Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter from Peaches

At some point in the last 8 years you either helped or received help from Reys of Hope That is why I am writing to you. 

Last Tuesday 11/10/15, my sister Patricia, who was an active part of the Reys of Hope organization, died. She had been very ill during the last 3 years and her death though sad was expected. Her last 2 weeks were spent in Samaritan Hospice Care at Virtua Hospital in Mt Holly, where she received excellent care. Father John and our mother were with her until the end. Reys of Hope, which was such a big part of her life for the last 8 years will continue on and as always we will need donations for that to happen. 

But right now I am asking for your assistance with something else that is as important. I want to make sure Father John knows that others are thinking of him. Excluding the time when each of them were in the hospital, he was with my sister during most of the hours that they were awake for almost 9 years. That is a long time to now be spending most of his time alone. At this time he could benefit from simply knowing he is being remembered. With the loss of Patricia, and his inability to drive due to health reasons, there will be hours when he will have nothing but time to think. Some times that is not a positive thing. He also will be turning 84 in a matter of days and within the past few weeks has had to move out of NJ into PA ( to an area no where near where he had been living). 

With all of these changes it could become very easy for sadness to take over. He is a wonderful man and I would hate to see that happen to him. His email is not active at this time but if you are willing, a simple you are being thought of card sent thru the mail would be welcome. Please pass this request on to anyone who may have been touched by their kindness. There can never be too much positive energy being sent his way. Thank you~ Peaches Yacono

Fr. John Bellezza 
31 Stoney Hill Rd #220 
Morrisville, PA 19067

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