Monday, April 30, 2012

Peachess's pick ups

 Brad from Shamonge  donated a nice big chair
 Mike & Jackie from Mt Ephaim donated pet food,baby items and brand new childrens clothes
Sandra from Southampton donated a  truckload of items including clothes,toys,costume jewelry and baby items
 Kevin & Julie from Mt Ephaim donated pet products and clothes in season
 Alexandria from White Station donated household supplies and childrens books and toys
We want to thank you for your donations.And thank Peachess for picking up items in between her busy work schedule.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Debbie donated wrapping paper for Christmas

 Talk about early.I have no excuses now when it comes to wrapping any extra gifts we get for the children after
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email from baby Seth's mom

Here is 3 pictures of the baby.
It was touch and go when he was born.
His lungs were not working properly.
We pray he will come home soon.
We want to thank you so much
for everything you have done for our baby.
Your donations made it possible for our
baby to actually have his own little ward robe.
The prices of baby clothes and supplies
are so expensive.Please also thank the people
who gave baby items to you's for us.
  Thank God for people like you.


This is baby Seth today April 24/12
This is baby Seth's dad

  This is baby Seth for the first 3 weeks
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Mary from Whiting donated some dolls
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Mail delivery

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Bayville delivery

 Delivered big bag of cat food to  an elderly woman.She feeds several strays.

 Passed this dinosaur on way to delivery
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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Waretown-dropped off a weeks worth of baby clothes for
a mom who just had alittle boy.And gave 2 handmade baby
blankets from the Seabrook knitting club.She was so
impressed with the blankets.
Manahawkin-dropped off much needed underwear
to a family of 4 and some coloring books with crayons.
Burlington-dropped off some cat food and kitty litter
to an elderly woman who has been struggling
keeping up with her cats.She was most grateful
Manchester-dropped off some household items
such as blankets,pots n pans,silverware and
Forked River-dropped off some household
items for a young mom with 2 girls who
is getting her first apartment.We also gave
a cabbage patch doll and barbie for her daughters.
And some clothes that would fit the
5yr old and 2 yr old.
Thanks to those who donated we were able
to assist these family's


Thank you Mary from Whiting for the
bags of toddler girl clothes
Thanks Debbie for the underwear for boys-KMart
must love you.And we are happy you think of us
when they have their sales. lol
Thanks Bill for the childrens socks they are always needed
You would be surprized to learn. In
the colder months we have found,many of the
people we help send their children to
school with no socks nor underwear under
their slacks.They just dont have the
extra money to spare.So undergarments are
always in need.

Poorest areas in New Jersey

Camden and Cumberland county are known for being the
poorest areas in New Jersey.We have been in contact with
a church who assists those in need in Cumberland County.
It is our hope that we will get enough children clothes
donated that we will be able to give to their needy atleast
1 or 2 times a year.
Again thank you for all your donations.They truely
make a differance to those who can not afford to
buy clothes for their children.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gorgous flower tree on the way to a drop off in Manchester Twnship

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Looking in Thrift Shop for soft baby book

Thrift shop in Trenton.

Believe it or not I found a soft baby book and doll
for infant girl.Yeah!
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Drop off in Barnegat

Crib drop off with brand
new mattress and some
neutral color baby clothes in big trash bag.
This couple will be having baby next month
but told the doctor they did not want to know the baby's sex.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

small note emailed to Father John

Father John
Just a short note to thank you for the spiritual guidance
you provided.I have returned going back to church.And my faith
has been renewed.It meant alot to me that you found time to
talk to me.I was having such a difficult time with my loss.


Monday, April 9, 2012

More pictures of women and the handmade baby blankets.

Fr John sitting in the lobby .
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Seabrook ( Town Square ) in Tinton Falls

Today we were blessed by some very generous women who donated 40 baby blankets to us.All we had to do was drive to Monmouth County and pick them up.

Seabrook is a Senior Citizen Assistance living community.They have approximately 12 hundred residents.

This is 2 of the 12 women who knitted or crocheted baby blankets for Our Organization.
The knitting club meets 4 times a year and picks a charity to donate to.We were so thrilled that they thought of us.

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Latest statistics

About 46.2 million Americans are considered
living in poverty.2.6 million more than last yr.
If everyone who could afford to be generous
donated to a local charity or a food pantry
it would cut these statistics more than half.
Our neighbor Faye
made some baby booties
for us.What a nice surprize!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Baskets delivered- 13

Again would like to thank all who donated candy.May
you all have a blessed Easter.Easter is
truely one of the most holiest holidays.
For alot of the churches it is more important
than Christmas.Easter represents when
Jesus was resurrected from the tomb.

Drop off at Luxury Trlr Park in Jackson

We often drop off items
to those in the Luxury Trlr Park.
Anyone familar with this park
knows it has alot of people
who are struggling financially.
This trlr park is in disarray and has quite a few trailors that appear to be on its last legs.
This woman had called our house upset and had asked for Easter candy for her children.

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We saw a blimp on the way to a pick up in Lakewood

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Gave a man money to do his laundry

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now we are up to 10 Easter

Yeah a few pick ups & request

Suzan was nice enough to pick up a donation from Nautica Store in Jackson.
Thank you Suzan
Elaine met us at the Lakewood Wawa parking lot and gave us a beautiful cherry wood crib,bumper guards and a stroeller.She also bought her 2 small boys along.
Fr John just loves it when he sees children.Thank you Elaine.

Recieved a request when we arrived home.
A woman just lost her job and applied for unemployment.She was turned down.
Now she is applying for public assistance for her and her 2 children.
This is all new to her as she has always worked or been on unemployment.
She would like 2 Easter baskets .1 for 3 yr old daughter & 1 yr old son.
She also needs some Summer clothes.

This woman also asked if we could help her sister with some baby girl items.She is also
struggling.And in the middle of a foreclosure.

Monday, April 2, 2012

8 baskets & looking for 1 wheelchair

So far we had 8 children for Easter baskets.
Debbie is delivering to a family in Seaside for us,to
save us some gas. And we appreciate it .

Today while we were out we met an amputee who was
trying to maneuver up the curb with a rented wheelchair.
Upon talking with the man he mentioned his artificial legs
were not the same length and he was unable to use them.
When he bought this to Medicares attention.He was told
they only pay towards artificial limbs once.We would like to
get this man a wheelchair that he can keep.Without paying
the rent for one.He is on a fixed income and barely
makes ends meet.If you know of anyone who would like
to donate a wheelchair please let us know.