Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Donations Needed....

We are in need of Christmas donations - but especially needed are gifts for teens as the kids grow finding things for them become harder and harder.. We rarely get donations that work...need things like...hand held games, board games, dart boards, perfume, cologne, make up, jewelry, wallets, watches, alarm clocks, sports balls, puzzles, crafts , scrapbook, crazy socks,oversized t-shirt/sweatshirt w sayings, book light, gloves, trinket box, gift cards , interesting looking frames, binoculars, brain teaser /teen interest books, jewelry box, cranking flashlight/radio, paint sets, nail polish, nail art, teen interest dvd's, candy, origami kits, bath gel, body lotions, music box, scarfs, magic eight ball, how to books--- make up, hair, nails, joke books, etc,  I have gotten some items for the younger children so at least they are started.  

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