Monday, February 9, 2015

Finally Safe from an abusive boyfriend

By the time Peachess met her ,her face had looked like it was used as a punching bag.Her and her 3yr old daughter had just recently escaped her abusive boyfriend.They left with only the clothes they had on their backs.There was no time to get her daughters favorite doll or any extra clothes.She knew her boyfriend would return shortly and she had to get out asap.Her boyfriend had worked from the house,and when they needed food he would go with her and their daughter to the store.She rarely was left alone.She knew it could be months before she would have an opportunity like this again.She did not know where she was going to go but anyplace had to be better than where she was.
Peachess had heard about this 28 yr old woman by someone who had been in the shelter with her.When I had mentioned to our volunteer Susan about this young abused woman Susan went to her sewing machine and made clothes and flannel pjs for the daughter.The daughter loved the pjs so much she didn't want to wear any other clothes.She told Peachess when she escaped a kind man picked her up and took her to the welfare building.They then got in touch with someone from Providence house.From there they went to a shelter.Peachess still keeps in touch with the woman and her now 5 yr old daughter.They now live in a safe house.Peachess still gives them clothes and toys when needed.Because anyone and everyone can read this blog site we chose not to share their names since they are still in hiding.It is horrible what some people do to others that they say they love.It is more horrible if the victims cant escape.This family was lucky they got out alive.The daughter no longer asks for her dad and seems content with just having her mom with her.The bruises are now gone but the memorary of the abuse is as fresh in her mind as if it were yesterday.She considers Peachess a friend and often emails her just to let her know how things are going.In the few yrs she has been under protection she has received her G.E.D .She is trying to make a better life for her and her daughter.And we hope she continues to stay on that path.And that if and when she finds a partner he will be kind and gentle as a real loving man should be.

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