Saturday, February 21, 2015


Peachess met an elderly man who lived in a very big house but he only actually stayed downstairs.One reason is he could no longer walk up the steps,the other reason was since his small disability check was for the basics he no longer could afford to heat the whole house.In fact he had no heat only a sleeping bag.Winter time was brutal for him and he had a cough that never seemed to go away.Well Peachess was very upset to learn about how this elderly man was living in the cold... inside of his house.So she put a request out for an electric heater and electric blankets and some warm clothes including gloves and a coat.And those who read her request on our blog came through.This elderly man is so much warmer than he has been in years.He wants to live in this house until he dies.He said his father hand built the house him and his wife had raised their children in the house.He had a lot of memories in this house.(But makes you wonder where are his children in his time of need?)Peachess still checks on him from time to time especially in the winter.And she has been known to drop off some soup on occasion to warm his insides.We pray every Winter that this man will be able to stay warm and will never have his electric shut off due to lack of funds.It makes you wonder how many elderly people are in cold houses.Where you can see your own breath when you talk.How many elderly are struggling to pay the high costs of an out of control economy?How many have children that are not in the picture?Our mother always said a parent can take care of 13 kids but 13 kids cant take care of 1 parent(guess there is some truth in that.

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