Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Update

I don't have the exact numbers yet - but we have helped about 50 families this Christmas season.  We have been fortunate to garner the support of several new volunteers and we would like to "officially" welcome them to our organization. 

They are Lorrie and Tim from Lakehurst - they have been there for us for the past few years now - they run toy drives, make financial donations to our organization and Lorrie's Girl Scout Troop wraps presents for our families and much, much more. 

This year we met Mary from Forked River - she works at the FAA in Pomona and she and her sister Barbara, co-workers Laurie and Bernice - went above and beyond for our Christmas families.  When I went to pick up the gifts - it was a FULL pickup truck!!  My SUV was jam-packed - it's a good feeling.

Our silent volunteer met our "Toy Lady" - Kathi from Maple Shade while web-shopping for toys for our families.  Kathi donated some really nice toys to us AND got us a very large donation of games, toys and a brand new bike from one of her suppliers.  Just awesome!

I also want to extend thanks to my Cousin, Barbara -  her co-workers at J&J CPI and her neighbor Joann C.  for their generous support of our families as well.   This is just a list of the folks who said they wanted to be a  part of our organization and help others less fortunate thru their networks and resources.  Welcome you guys! Our sincere thanks for all that you've done and continue to do.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Request from Susan

I have a family in Toms River who has become the guardian of the toddler daughter of their sister's child.  The little girl's  Dad died from Prostate cancer and she never knew him.  Her Mom was killed in a car accident this past year.  The family is struggling to get by and struggling with the "system" for benefits for the little one.  The grandmother and her grown daughter were working staggered shifts in order to care for the little girl.  The daughter recently lost her job due to the economy - started with reducing hours - that whole thing.   We have managed to provide a very nice Christmas - materially, for them.  They have been waiting and waiting for help with food etc.  and considering how MANY are in need one can understand why it's taking so long - but don't try to tell that to a hungry child.

Is there anyone out there that would be so kind as to donate some Shop-Rite gift cards to this family?  If so, would you please email me at: - I will see to it that they get to these folks.

Thank you - Susan

Friday, December 17, 2010

This Just in From Pat - A Fire

Family with 3 little girls  lost everything this morning, including the Christmas gifts intended for them due to a fire.  At this time we are looking for a few Christmas items and clothes for the girls:

1 - size 4/5t  shoe size 10, 
2 - size 8/10  shoe size 3 or 4 and  
3 - size 7  shoe size  2 or 3

If you are able to help us help this family, please contact us at holyangels @

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Just in from Peaches - More in Need for Xmas

Peaches Top 20 that are in Need this Christmas

Here are just  20  situations ( some family , some singles ~all in need) that could use a helping hand at Christmas.  Eveyone listed is struggling with affording basic, clothes and heat.  Christmas is a holiday out of reach for all of them. Anything you could do to help make even one of their holidays brighter would be appreciated. If you would like to donate a Christmas gift(s) specifically to one of our families, please provide us with the family's number/letter combination and which person listed and we will be sure to make that happen within days of receiving them from you ....thank you from all of us at Reys of Hope.
NOTE:  We believe children should have dolls of their own skin color which is the ONLY reason we are posting the race/skin color of our families. 

Sadly, there are many more such families - if you can help us in any way - with financial donations or toys/gifts - PLEASE contact us.

Family #p1 Caucasian
the last few years for this couple and their 4 children have been difficult. As of now mom is having difficulty finding a new job after the most recent lay off. The food stamps they applied for months ago they were told its in a large pile of those waiting to be reviewed yet again. While they wait to be approved mom continues to lose weight she does not need to lose since feeding her children has to come first. Dads work income is simply not enough to meet all of the expenses of the recently rented house and everything else that it takes to raise 4 children under the age of 8.  .
Dad only wants to see his family smile on Christmas morning
Mom now wears 3-5 pants; s-m tops 8.5 shoe
Son age 7 wears size 8 enjoys building toys, cool looking cars, puzzle books, handheld games,  race car or train set would be a hit, board game he can play with his younger sister.
Daughter age 6 wears 10-12 likes dolls and being a girl. In a size 1 shoe now.
TWO younger boys’ one wears size 3 the other size 5, sometimes 6 they both love cars and trucks and making noise.
They also have one much loved pet dog…who could always use some food and who has never turned down a treat.

