Saturday, August 31, 2013


Remember if a fire company is collecting money on the road,spare alittle change.The money they
get actually goes to their gear.So they can risk their lives saving someone elses in a fire.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Thanks a bunch

Thank you Melodi from Jackson for the carload of Summer clothes.Thanks a bunch Debbie for picking them up.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Business Coordinator and Seamstress

 SUSAN has taken time out of her busy schedule to make some beautiful clothes for the children we help.Because Fr John nor Debbie could decide which ones were more attractive than the other for posting a photo.I decided I would add them all in a collage,we have truly been blessed by her talent.

Donations needed

3x tops for a woman starting a job
household items for a young couple starting over
money to help ship over 70 more boxes to another Indian Reservation in S.D.
Jim Huntley who volunteers for Habitats for Humanity has been in touch with us.He expressed
that the people on this reservation desperately need clothes.Anyone who would like to send some money to
help with our 2nd shipment of much needed items to another Indian Reservation.Please send checks to
Holy Angels  po 185 Whiting NJ 08759
childrens clothes especially for infant to toddlers.(We are now collecting for Winter clothes also.)

A mothers' tears

 Thanks to Bonnie of Toms River Freddie is now looking forward to going to school.He said "wow i am going to be so cool now"".His mom was overwhelmed with happy tears.Bonnie did not only buy him new shoes but shirts.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


A mom who has several children would like some items for her Autistic boy. Because he is not potty  train although they have been trying for yrs to teach him. They need the largest size diapers for boys possible. He is 5 yrs old but wears size 8 stretch pants  and size 6-8 shirts. Out of all her children she seems to never be able to afford the expense of caring for her autistic son. Between special classes, doctors appointments and special sensory toys. Not counting some equipment and medicine to keep him calmer and occupied. As most autistic children he loves to run. And tires everyone out.Anyone who can donate a few clothes or diapers for this child we would be more than glad to schedule a pick up.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remembering those who helped in the past

Some of the Businesses/Companies/Organizations & Churches who have helped......
1.Cookstown Methodist Church donated 5 turkeys one year for Thanksgiving
2.Siemans Corp. in Trenton donated for 2 years a decorated Christmas Tree with gifts for a needy family
3Medford Rotary Club donated some money
4.Toms River Rotary Club donated clothes in season
5.Red Dragon Canoe Club in Edgewater Park donated food,clothes and brand new toys for 2 years
6.Jerrys Auto Body Shop in Jackson donated new and used clothes and even gave us a few dollars to use for gas
7.TeeShirt Store in Howell donated new and used TeeShirts
8Valenzano Winery in Shamonge did a fund raiser one year for us and donated 1 bottle of wine to Fr John
9.Nautica Store at the Jackson Outlet donated clothes they were not able to sell
10 Carters Store at the Jackson Outlet one year donated clothes they were un able to sell
11.Seabrooks Independent Living Center in Monmouth county  some of their residents  handmade beautiful baby blankets to give to our needy mothers
12.Cross Mill Diner in Lakewood did a toy drive and when the owner learned of a family who had children sleeping on the floor he delivered them a queen size mattress
13Pitt Ohio Trucking who made it possible for us to ship over 70 boxes of clothes/items to an Indian Reservation in North Dakota
14 a PNC bank in Cumberland County who donated several bags of lollipops for the children
15.Medford Ford in Medford did a toy drive

Monday, August 19, 2013

Flat boxes & curtains in back of our car

 All we need now is some tape for the boxes
purple thing is a ballerina doll

Renee from Freehold donated a new BIke

And as you can see Fr John thought this would be a good opportunity to get in the picture. lol

Renee from Freehold made a nice donation today

Volunteer Debbie picked them up with Fr John .Normally we dont take stuff animals but Dorothy has a few children that love them.And she likes to give them out for Christmas

We also were given several bags of girl clothes.Thank you Renee

Fr Johns' daughter donates Jeans

 Thank you Donna from New Hope Pa. The jeans don't even have a rip.Most boy clothes we receive we usually cant give out because the knees are ripped out or frayed.These jeans are just in time for school clothes.
A whole tote full,yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie played Chauffer for a day

 And as you can see she dressed the part

Volunteer Debbie with Mr Peanut

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Fr.John gave 40 Rosary's out last month.They all were well received,

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I will call this boy FREDDIE
Freddie always liked school.He grew up with his classmates.And many were his neighbors and friends.This September he will be starting high school.Freddie does not want to go.He is already dreading it.When we asked Freddie why he did not want to go he explained to us ,when he went to the other school.It was ok his clothes were old or sometimes tight.He knew everybody there.Some of the other kids had worse clothes then he did even.But,going to high school there will be a lot of people he has never met.And he said" I don't want to get picked on by everybody for how I am dressed."I will not go to school I will play hookey everyday"We asked him what do you need to feel comfortable to go to your new school."well I need a pair of sneakers size 10.5  and not old worn ones from a yard sale like my mom always gets.I need some jeans that weren't last years and they are to short.I need maybe 3 cool shirts and a back pack with stuff."
Freddie is a very bright boy but,definately seems determine not to go to high school.We have a back pack and school supplies for him.We even have 2 pairs of jeans ,what we don't have is some sneakers and a few cool shirts.Freddie wears a large in shirts.If anyone would like to donate so we can make Freddie feel more comfortable to go to school in September please let us know.
There are many children who feel like Freddie.And we wish we could help them all. We would like to atleast help this boy to go to school in style so he can perhaps continue his education and become a productive member of society.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fr John dropped off items 8/13/13

 They were happy to receive the much needed items

Few children we helped in the past

This little beauty lost everything when her families house burnt down.Thank God they were not home

 Dorothy giving to children who live in section 8 project.They were
so excited.Several just wanted a toy to play with
The knitted hats were given to the children thanks to donations.And as you can see they were happy to wear them.

Monday, August 12, 2013

items needed

Gas Cards
Infant clothes for boys & girls
childrens clothes  for children 8-14
school supplies
Items for a disabled dad's children
he is raising 4 children 
boy age 14 size 30x32  Medium shirts
girl age 13  size 12  large shirts
boy age 11 size 36x32  xlarge shirts
girl age 6 size 6 -8
The children need socks and school supplies as they live on small disability check

Wanda donated some silverware

 It was a while ago but I forgot to post it to say THANKS.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back Pack Donation & 5 notebooks

 Thank you Debbie,this is definately appreciated.
Once we get more school supplies these will be given
out to low income children

Monday, August 5, 2013

A few donations and last months drop offs

Recieved 20 glue sticks and 4 scissors and 2 yellow markers.Which will be put in the back packs for school.

From July 15-August 5th
Peachess did 15 families in Burlington County
Dorothy did 20 families in Cumberland Co.
We did 5 families in Ocean County.
Debbie did all our pick ups for us.

Friday, August 2, 2013



Beautiful Sky for todays delivery

John donates a few items

This beautiful crib was donated by John our volunteer who helps us at Christmas.After working all night he was kind enough to deliver it.
Below is a huge,heavy,awkward painting that he said I could give to Fr John,lol.I said"it would take up our whole wall.I was hoping John was kidding since we live in a very small place.Either way Dorothy is going to keep it in her storage area until she finds someone with a big wall that might want it.

Todays drop off to Dorothy

We had a car full so Debbie was kind enough to put the rest in her truck.
Dorothy will be delivering these items to the moms who are having babies
before end of September.
The huge painting will go in her storage.They could always use it to cover up any wall with a flaw.

Debbie loading up Dorothy's truck while Dorothy talked with FR John in the car