Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dorothy gives toys/clothes to a few families

Occasionally we will post pictures where the children  look like they are in a nice neighborhood.If the truth be known many of these families live where others are doing well.It is quite noticeable when the children stand at the school bus stop together.Those wearing gloves,coats and socks in the Winter are usually the children where they are not below the poverty  level.Those wearing sweaters,no socks and no gloves are the ones below the poverty level.A few children have even told us although they live on the same block some parents wont let their children play with them.
Many townships actually get paid from the state by letting these lower income families in their areas.It is very sad when Santa seems to remember many in some of the homes but seem to have over looked the others in the same neighborhood.One little boy name Tommy told us he had a friend but only on the school bus.Because his parents don't want them playing together.Tommy has no dad with him nor does he ride a bike.The boy who is his friend has a new bike and his dad has a new car.
(It must be extremely difficult for children to see others such as them selves with more and nicer items,Fr John use to say he wished all schools made the children wear uniforms so they would not feel inferior to those with nice school clothes.,and could focus more on school studies.)

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