They would like to be able to see their children have a few gifts to open and a meal to fill their stomachs on Christmas day.
Single 28 year old woman with no children escaped severe abuse in the last few months. She left with only the summer clothes on her back~ needs new socks, size 7 underwear, and 36 c non padded bras. Something beyond clothing to make her feel special and more then just alone in hiding would be nice. Perhaps some personal hygiene products, some scented soap, make up or perfume.  She is currently living in a single room. Also COLLECTING new and gently used clothing for her .  She wears a size 9/10 pants (needs Khakis as she just got hired at Shop rite part time :), large shirt, needs a winter coat in size large.  Shoe size 8.5

FAMILY #p3 Caucasian Doll
struggling part time restaurant hostess is now a newly singled mom.
age 21  wears a size S or XS shirt pants size 0-3 shoes 7
1 and a half year old little girl wears 24m/2t loves to play
Struggling couple…Dad lost his job a year ago and has not been able to find fulltime permanent work since. He takes what he can get though often its not enough to make a dent. Mom has been struggling with continued health issues since giving birth to her youngest son which has caused her to be hospitalized more then once in the past 6 months. Household consists of 4 boys under the age of 8.

Mom: 25  l-xl shirts~ pants she has no idea maybe a 12/14…a large for sure
Dad:26 shirts XL~ pants  36 x 34 sometimes 38x34 size 15 shoe
Son:  7  size 8 shirts/pants ~likes super-hero’s~ puzzles~ arts and crafts~dragons
Son 4   5t shirts/ pants~ likes dragons and dinosaurs ~animals ~books ~ music
Son:3   3/4t shirts/ pants...loves elmo ~dancing/music ~against his parents wishes he loves anything that makes noise ~cars and balls ~loves to color/paint
Son 8month old clothes size 12-18 months age appropriate toys
Animals: 2 cats...medium sized ~ just like the young boys in the house they are always in search of something to eat.
 FAMILY #p5 Bi-racial toddler (black/white), Caucasian Child
Single disabled mom of a toddler who is unable to work is also currently caring for her niece.  She has gotten in habit of wearing baggy clothes only. Size 20-24 elastic waist or x l sweat pants.  Wears shirts between 1-4x. She has found after many medical tests and medical issues that she finds comfort in them being loose.
9 year old girl wears 14 sometimes even 14/16 has few toys
1 year old little girl wears size 2t sometimes 3t…

FAMILY #p6 Hispanic/Latina Dolls
Recently re-united couple working hard to try and make a better life for their blended family.  They just found a 2 bedroom apartment (we are working on finding clean beds in good shape so they have something to sleep on). Mom of the household was recently hired to work at non-tipping banquets when work is available (after the holidays they are not sure how often that will be). Dad is working as a low wage earning cook at a local restaurant.
Mom wears 1x-2x shirts size 18 pants size 9 shoe
Dad is a L shirt 33 or 34 x32 pants
Son 17 M/ L shirts jeans 32 X 32
Daughter 16 needs 34 b bras shoe size 5.5 to 6 wears 1-3 pants medium tops
Son 12 jeans 18 husky or 30 or  32 x 30 , mens shirt size L or boys 20 He is at a difficult age to buy for….though he does loves Magic and hopes one day to be a magician. He also enjoys the handheld games that his friends have.  He likes other games as well as wrestling and football.  His favorite color is blue.
Daughter preteen is currently living with grandparents due to lack of funds to bring her back home.  This past summer before her parents reunited she asked to live with them when mom and 3 of her siblings were all living in one room .  A small gift that could be mailed to her would be appreciated
Daughter 7 size 8 She likes sponge bob, icarly , singing and dancing. Learning toys /books would also be helpful as she struggles some with reading. Size 2 shoe,
Daughter 1 loves interactive toys wears size 5 diapers. Shoe size 6 or larger
They now have a DVD player .
Household needs curtains, some area rugs, towels, pots and pans

