Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remembering those who helped in the past

Some of the Businesses/Companies/Organizations & Churches who have helped......
1.Cookstown Methodist Church donated 5 turkeys one year for Thanksgiving
2.Siemans Corp. in Trenton donated for 2 years a decorated Christmas Tree with gifts for a needy family
3Medford Rotary Club donated some money
4.Toms River Rotary Club donated clothes in season
5.Red Dragon Canoe Club in Edgewater Park donated food,clothes and brand new toys for 2 years
6.Jerrys Auto Body Shop in Jackson donated new and used clothes and even gave us a few dollars to use for gas
7.TeeShirt Store in Howell donated new and used TeeShirts
8Valenzano Winery in Shamonge did a fund raiser one year for us and donated 1 bottle of wine to Fr John
9.Nautica Store at the Jackson Outlet donated clothes they were not able to sell
10 Carters Store at the Jackson Outlet one year donated clothes they were un able to sell
11.Seabrooks Independent Living Center in Monmouth county  some of their residents  handmade beautiful baby blankets to give to our needy mothers
12.Cross Mill Diner in Lakewood did a toy drive and when the owner learned of a family who had children sleeping on the floor he delivered them a queen size mattress
13Pitt Ohio Trucking who made it possible for us to ship over 70 boxes of clothes/items to an Indian Reservation in North Dakota
14 a PNC bank in Cumberland County who donated several bags of lollipops for the children
15.Medford Ford in Medford did a toy drive

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