Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A family of 4 that left an impression

While in the Lakewood area
 after a pick up we stopped
near a traffic light.The items in the vehichle
needed to be repacked.While we
were going through the clothes a mom
with 3 children went by.We noticed
immediately how the baby in the stroeller
had no socks on.And the stroeller had
heavy grey tape to hold it together.
We told her we had a stroeller she could have
and socks for the children.She was very happy
although she was alittle nervous at first.
The 2 boys were wearing shoes that were
clogs and to big for their feet.The one
child had newspaper in the front of
his shoes.We told her when we get some
shoes for boys we will be more than
happy to give her a pair.She smiled and said
ok.When asked her what size they wore
she did not know their exact sizes.We would
like to get several differant sizes of
boy shoes so we can let them try them on.And
see what ones fit the best.The woman spoke little
English but did manage to let us know what
area she lived in.

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