we went the sizes were only 3x.

Beth's question answered

Why did you mail the boxes? Wouldn't it of been cheaper if you had ship them to South Dakota?
Beth, the person who said they would help ship our boxes for charity recanted their offer. So because
we are like $400 dollars to short for all the trucking companies we had contacted. We felt mailing some was better than sending none. Which we would not of been able to do without Paul's generous donation.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank You Paul

 Paul donated some money so we were able to send  36 boxes to the Crow Creek Reservation in S.D. by mail.Paul lives in Yardley Pa.(40 more boxes to go,slowly but surely we will keep our promise and get them all there evantually)

Looks like Autumn Will be here soon

We are now starting to collect children's coats and winter attire.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A few smiling faces

The children above were so excited to read their new books/Nicky was happy with his much needed size 13 sneakers/the family of girls all appreciated what Dorothy gave them

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If You're in Need of Our Help - PLEASE READ

If you are in need our services, please email us at  That is our direct and only line of communication for assisting those in need.  It has come to our attention that a well-meaning individual has created a Facebook page called "Reys of Hope -- Help Requests".  We do not monitor this page nor do we endorse it.  We have not given permission to any other group or persons to use any of our content or our name which we legally own and is part of our federal tax id information. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A message to the girl who felt like an ugly duckling



Dear Fr John & Sister Pat
                     I am writing to let you know how your donation made me feel.I was always the gawky,clumsy girl.I was always picked last for school sports because no one wanted me on their team.I always felt like an ugly duckling.In my teens I had acne.Not a lot but enough to make me feel everyone noticed/I was never invited to parties.Now I am an adult my family had a gathering and I wanted so much to wear something nice.In your donation of clothes was a beautiful party dress.That's
what I wore.And for once in my life I felt like a beautiful swan.And I had a ball.  Thank You

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Donation from Donna

 Donna from New Hope was nice enough to buy size 13 boy sneakers for the young boy who needed shoes for school.THANKS DONNA!

Todays drop off

Size 13 boy sneakers brand new

Finally have  size 13 shoes for a young boy going to school and as you can see the boys relative was thrilled.Dorothy actually bought the relative to meet Fr John.This woman also is in remission from bone cancer.And was very sick last month.We pray she continues to get stronger everyday.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Looking for?

Financial assistance in  helping with shipping some much needed items to the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota.
Looking for anything related to Halloween , be it decorations or costumes.
Looking for a toy that a toddler can ride.
Need 2 potty chairs for little ones who will be starting potty training.
As always desperately need infant and childrens clothes ,sizes 0-10 yrs old.(male & female

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please remember

TODAY IS 9/11  keep those we lost in your thoughts


1.Freddie is going to school, and loves it.
2.One of our moms just had twin girls and all are doing fine.
3.The cockatiels that had belonged to one of our volunteers are doing well in their new home since their owners passing.
4 A woman who was struggling with alcohol has been clean and sober for 6 months. And will be starting a new job. And we gave her 1 weeks change of clothes. We wish her luck and hope she continues to make strives in a positive direction.
5.The little dog Fiona that our volunteer Debbie found a home for is doing great. Debbie was told recently the dog is the best dog they have ever had. The dog takes walks with its owner. Sleeps in the bed with the owners mom. And plays with the owners brother. Sounds like Fiona is spoiled. I was hoping to have a picture of her to post.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

School Supplies delivered

All the children were so thrilled when they stood in line near Dorothy's truck waiting for their new school supplies.And we could not of been able to help if it was not for those with more offering to give to those with less.THANKS FOR ALL THE GENEROUS PEOPLE AND THEIR DONATIONS.

Toys & books given out

 As you can see the one little boy showed his book while the other held onto his new toy

Sometimes the littlest things mean alot

These adorable children were so happy with the donated items Dorothy gave out

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Thank you Cindy from Forked River for the small household items
Thank you Debbie from Toms River for the brand new childrens' coats
Thank you Donna from New Hope for more boys clothes
Thank you Melodi from Jackson for the childrens' clothes,we always need infant and toddler clothes

THANKEVERYBODY  FOTHINKING  OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!