Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We donated some cockateil food for Clover and a cuttlebone

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Donna from Pa often gives donations

 She has been helping since we started
Reys Of Hope.We are very thankful
for all her help.
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Here is a mom we gave presents to for her son

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This is a picture of a grandma who we gave clothes to for her grandson

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Dorothy's request

Dorothy has been busy.She called
yesterday and told us she helped a few more
families that are struggling.Dorothy also
mentioned she needed some mens clothes
for a few men that live on the streets.The
shirt sizes are xl slacks 36x32
the other man wears size large  34x30.
  We were lucky because Susan from
Plumstead just picked up a donation of mens
clothes  from the Nautilus Store.And we
will be delivering them to Dorothy next Saturday.

Peachess's Delivery

Peachess heard about a family that was
struggling.And there was a pregnant 16 yr old
with her first child.They literally had
nothing for the baby.Not even a bottle.
Surprize!Peachess delivered enough clothes
for the baby for the first 3 months and bottles,
a car seat,stroeller and even a few items for the young
mom just in time.The baby was born a week ago.
Talk about timing.It was a healthy boy.

School clothes needed for a few families

size 8 slim jeans boys
small shirts boys
size 5t boys
size 6/8 girls
size 10/12 girls

Small email we received a few days ago

First off I would like to say I think it is wonderful what
yous are doing.I also am struggling since the economy.
I need help with getting my 2 boys school clothes.
They wear size 8 slim and size 5.I would be so grateful
Thank you.
We would love to help you.The problem is we can only help
 if people have donated the sizes we need.As of today
 we do not have your sizes.We keep a notebook of
requests and if we get those sizes we then can deliver them
to you.Sorry we could not help at this time.We will however
put a request for those sizes on our blog.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fire victims

 Pix aboveThis is just one of the boxes we delivered to Marys.
The girls were there because Mary has been
cooking them a hot meal atleast 1 times a
day.They are staying in a motel.The fire was started
by a cigarette that was not put out all the way .
Mary is in the middle.The mother fire victim has 3rd degree burns,she also has Cancer and emphysema.
She is in rehab.She will be there for quite awhile.The girls actually drug the mother out of the burning house before 1 of them called 911.
They lost everything they owned.The size clothes they need are woman size large for 54 yr old woman.
53 yr old male size large Girls size medium and large.
  They need linens,furniture,grocery gift cards,clothes
              and anything else that one needs to make ahouse a HOME!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just one of the young moms we have helped

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A few donations for fire victims will be delivered July 25/12

Thank you Bonnie from Toms River
for dishes,food and some other items
for this family.

Anyone who would like to help the fire victims please call
Mary.732 278 6828.She is collecting the items for them.

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Githens Center C.P Association

Githens Center is a private non-profit Organization.
Founded over 55 yrs ago to provide a nurturing
environment for those with disabilities.Its main
goal is to foster confidence,self-esteem,dignity
and the maximum potential for development.
  The services are for children and adults.
 It was established in 1951 under the
leadership of Helen Githens.She was a parent
and teacher with a child who had disabilities.
Anyone who would
like to send a financial donation please send it to
40 Cedar Street Mt Holly Nj 08060

This is where the adults are located at

 This building is located directly across the street
from the childrens C.P School center.
The oldest they have are adults who are 21 yrs of age.
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Fr John and Dr Andrew in play ground area

The play ground is located at the end
of the entrance hall through a set of doors
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Speech Therapy room with new toy blocks we donated in background

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Several Classrooms

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Physical therapy room to the right of entrance

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C.P School's entrance

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Toys delivered today at 11 am

Dr Andrews and Father John

The guy in the back ground is a staff member who helped
carry in several totes full of toys

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carload of toy donations for Githens C.P School

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Summerwear Donations

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Whenever we need extra toys be it for a school or Christmas
they always come through for us.And FR John wanted to
show  his appreciation.

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