Sunday, September 30, 2012


Mary from Bamber Lakes donated
some womens clothes,adult shoes
& mens clothes.Thanks Mary...,
Melodi from Jackson donated
childrens clothes with long
sleeves.Thanks Melodi
note# Melodi gave us shoes last
week that happened to fit
the one little boy who was
wearing socks with his
flip flops.The mom and boy
was so happy .Now all we
need is a few more shoes for
the other children.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Boxes of cereal donated

 All the boxes were
rice krispies.Which the
children seem to like

Angel statue replaced

 A woman was upset last
week about an angel
statue that had been taken off
her husbands grave.I am happy
to report we gave her a new one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Woman Looking at slacks for her child

 This woman did not want
her face shown on our
blog.She was alittle
embarrassed that she
needed clothes.This
woman did not ask for
help.Someone directed
her for our assistance.

Tote Of Womens Clothes

 All I have to do is
sort them.Thankfully
they look like they
all have long sleeves.
Just in time for the
cold weather.Yeah!!

A box of Lego's

Some little boy will love these

Recent Donation

Ronald McDonald House

Peachess made 20 Activity Kits for
the children in the Ronald McDonald
House location-Camden NJ.
   The kits have coloring book,puzzle,
crayons,stickers,activity book and small

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Calculator for grandson

Dorothy met a grandmother
who was desperately trying
to find a calculator for
her grandson.He just
started high school in Hammonton NJ.
One of the mandatory items
on his school supply list was a Ti84 calculator.We had been
given a Ti83 calculator from Debbie in Toms River.So Fr John actually calledthe high school and talked with the principal to see if a Ti83 calculator
 would be ok.The principal said "yes
since the 2 calculators were almost

identical.So we delivered to the grandmother 1 calculator
and donated some balls Dorothy needed for a small day care center.As you can see
FR John and the grandmother are holding
the balls.

New Underwear donation from Debbie

Hello to the Autumn Weather

Now that the weather is getting cooler we are starting
to look for blankets,coats,gloves and scarves.Anyone
who would like to donate these items please let us know.
Thank you for your
generous support

Say Goodbye to the Summer Flowers

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Melissa's mother is getting
a bone marrow transplant today.
After many months Dr.s  finally
found 1 relative that matched.
We pray all will go well.
Prayers are welcomed
by all who reads this.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We could use a few more dolls

 The children in Camden
want dolls to play with.
We try to get dolls that
resemble the children that we
donate to.We seem to never
have enough black dolls.Also
need some dolls that look

This little boy liked his school supplies

 He will be starting
kindergarten this year.

All she wanted was a stuff animal

 And Dorothy had a few.
The lady was deep into thought
on which one she wanted.
Dorothy told her to
take both. lol

Grandma recieves childrens books for grandkids

Dorothy sorting boxes in her truck

 The high school girl
was given school clothes.
The elderly woman
on the left was given
some back packs
for her grandkids.

This little girl liked the doll Debbie gave her

The mother of this child asked Debbie if she had any
socks for her child. Happy to report Debbie just happened
to have childrens socks in her vehicle.Wow,what a
nice surprize!



Jewish school located
in Lakewood nj.

Fr John Is with
one of the school

Fr John and the
schools director
are unloading
the car

As you can see
Fr John wanted a picture of me included.

They were so thankful
and grateful for
the donations.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Debbie did a pick up for us

Melodi from Jackson
and Christine from Jackson
both donated much needed
items.Thanks a million!

Oh thanks Debbi for getting the stuff for us

Common Sight Amoung the poor


Sometimes the children who
go to school wear socks with
their flip flops or clogs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clothes donation for Dorothy to give out

Dorothy has found another
section 8 project close
to Sicklerville.She now is
going to see what she can
do to help them.
We were able to give her more items because we have
gotten so many from the Encore Thrift Shop .Since they closed

Small Dora Doll

Boy shoes & girls needed needed for 2 boys
their ages are 5 and 3 yrs
old.Not sure what size shoes they
 wear exactly.
2.Need blankets
3.pot n pans
4.gas cards so we can continue
delivering items
5.infant,toddler and
childrens clothes
6.coats for adults and children
7.bath towels

A family of 4 that left an impression

While in the Lakewood area
 after a pick up we stopped
near a traffic light.The items in the vehichle
needed to be repacked.While we
were going through the clothes a mom
with 3 children went by.We noticed
immediately how the baby in the stroeller
had no socks on.And the stroeller had
heavy grey tape to hold it together.
We told her we had a stroeller she could have
and socks for the children.She was very happy
although she was alittle nervous at first.
The 2 boys were wearing shoes that were
clogs and to big for their feet.The one
child had newspaper in the front of
his shoes.We told her when we get some
shoes for boys we will be more than
happy to give her a pair.She smiled and said
ok.When asked her what size they wore
she did not know their exact sizes.We would
like to get several differant sizes of
boy shoes so we can let them try them on.And
see what ones fit the best.The woman spoke little
English but did manage to let us know what
area she lived in.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Combat boots for a young boy

Dorothy Also recieved a thank you letter

 If it was not for Dorothys daughter
Tiffany she probaly would not
spend all her free time helping
others.Its in Tiffanys memory
that she helps those in need


letter from Alyssa

 close up of Andrews letter

Letter from Little Bryan

 Thank your all for the
close and the sopplies
for school you guys are
my life savers and thanks again

Thank You letter


This little boy had no socks on

 Debbie gave the mom
7 pairs of childrens socks

2 of the 20 Students Dorothy donated school supplies to