Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Dorothy volunteers

Dorothy had a beautiful little girl
named Tiffany Nadine Marie Morgan.When she was about a month old she became very sick.
At times she looked Jaundice,felt weak & trouble breathing.                                                      
The doctors told Dorothy she would not live to see her first birthday.Against all odds she lived 9 years.In that time she always smiled and tried to comfort other children who were sick in the hospital with her.She had 2 liver transplants ,asthmatic,anemic and diabetic.Tiffany often asked her mom if they could help those less fortunate.Most of Tiffanys childhood was spent in Childrens Hospitol.1st day Tiffany went to school she told her mom she was in love with alittle boy named Tyrone.She told her mom he was dark with beautiful hair.She never saw color or judged anyone.Tiffany loved everyone from the heart.She told her mom Tyrone was only cooked alittle longer from God than she was,and thats why he was tan.Tiffany often said the angels helped paint the skyline.Her favorite color was majenta.Her favorite song was (A WHOLE NEW WORLD) from movie Aladdin..which was played at her funeral.It is in Tiffany's Memory that Dorothy volunteers.Dorothy knows that she would want her to continue helping those less fortunate.For a 9 year old Tiffany was not only beautiful but wise.She always thought of others before herself.As sick as she was ,she tried comforting others.We are sure she is an angel in Heaven.She was loved by all who met her.She is sadly missed .She touched alot of hearts.
Tiffany born Oct .24/84
God called her home-January 16/94
Which is written on the URN

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