Saturday, August 17, 2013


I will call this boy FREDDIE
Freddie always liked school.He grew up with his classmates.And many were his neighbors and friends.This September he will be starting high school.Freddie does not want to go.He is already dreading it.When we asked Freddie why he did not want to go he explained to us ,when he went to the other school.It was ok his clothes were old or sometimes tight.He knew everybody there.Some of the other kids had worse clothes then he did even.But,going to high school there will be a lot of people he has never met.And he said" I don't want to get picked on by everybody for how I am dressed."I will not go to school I will play hookey everyday"We asked him what do you need to feel comfortable to go to your new school."well I need a pair of sneakers size 10.5  and not old worn ones from a yard sale like my mom always gets.I need some jeans that weren't last years and they are to short.I need maybe 3 cool shirts and a back pack with stuff."
Freddie is a very bright boy but,definately seems determine not to go to high school.We have a back pack and school supplies for him.We even have 2 pairs of jeans ,what we don't have is some sneakers and a few cool shirts.Freddie wears a large in shirts.If anyone would like to donate so we can make Freddie feel more comfortable to go to school in September please let us know.
There are many children who feel like Freddie.And we wish we could help them all. We would like to atleast help this boy to go to school in style so he can perhaps continue his education and become a productive member of society.

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