Thursday, March 26, 2015


Donate a suitcase to Peachess

Peachess on occasion gets suitcases with handles donated.Peachess saves them for when she sees a homeless person.They appreciate getting these because they can put their belongings in them and take them where ever they go.One homeless man Peachess gave a suitcase to said the Philadelphia police had confiscated all his belongings and he was starting over.He was a Vietnam vet.He told her he could always hide the suitcase and no one would ever get his things again if need be.Since he was starting over Peachess gave him a blanket and a few dollars to buy something to eat.Peachess goes to the city a lot and has seen several homeless people huddled around a barrel with fire in it.No doubt trying to keep warm in freezing temperatures.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

HELP PASTOR STEVE,so he can HELP others

We were asked if we knew anyone who might take the donated items that we no longer take. Pastor Steve works and helps the homeless in Ocean County. He also gives out clothes to families  in need in Lakewood.Perhaps Pastor Steve would be able to use the items. His number is 732-364-0340. NOTE-PASTOR STEVE DESPERATELY NEEDS TENTS,CAMPING GEAR AND BLANKETS.


You can walk in the light and do good with love in your heart or?
You can walk in the dark and do bad with hate in your heart.Its either the DEVILS way or GODS way.However,those in the dark can choose to go into the light and make a positive change in their lives at any time