Monday, February 23, 2015

Mary and Billy

Mary had emailed us one year.Her and her son Billy had just recently moved into Richards Trailor Park in Pemberton.Billy had a speech problem and the children on the bus would taunt him because of it.So Mary drove him to school and picked him up everyday.So a lot of her money went for gas.Mary knew she would have difficulty in buying some Christmas presents for Billy.When Mary emailed us she asked if we could give him items that he could play by himself since he had not made any friends since they moved.That year we had received a boys bike,a bunch of puzzles and a skate board.So we thought they would be perfect gifts for Billy.(It is sad that many are prejudice against others who are different with no fault of their own,and can be cruel with words and their actions).When we met Billy he explained to Fr John he hated living there and wanted to move back to Maple Shade where he had friends.Fr John talked with Billy along time and told him eventually someone would see him as a wonderful young man and become his friend.Billy was very happy with the gifts but not so much with Fr Johns words of wisdom.All Billy wanted was for someone to talk his mom into moving back where they use to live.Several months later
we received an email from Mary saying that Billy learned to do some tricks with his skateboard and one of the boys in the trailer park asked Billy to teach him how to do them.We hope Billy has found a forever friend wherever he is.

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