FAMILY #p7 –
Diabetic woman who discovered her illness when an infection set in that caused her to have to have her leg amputated. She is often bored and hungry. She has no license and little to do especially now that her sister who uses to call from the nursing home died and a friend who also lost her sister during the same time has now stopped reaching out to her. Her house is not handicap assessable so every day is an effort. She could use entertainment items, food and dog food for the dog she keeps for protection. Also looking for a someone getting rid of a good couch near Burlington NJ well as a gas stove (hers stopped working) and a apartment washer/dryer combination since she can no longer get to her basement.

FAMILY #p8 Black Dolls
Mom escaped abuse not quite two years ago and was looking forward to a new and better life. Unfortunately months after her baby son was born her teenage son (after a few days of being lost) was diagnosed with a mental disorder that does not allow him to be unsupervised without fear of what he might do to himself or even others. His condition and the fact the state only offers 16 hours of supervision a week has also now caused her  to lose her new found job. Last year with help from our donors was the first time her children had Christmas is a very long time. This year she thought things would be improved and she would be able to do it on her own. Due to the circumstances that have recently occurred she is in need of help.
 Male 17yr men m. top bottom 32 likes art
Female 16 ladies small tops bottoms 1/2 likes books
Female 14 ladies m/l tops bottoms 5/6 likes making clothes and hair accessories
Female 12 child’s 14/16 m/l tops likes games
Female 8 child’s 7/8 s/m tops dolls
Male 1 child’s 2t likes cars

Mom 34 wants nothing more then a Merry Christmas for the kid's and some household pot's and pan's...along with some food to make for Christmas dinner.

Single fulltime student mom of a little boy could use a helping hand

She wears L top , size 9/10 pants.
Her son likes typical 5 year old boy toys and learning toy.


In need of a used but working refrigerator for a retired senior citizen that ( lives in Lumberton NJ) can not afford a replacement for the one she has that no longer works.

Couple with no young children. Mr in need of shoulder surgery due to car crash but unable to have since he is his wifes care-giver…Mrs who is in her early 50’s became paralyzed from the waist down shortly after they married a few years ago. Mr took his vows seriously and parked and then sold his Harley to become her 24 hour care giver. The state pays him for only 35 of those hours.  They use to enjoy going out to places like Cracker Barrell or a movie, but are having serious financial problems due to the expensive burden of her constant health issues. Even though they are having problems they remain charitable despite their troubles and try to help others less fortunate than themselves in non financial ways.  There is only a small part of their home that is handicap accessible so they are limited where they can go together even while in their home. They do have a wheel chair assessable vehicle now. She wears xl/xxl tops and 20/22 bottoms. He wears 38 x 30 pants and XL tops. A gift that might allow them get out a little would be nice. Something like a gas or restaurant card would be appreciated. FOOD is always na issue. They share their two rooms with one small dog that loves to bark, a cat that would rather hide and a bird in a cage that watches it all

FAMILY #p12 Caucasian Dolls
Two sisters sharing a home now since ones husband is currently stationed in Iraq . Minimum wage leaves little for extras. They each have a daughter. One is one year old and wears 2t/24m , the other is 4 now and wears 4/5. The older girl tells anyone that will listen that she LOVES Barbie’s and that she looks just like one ( she does too). They have a cat that they adore.


Couple that was once homeless continues to struggle, Dad works hard but barely makes ends meet.  Mom currently has no job. They have one Teen daughter who would appreciate some nail polish, perfume or other items they could never afford to get her (with the help of gently used clothing she doesn’t clothing). They also have a 7 year old son who wears size 8 and a new baby boy who wears 6-9months who could use some clothes in the 9-12 month range to grow into.


FAMILY #p14 Caucasian
Couple: Difficult year that involved two moves, car repossession, job loss, serious injuries and major surgery for both in past 3 months. They have 2 children.
Mr wears 30 x30 pants, L shirts
Mrs  has lost allot of weight from illness now wears size 10 pants , L shirts shoe 11
Boy age 8 wears must be HUSKY 14/16 pants and size 14 tops,
daughter 6 wears 8-10


FAMILY #p15 Caucasian Dolls
Two single best friends raising their daughters together.  Due to a custody battle they were recently evicted and forced to move in temporarily with the grand mother of the older girl. All of their clothing and supplies, including the childrens toys are now locked behind a door they no longer have a key to. The two adult females wear 3-5 slacks, xs, small and med shirts, 34 B bras. As for their daughters ~ one wears 18m/2t shoe size 7 or  larger…4 year old wears 3/4 and shoe size 10 and above. They like anything baby doll related, books, kitchen accessories, puzzles, crafts and dress up is mainly what they both like and dogs, cats and dolphins.

FAMILY #p16 African American all ages onlydoll
Widowed mom (size 24/26 pants xxxl shirts) of  a 6 year old son (wears 7/8) starting over with a new man (32 or 34 x 32 and L shirts) and a surprise of a brand new baby girl. Unfortunately she turned out to be unable to work for entire pregnancy as her blood pressure was out of control. This has caused financial heartache that leaves no room for Christmas or gifts.


Single mom with Lupus. She is unable to work…..having serious financial problems to the point of having little food to eat.

Baby Boy is now slightly more then one year old. He  wears  24m/2t sometimes 3t. Has currently has no age appropriate toys as the ones we gave  him were for when he was much younger…

FAMIY #p18 Bi-Racial Black/White Dolls
Couple: they have a little girl and very little money. In the past year they have both lost their jobs and were forced to move when the ceiling of the house they were staying in collapsed on the crib their daughter had fortunately just been taken out of.. He also recently had surgery on his leg that he is slowly recovering from. Though they hoped to lose some weight in a healthy way they have both lost allot of weight rather quickly recently due to lack of food.

Dad wears 40-42 x 32 slacks and xl shirts, 17.5 dress shirts 48-50 jacket
Mom wears 12 /14 and L -1x shirts
Girl 2  years old wears 3-4t .  Shoe size above 9.She LOVES all interactive play, especially dolls (They allow her to play with ones marked 3 and above as she is not far from 3 and never plays unsupervised with them).  We were able to supply them with a VCR player now so their daughter can watch VHS movies

Mom of a teen was just informed her job is going to end the before Jan 1st. She wears a 20 short or petite slacks (must have pockets for medical supplies she needs to carry) and 18/20 shirts, 42-44 B bras. Daughter wears 9-11 jr pants (mostly 11)


We also need toys that can be used for both boys and girls…things such as books, hot wheels , legos, blocks, larger piece puzzles, coloring books, crayons,baby supplies, etc. New clothing and other new items are offered thru out the year when we have them as they always make people feel no matter their circumstances that they to deserve something new too.  We are the perfect place to re-gift that item you received but will never use.

If anyone has any baby gates they can always be used to keep the growing little ones safe. Also needed are smaller outside pet houses in good/great shape which are needed for the feral cats…the plastic ones are the best to keep the rain/snow out though newer wooden ones in good shape do work if the roof is made properly.

FOOD IS ALSO ALWAYS NEEDED for people and the pets they love !!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Just In - Another Xmas Request

Just came in Family needs help for Christmas
11 yr old boy size 16-18   or mens small  shoe-9.5  likes anything sports related or airplanes
5 yr old boy size 6-8 clothes need adjustable waist bands or stretchy kind very thin   shoe-13  bubblegum,board games,anything to do with army/helicopters/planes  wants a cool blanket and pillow   trucks/cars  coloring books
3 yr old Michael  size 5  shoes-11  games,toys

This is their first year without their infant son as he died from a terminal illness.  Due to finances family is struggling and still dealing with their grief.